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This book holds the items for the contest I enter in 2019, 2020, and beyond.
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Enteries For The Prompt Me Contest

Round 131: On the night of the Full Snow Moon you look out your living room window, and see the snow person you constructed that day walking out of your yard.
         Tied for FIRST PLACE honors!

Round 132: You wake up on Valentine's Day to find a rainbow crystal rose, with a note, on your nightstand. The note reads: "Be Mine! Lance", but you don't know anyone named Lance.

Spring Poetry Prompt entry:

The man on the phone said: "You've won
An all expense paid trip to the Martian Ski Run.
Where you're guaranteed to have fun."

         Tied for FIRST PLACE honors!

May Sentence Prompt

Round 144 - You open your front door to find a winged Chester White piglet on your front porch.

August 2019 Prompts

Round 158 - It appeared to be just another late summer storm until lightning struck the oak tree in front of city hall and opened an interdimensional portal.
         Won second place.

Round 168: Food = November 2019

It's John's turn to have Aunt Clara and her cat, Buttercup, over for Thanksgiving Dinner. He thought about shutting his dog, Skeezix, in the bedroom, but decided against it. After all, how much trouble could one cat and one dog cause in the two or three hours they would be together in the same house.
         Second place.

Round 169: Fantasy - November 2019

Winter mornings in Unicorn Wells were always a bit chaotic, because of the snow and the reluctance of the Unicorns to leave their warm stables. However, the appearance of nine reindeer, one with a glowing red nose, in front of the city hall caused quite a commotion.
         Tied for second place.

Round 170: Fantasy - November 2019

It was the night before Christmas Eve, and all through Christmas Town the elves and the reindeer were in a panic. Santa and Mrs. Claus had disappeared. The only clues they could find was a partially eaten Christmas cookie and the shredded remains of Santa's nice list.

Round 171: One liner any genre = December 2019

Santa and his reindeer break the time barrier into the past.

Round 172: Snow - December 2019

Snow was the last thing King Krampus expected to see when he stepped onto his balcony on Christmas morning.
         Second place.

Round 173 Include "Winter Solstice" in 1 sentence.

Lorna sighed, Winter Solstice had arrived, and she was stuck in the Colorado Springs airport waiting for her flight to be uncancelled.
         First place.

Round 174 Include "Christmas" in 1 sentence.

On Christmas morning, Sarah walked into her dining room to discover two grey aliens having coffee with Santa Clause.

Round 175 Include "New" in 1 sentence.

In the pocket of her new red coat, Anna found a found a one-way plane ticket for Hawaii.
         Second place

Round 176: Include the word GOODBYE in 1 sentence

"Goodbye, Sweet Prince," Briar Rose whispered, watching Prince Charming drink the sleep potion she gave him.

Round 177: Include the word ICE.

"The most beautiful ice volcano in the solar system," Mona said, looking across Pluto's landscape toward Wright Mons.
         Second Place

Round 178: Include the word MEMORY.

"Memory, sighed Belva, "Is as fickle as rain during a drought."

Round 179: Include the word MISERABLE in a one line entry.

Rena's only goal in life was to make the rest of the universe as miserable as she was.

Round 180: Include the word Illogical in a one line entry.

"Love is illogical," Spock said, as he handed Yeoman Rand a heart shaped box of chocolates.

Round 181: Include the word Nowadays in a one line entry.

"Dragons nowadays," sighed Queen Nan, "are so different from those in my childhood."

Round 182: Include the word Flag in 1-2 sentences.

Prince Henry watched as the flag was lowered to half-mass. "odd," he whispered, "I thought death would be more painful."
          Second place

Round 183: Include the number 29 in numerical or letter form: 29 or twenty-nine.

"Twenty-nine Enterprise class star ships can't vanish without leaving some sort of debris field," growled Commander Worf.

Round 184: Include the daylight saving time

It was a daylight saving time nightmare, I was lost in a Salvador Dali painting.
         First Place
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Round 185: Include the word birthday

"Crappy birthday to me," Casey said to her reflection in the bathroom mirror.
         Second Place

Round 186: Include the word green in a one line prompt.

"I'll have the green eggs, over easy, with the ham steak," Rita said handing the menu back to the waitress.
         Honorable Mention

Round 187: Include the word virus in 1-2 lines.

"It's a virus," Rena said, as she turned off the lights to the lab. "Xenophobia is a virus!"
         Second place

Round 188: Include the word toilet paper in 1 lines.

"ode to Toilet Paper," Markus shouted at his firs poetry slam performance.

Round 189: Include the word cure in 1-2 lines.

"Eureka! I've found the cure!" Jay shouted.

Round 190 OPEN! 1-2 lines, your choice this week!

Rosa pulled a ski mask over her head, before opening the front door. "Glen, tell Mom that I went to the bank to withdraw some money."
         First Place

Round 191 OPEN! 1-3 lines, include the word UMBRELLA

Each time the umbrella was opened, the person carrying it disappeared. This caused the umbrella to close and fall to the ground. Where it waited patiently for its next victim.
         First place

Round 193: One Line Prompt-Include the word BIRD

Sara opened her daughter's bedroom door, to find Big Bird reading Cindy a bedtime story.

Round 200: Include the word haunted.

"This mirror has to be haunted," said Ruby.
         Second place

Round 201: Include the word scarecrow.

Raven stared out the living room window, at the scarecrow standing in the front yard. She was sure it hadn't been there last night.

Round 202: Include the word Lantern.

The wind whispered through the pine trees, and the lantern light flickered casting weird shadows across the trail.

Round 203: Write a prompt including the word ELF.

The elf on the shelf watched silently, as Wanda (AKA Mrs. Santa Clause} the Christmas Witch worked her magic.

Round 204: Write a prompt including the word ANGEL.

Removing her great grandmother's porcelain angel from the steamer trunk, Megan smiled.

Round 205: Write a prompt including the word STOCKING.

Alicia sighed, as she opened the gift from Aunt Clara; it was single bright red, hand knitted woolen stocking.
         Second place.

Round 206: Write a prompt including the word WRAPPING PAPER.

The wrapping paper chuckled with excitement, as Cleo unwrapped her fiancé Christmas gift.
         First Place

April Prompt Week 1: Use the word RAIN in your prompt

"Her name is Rain," said Crystal, as the midwife handed her the newborn.
         First place

April Prompt Week 2: Use the word THUNDER in your prompt

Thunder reverberated through Castle Dragon's stone walls, causing Prince Graymore to tremble.

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