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Chaotic Weekend/Hectic Week
The weekend has passed and back into another week. The girls are in school, so normally this is my time, alone and able to do what I desire. This week, however, it hasn't been working that way; it started out a busy week, somewhat reflecting the weekend we just finished.

Originally, we were to go to my mother-in-laws on Friday and stay over until sometime Saturday. My sister-in-law and her family were also planning on being there and it sounded like a pretty good time even if a lot of it would be spent doing some cleaning out in the garage. Plans change, however, and the first change was my sister-in-law, they couldn't make it. Then, we found out we wouldn't be able to go because our older daughter had homecoming on Saturday.

We should have known sooner, but our district does everything through an online site, and we have had nothing but problems getting our account to work. Also, our daughter didn't say anything until the beginning of the week. No problem was our first thoughts, she could do homecoming Friday and then Saturday we would head over and return Sunday. That's when we were told, "No school Friday, homecoming is Saturday and I have to go because it's required for band members."

We did finally get our account for the school fixed, or more accurately, they got their glitches fixed and we could finally access the site. Yes, no school Friday and homecoming was Saturday afternoon with the dance about three hours later; why mess up a three day weekend?

My mother-in-law is getting up there in years and we knew she would be disappointed. But, playing at homecoming was required, and even if we left right after, it would be evening before we arrived. Besides, it was also our daughter's first homecoming, so very important to her, therefor to us, that she attend. We set our sites on an early start on Sunday.

Saturday afternoon went off without any problems, but later, for the dance, things fell apart. We dropped our daughter off for the dance, then headed out to do a bit of shopping with our younger daughter. About an hour and a half later, my wife started getting calls from work. This tends to mean someone wants her to come in so they can leave, or fill in for them the following day. She ignored the phone the first few times, but when it continued to go off, she answered only to discover our daughter was at her workplace trying to get a call through to us.

Here I should explain that she, our daughter, lost the use of her phone. She can use it for pictures and a few games, but no service since she misused it a few times. So, she couldn't call us from her phone, but she was at the school and could have easily contacted us from school and explained the situation. As we were told, she had given her ticket to a friend to hold for her and the friend didn't show up.

Of course, there are discrepancies all over, but her story is, the friend didn't show up so she couldn't get into the dance. From there, she had another friend drive her home, but since we weren't home, she couldn't get in; she had forgot her key. From there she went to my wife's workplace to try and contact us, since she also didn't have our phone numbers with her.

However, when we dropped her off, she was asked if she had our numbers with and she answered yes, in my purse. Also, our numbers are on record at the school, where she should've called from. On top of all of this, it took her an hour and a half to try and call with no explanation as to why it took so long.

My wife and I believe she went to the dance and stayed for a bit, then left with friends and eventually returned home, but she couldn't get in, and her friends had already left after dropping her off, so she had no choice except to go to my wife's workplace and try and get a call through to us. Luckily it's right close to home, so she didn't have to go far. Part of our disbelief in her story is it changed from when I talked to her to when my wife did. Also, she has a history of being untruthful and sneaking around, as well as trying to manipulate people to get her way. In this case, it's proof she needs her phone activated again, something she has been trying to accomplish all summer long.

We did get to my mother-in-laws Sunday early afternoon and spent most of the day working in the garage organizing and cleaning it for her. Our younger daughter worked hard and helped out a lot, but the other got cold right away and needed to go in and warm up. She eventually fell asleep and didn't help out at all; she did stay awake enough to download an app she is not supposed to use, spend a bit of time in it, then delete before going to sleep.

I suppose she was thinking she got away with her sneaking and dishonesty on Saturday, she could get away with sneaking the app, using it, then deleting it as well. She didn't, we confronted her yesterday about everything, just enough to let her know we know, but not enough for her to know how much we know. She was also informed that we would be discussing this later; I want her to spend some time stewing in the fact that she didn't get by with anything as well as wondering what the consequences are going to be.

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