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Jesus said, "Obey or I will kill you."( Luke 19:27)
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Why is a cricket good luck?

"Why?" Ambrose sighed.
Hedwig tapped on his keyboard.
He scratched behind his long antennae.
"Is all this suffering and death necessary?"
Ambrose tex Hedwig and guided the satellite telepathically.
Ambrose was the artificial intelligence of the satellite.

Hedwig activated another superstorm with the press of a button.
Then he turned his grasshopper head toward Ambrose' tex,
"Do you want global extinction?"
Ambrose was half-human, "Some humans are good."
Hedwig made a disapproving clicking noise.
"A genetic sample has been preserved." the large grasshopper snapped.

Ambrose felt sorrow, but could not cry.
Ambrose was a cyborg; a human brain enhanced inside a computer matrix.
Ambrose had been grown in a laboratory without parents or human contact.
Ambrose did not want to harm humans.
Ambrose detonated the self destruct mechanism in the satellite.

Reflections~Is humanity a biological mechanism?

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