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Rated: 13+ · Book · Fantasy · #2199873
This is a legacy first edition self-published Nov 2011. I was only 15 years old back then.
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Captured. (XVI)
Captured. (XVI)

Korvi slowly poked her head up glancing at her mum who lay fast asleep, curled over herself to relax from the wound she was inflicted during her encounter. Korvi was so shocked and scared when mum came home wounded, that she had started to cry. Sarenala had to comfort Korvi telling her that mum was going to be alright. This Star-fall Sarenala was in the West forest to gather some blooms and herbs to help Fierya recover. Fierya was sleeping alone so her injury didn’t get bothered, dark of night it was now, though not all yearlings were asleep as they should be. Korvi’s eyes were wide open, dimly glowing in the dark cavern of her home. She couldn’t help that her azure eyes seemed to glow, even when not in the dark. Slowly rolling upright, keeping as stealthy as possible, Korvi stood upon her small paws; glancing upon her mother one more time to assure her mother was fast asleep, because for the first time ever… she was going to sneak out at dark fall… with her best friend Shaol.


Shaol was waiting by the cavern entrance, looking out at the risen moon. His sapphire blue eyes glancing from the open meadow, shadowed by the night sky, to the bright full moon high above that dimly lit the meadow with its light rays. Hearing movement behind him, Shaol turns around to see Korvi scampering up to him, causing a happy smile to cross Shaol’s muzzle as Korvi reached her.

“Readys to gos outs Shaaol??”

Korvi asked with a giggle, standing beside Shaol as excitement, curiousness, and even worry was seen in Korvi’s azure bright eyes. They both decided for the first time and only this once that the two best friends would sneak out at night when Fierya was sound asleep because this was the last night before Sarenala and Shaol head back to their own home next dawn, so they both thought it’d be fun to sneak out to play. Even though they are risking big trouble from their mothers, the excitement of such an idea was too great to turn down.

“Yes I is ready!”

Shaol replied eagerly, an adventurous gleam in his sapphire blue eyes.

“Let’s gos thens let’s gos!”

Korvi said with great eagerness as she hops from paw to paw excited before running out into the open meadow, feeling the fresh breeze in the air, as Shaol joins her outside.


“It’s beautiful here…”

Jarshal mumbled to himself as he gazed around the meadow, seeing the purity and nature of the Infernals habitat, feeling the regret form more strongly inside. The meadow of the Infernals was bringing memories back to him of his family… of his mother and father. Then the memory of being taken away as a boy by the king’s Valblade soldiers, taken away to be trained, forced to serve… He shakes the memory of his past away, but the feeling of regret did not leave… He had no choice though! He had to obey! It wasn’t death he feared from the dark lord of a king… No, there was a fate worse than death, that he and his---


Spoke Carshan silently, interrupting Jarshal’s deep thoughts. Jarshal looked to Carshan with a strong and firm held expression.

“Yes Carshan? What is it?”

Still in a low tone, Carshan speaks;

“The small force is set and ready blocking the entry-point to leave. All the men are ready and at your disposal. They are eager to complete this task with high spirit and confidence.”

Jarshal grimaced. This was no task to enjoy; it was a cruel slaughtering with the order to eradicate a species...
Jarshal didn’t understand why such a man, even King Valreth with all his might would order such a merciless killing… but orders were orders and he had to obey.

“Good. That will be all. Dismissed.”

States Jarshal, watching as Carshan salute and move back to form in rank. With a deep sigh, Jarshal continued to observe the beautiful nature landscape. Sorrow already filling his heart, knowing that by the end of this night, this remarkable land would become a destroyed scarred wasteland. Charred and burned for all of time. Sighing he starts to march forward, the army of a thousand strong followed, as they worked their way to the center of the meadow. The time was now.


“Got you!”

Exclaimed Shaol as he chased Korvi through the meadow, squealing with laughter as Korvi squeaked loud with surprise, just barely having squirmed out of Shaol’s grasp, taunting teasingly;

“Nuu yous donts Shaaol!”

Both younglings laughed and giggled as they chased each other, alternating from who chased who, having fun as yearlings usually do, running and chasing as they went further towards the middle point of the meadow. After so much chasing and running, Korvi and Shaol both stop, taking a few moments to pant and catch their breaths. Korvi collapsed beside Shaol, both their hearts racing from the excitement and happiness they had along with the running. Korvi looks to Shaol, speaking out all of a sudden,


Shaol looks to Korvi, tilting his small head to the side curious while sitting close beside Korvi.

