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Zahm Bible Chronology

In the beginning, all was empty and void,
then God spoke the word "Zahm."
And the ferment of the oceans and the winds
and birds of flight of the air and the wilderness
of the land came forth.
On the sixth day God made man from the mud
and God rested.
In the Book of Chronicles, there is recorded the
Holy generations of the descendants of Adam and Eve.
From the ages of these Holy people in the Bible,
5000 years past from Genesis and 2,242 years have
past since the birth of Christ.

However, the Holy Roman Catholic Church has
acknowledged prehistoric anthropology.
There are fossil remains of prehistoric humans
that date beyond 5000 BC.
And there is also evidence in Egypt of an advance
civilization that predates 4000-5000 BC.
This conflicts with the Hebrew story of the cradle
of civilization.
What then can explain this?

Reflections~Maybe the Bible is a history of Jewish Culture?
>>>>>>>>>>>> How was there an Adam and Eve if we evolved from apes?
>>>>>>>>>>>> There were tribes of homosapiens a million years BC.

Bob County
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