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The Wolf.

I was raised to fear wolves.
And I had only seen them on television.
As a lad at our Cape Cod rental on Sheep Pond,
I liked to sneak out back out to the pine needle lawn.
My bare feet could feel the dew on the sticky pine needles.
That's when I spotted my first wolf.
It just stood back from the edge of the lawn in the woods and stared at me.
Its eyes were glowing.

I must confess I had been pleasuring myself.
And I had only my blue SUPERMAN t-shirt on.
I had left my pajamas in the garage.
I backed up slowly to the garage.
The wolf began to pant as its tongue hung down.
Instinctively, I sensed the wolf would charge at me.
I spun about on my left heel and ran into the garage.
As I pulled the garage door down the wolf ran up and clawed on the metal.

I locked the door and came on the concrete floor.
I quickly slipped into my pajamas.
And raced to my futon bed, which was on the other side of the doorway.
The next morning my sister Cathy remarked, "You better change your pants."
I had stained them.
I took them to the washing machine down the hall with only my t-shirt on.
I noticed a poop stain on them too.
Cathy ran up behind me and slapped my butt.
After a vigorous shower, I wore my M*A*S*H t-shirt
with Khaki shorts and red flip flops.

Cathy queried at breakfast, "Why were your pajamas stained?"
I was red-faced, "That's none of your business!"
I jabbed at my Froot Loops and poured some milk on them.
Mom chuckled, "He must have had a hot date!"
Dad bellowed, "Leave the boy alone!"
I gulped my Ovaltine and stumbled out of my chair.
Dad put on his reading glasses and opened the National Review.
"That show is bullocks." dad remarked about my M*A*S*H t-shirt.
I liked to read Captain Marvel and Strange Stories Comics.

Reflections~I was very angry with my sister, but I liked to watch her sunbath.


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