“Yes Korvii?”

Korvi giggles, having heard her mum say this to Sarenala, she says out as she once heard;

“I Loves Yous!!”

Then blushed slightly with how silly it sounded and felt inside to say that,
as both younglings had no idea what love meant, but it felt nice to say to her bestest friend! Neither of them would understand emotions for a good long time. Shaol blinks then giggles himself, not understanding it fully but replies with a happy tone and smile.

“I Love you too Korvi!!”


A slow, yet deep heard moving noise of many things was heard in the distance all of a sudden as the two young were relaxed, and it was getting closer each moment. Korvi and Shaol huddled closer to each other, neither of them heard this noise before, and it was very scary, the new sound having suddenly interrupting their play and joy.

“W… Whats thats Shaaol?”

Korvi asked Shaol as if he would know the answer.

“I… not know Korvi…”

Spoke Shaol timidly, cuddling closer to Korvi.


The noise was so close, Silvery lined figures were seen approaching in the distance.

“Shaaol…wes shoulds gos homes...”

Korvi started to say, fear gripping both the two young inside, hearts pounding as Korvi starts to whimper. Shaol didn’t reply. He didn’t know what to say or do! They both heard a rustling sound in the blush behind, though both yearlings were too scared to turn around to look, frozen in fear, watching the distance figures look like shapes now, feeling the full loss of movement from their fear. The rustling sound was louder now behind them, followed by a yell as Korvi felt a sudden and very sharp pain explode in the back of her head, as something hard smacked her very hard and fast to her heard. She head Shaol squeal loud in fear.


Korvi couldn’t see Shaol. Trying to look around, Korvi’s vision faded after an assortment of red and black colors flashed before her eyes as the world spun around her dizzily. All to Korvi was fading into the darkest black of night.


Jarshal halted in his path, hearing a loud yelp. Raising his hand in a sudden halt signal, the troops behind him stop without objection.

“What was that…?”

He mumbled to himself in thought. Moments later his eyes see a flicker of movement up ahead coming towards him. Reaching for his blade, Jarshal was just about to draw his sword until he heard being yelled to.


It was the lead scout Adwin, carrying a blunt round and crude metal club, panting as he called while running.

“What is it?”

Jarshal asked when Adwin reached him, allowing him to catch his breath. Adwin was a stout man of his thirty-second cycle, short black colored hair.

“T… Two dragons… young..! They were in the meadow about a hundred seconds run from here. I didn’t have a sword, though I did luckily have my good ‘ol mace and knocked the beasts out. Though to be fair with you commander they were quite the odd ones, ‘specially the one with the weird markin’s…”

Jarshal looks to Adwin with a firm serious expression. He couldn’t believe what he just heard, two dragon young..! A thought came to mind… it may be risky, but he decided to do it. Still looking serious, he orders Admin firm.

“Show me immediately!”

He then points to the nearest guard, adding a firm command.

“You! Fetch me two of our medium sized cages and post them here and make sure their clean and with chain clamps!”

The one guard blinked dumbly for a moment before scrambling frantically through the ranks to obey his commander, dropping his halberd. Adwin nods dipping his head respectfully.

“Of course Commander, if you would just follow me then…”


Jarshal followed behind Adwin silently while deep in thought. It was bothering him what he was going to do, but first he wanted to see the young for himself.

“They are just right ahead of us commander.”

Adwin breathed out in a low tone, keeping sure to be quiet. Without a word said, Jarshal raises his hand suddenly, ordering Adwin to halt. Adwin halted and stood still without any objections. Stepping forward, Jarshal examines the ground while moving upward. Just a few meters ahead of him upon the ground, he saw them. There ahead were two young dragons. Glancing around with unease, Jarshal asks nearly as a whisper.

“Where are the parents?”

Adwin responds in a hushed tone still not moving.

“None were sighted sir. The beasts must have snuck out alone. Heh, the unlucky beasts.”

Jarshal shakes his head. More like lucky, for he came upon them now with the decision that would set their fate. Looking upon the young as he stepped closer, both young dragons were sprawled out side by side, having been knocked out. He couldn’t stop looking to them. The most that caught his eyes though was the young with the bright cyan markings. Those symbols on the young Korvi’s body exalted more than awed bewilderment. That young dragon was simply the most exotic looking dragon he has ever seen! Even the other dragon young beside the marked one was outstanding and beautiful. Jarshal made up his mind. His decision was final. He was going to save these two.

