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"Putting on the Game Face"
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The Swamp, The Deep State, and Majestic 12
There are quasi-governmental agencies known by several names which include THE SWAMP, THE DEEP STATE and MAJESTIC 12.

THE SWAMP: This is most likely no more than a moniker hung on the Washington Bureaucracy. These are governmental agencies that have been infiltrated at the top and are controlled by elitists who feel in no way answerable to elected officials they trot out, for the sake of appearances and pretend to vote for every two to four years. These appointed (non elected) power brokers have come to believe that the people work for them and do their bidding. For example Cabinet Agencies such as Secretary of State, feel that foreign policy is their exclusive domain and the President is a feckless figurehead put forth as a firewall, between themselves and the people. They consider themselves the actual ones in control while the President "...struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more." In their view the President is no more than a puppet who deflects the heat of the electorate while they pull the strings behind the scenes. This was certainly the case with the Obama Administration and would have have continued under Clinton. When Trump was elected this whole dynamic was turned topsy-turvy and suddenly the American People had a president who wasn't clued in on the wires and mirrors of Washington Politics. Trump actually believed he was the one in charge and that the Constitution was the way government worked. In his mind it was not a bunch of platitudes to be used as a smokescreen but an actual set of guiding principles that had purpose and actually meaning. Acting on his naive beliefs the new president represented an existential threat to the bureaucratic power brokers. THE DEEP STATE is an entirely different entity. The Impeachment hearings show exactly how this works if anyone is really interested and paying attention. Adam Schiff is doing behind closed door everything in his power to deflect attention away from the sins of the Obama Administration.

THE DEEP STATE: Is a submerged part of our government that is totally conducted in secret and answers to the President in name only. These are the Intelligence Agencies and the secrecy that surrounds their work is used as a cover for the SWAMP for both legitimate as well as illicit purposes. Chuck Schumer stated publicly words to the effect... "that you better not mess with these guys because they have seven ways from Sunday to get back at you." The Intelligence agencies cooperate with the SWAMP in making sure that elected officials don't get to carried away with the power of their elected office. They know where most of the dirt is buried and they selective leak "Bad News" to the media when they see a politician who threatens their rice bowl. As a secondary mission it must be said that they also protect the Republic from foreign interference, but have no doubt that tools are readily used against the the electorate when the situation warrants. For Example Ex Central Intelligence chief John Brennan and others are masters of taking proprietary information and weaponizing it for use against their enemies .

MAJESTIC 12: This brings us to the most secretive and deeply imbedded policy making body in our government. It was established in the mid-1950s out of concern over the crashes of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Imagine the shock of the Truman Administration when it became clear that the UFOs brought down in New Mexico were of extraterrestrial origin. OH MY GOODNESS! (OMG)... They must have reacted when confronted with the actual crash wreckage and body parts of the aliens and guess what? OMG! one of the creatures survived and could be seen, touched and interviewed. SHAZAN! Who would have ever imagined that those little green men actually exist... only they weren't exactly green and consisted of more than one variety. They had been coming here for thousands of years and the evidence of their presence was to be seen in archeological writing, ruins and artifacts existing at locations across the planet. Our government has devolved since the end of WW2 into a figurehead governing body. The real power is currently held by a group that has no doubt grown since its inception to include many more than 12 members.

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