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The Blind Eye of the Muller Report
When I saw Bob Muller giving testimony before Congress I felt bad for the guy. He and I are about the same age and the tempo of the questioning was so fast that there is no way I could have kept up with it, much less a man, suffering from the onset of dementia.

My father was a lot like Bob Muller. He wanted to be a big shot even though he was no longer up to it. Muller was flattered by the Democrats who heaped unending praise on his honesty, integrity and patriotism knowing the old fuddy-duddy would lap it up and allow them to use his aging reputation as a front for the Trump Witch Hunt. Andrew Wiseman and his band of Democratic Trump haters hid beneath Muller's umbrella as they exercised free rein in looking for dirt to impeach Trump.

What they failed to consider was the observation of Peter Struke, who said from the outset..."There is no there, there." If anyone should have known it was Struke, then serving as a top ranking counterintelligence agent for the FBI. Since it appears that Muller twiddled his thumbs for two years, Wiseman's merry partisans had free rein to put the President under a prolonged spotlight, the intensity of which few political figures could have survived.

What saved Trump was largely the fact that he had little time before and after the election to collude with anyone. The Democrats on the other hand had over eight years to perfect the unlawful use of the powerful tools of government.

The truth I suppose is that Mr. Muller has no one to blame but himself for his miserable appearance before the Congressional committees. The same can be said for the Democrats lackluster performance at trying to achieve a game changing moment. Instead Muller came off as a buffoon and Chairmans Nadler and Schiff were revealed to be a couple of dumb clucks. If Trump wasn't exonerated by the report itself, he was by this rare glimpse into political ineptitude.

Anyone could have realized, when the report came out, authored by Trump haters, who reached the conclusion that there was no collusion and insufficient grounds to charge on obstruction... that the empty accusations and promises trumpeted in the Fake News for two years had failed to materialize. "Gee, did we ever screw up!" these morons should have quietly admitted." Instead they choose to cherry pick the minutia and try and make some sort of case that Attorney General Barr put a political spin on the outcome. The Democrats had the deck stacked completely in their favor and still failed to come up with the goods. All the while Donald was calling the investigation a Hoax and a Witch Hunt... which it was.

I will acknowledge that these "Partisan Lawyers" seem to have drawn the line between real dirt and manufactured dirt which Hillary Clinton stepped over without batting an eye. My fear was, given the irrational hatred the deep state has for Trump, that they would have resorted to manufacturing a collection of lies such as we saw in the Steele Dossier. I applaud the partisan investigators for not stooping that low. On the other hand note that the whole investigation focused on finding Republican Dirt and turned a blind eye on finding Democratic Dirt. If the collusion and obstruction of the Democrats, had received the same scrutiny there would have been a host of inditements on the "Who's Who" of the Obama Administration, which would have shaken our Republic to the very core.

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