“Adwin! Pick up that one beside the symbolic one. We are bringing them back to camp.”

Adwin looks to Jarshal with a confused and puzzled questioning look, though obeys as he moves over to Shaol and lifts, grunting with a pained effort putting the young dragon over his back, Shaol’s body was fully limped.

“Bloody ‘ell these dragons are heavy!”

Adwin complained as he struggles to keep the limp Shaol over his shoulder.

“Oh toughen up their just baby dragons, not like asking you to lift an adult.”

States Jarshal as he with taken effort picks up Korvi with a short grunt himself. They were quite heavy he noticed, but would not admit that.

“If it were an adult to lift that’d be the end of me that I bet. Just these babies are heavy as it is; I’m just a scout after all not a damned hulking two-handed blade wieldin’ warrior...”

Adwin mumbles in a low response.

Slumping Korvi over his shoulders, Jarshal felt warmth emit from the young dragon’s body. It felt soothing even.

“Let’s go.”

Ordered Jarshal, slightly struggling to keep balance of the unconscious dragon, Adwin though noticeably groans from the weight as they walked with a burden back to camp.


There was pure utter silence in the camp from the soldiers as Jarshal with Adwin returned, carrying a young dragon each. The cages were firmly placed where Jarshal has ordered the one guard to put them.

“Open the cages!”

Jarshal ordered while panting from the heavy weight upon his shoulders. Adwin’s face was beet red sweating and gasping raggedly for breath from the trip. Two soldiers near the cages opened the steel doors with nimble hands. The cages were scrub clean and large enough for one young baby dragon to fit with some spare room, as two chain clasps attached to the cage were inside to cuff around hands or legs. After much hard work and effort, Adwin heaves and drops Shaol inside the first cage rather roughly.

“Blasted… heavy… dragons..!”

Adwin gasped, quite annoyed and red faced as he kept panting to catch his breath. Jarshal reached the second cage, as he then gently lowers then drops Korvi inside, following by wiping his brow as he pants lightly catching his own breath. As both dragons were placed in the cages, some of the troops broke rank to curiously look to their commander and to the two young dragons in the cages. Low mumbles began amongst the soldiers, some awed upon the beauty of both the two yearlings,
and some were staring bewildered at Korvi’s body and symbols. Others… were wondering what the hell was going on as they were sure their goal here was to kill, not capture.


Carshan called out in an angered tone as he stormed over past the soldiers to look directly at him.

“What the blazes are you doing? Why are you putting those beasts in cages?”

A small group of soldiers were watching their High-Commander and Legate to see what was going on.

“They were unguarded and with no protection from any dragon nearby. So I’ve captured them.”

Jarshal spoke as steady calm and simple as he could though he felt his heart as if it was pounding like thunder during a storm. Carshan gave Jarshal a blank stare before exclaiming;

“Well we can’t bloody well take them with us, it’d delay us by a few many hours!”

A few of the men watching were nodding their heads in agreement with Carshan’s statement. Jarshal bit his lip. He had to think smart of those two dragons would be dead soon along with the other dragons. Building his confidence, Jarshal then points firmly at both Korvi and Shaol, raising his voice and exclaims,

“Look at them! Think of the silver or even steel we could make by selling them both! How… how good bit of profit we could get!”

The soldiers looked at Korvi in thought, liking the idea of having some wealth.

“What about having them young beasts delaying us? Be simpler just to slay them now I would think.”

Carshan asked, watching Jarshal close, seeming interested in what he will say.

“They are purebred infernal young! We could earn a good pocket full from the two by selling them at the market! It would be more then worth it to carry the cages getting them to Seleran, more than worthwhile! Tell me, what gain are we gaining from this mission? None! So let’s make our own!”

Jarshal finished with a soft breath, hearing the men cheer as they loved the idea of having some profit to be made for themselves.

“Alright commander. If you say so. Hope it’s not regretted that choice.”

Carshan stated as he moves back in rank, a scowl and expression of a black mask as he walked. The iron chain clasps were placed around Korvi and Shaol’s hind ankles in their cage, being secured. Jarshal sighed… Slavery wasn’t the best idea, but it would be much better then death. After posting two guards at the cages, Jarshal stands straight and says in a low firm tone with hidden sullen,

“Move out, it’s time to finish this blasted mission.”
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