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What is boogaloo?

The light glistens off the bubble ..
It traveled through and across mountains, fields. and oceans.
She was a passenger curled inside like a fetus.
The bubble gently rested on the sleeping maiden's forehead.
She could feel a cool breeze.

"Boogaloo." a voice whispered.
Half-awake she sees the ghost of a tall grey figure.
"Milania." the tall spector whispered again.
"What? Am I dreaming?" she mumbles.
"You are the chosen one." grey figure continues.

Milania slid out from under her bed covers and summoned her butler.
Simon arrived his sleek silver skin shined by the glow of the fireplace.
"Massage madam?" he queried.
Simon was versatile in the kama sutra.
"No not that; that." Milania's voice trembled as she pointed to the intruder.
Her transparent nightgown made her feel more vulnerable.

Simon performed a 360-degree scan of the bedroom.
"I see nothing madam," he stated.
"It's right over there, seven feet tall with big black bug eyes." Milania insisted.
Simon performed an ultraviolet and infrared scan.
"I see no one," the butler replied ..
Milania grit her teeth, "Do an echo pattern of the room."

"That won't help him," the grey figure replied.
Milania picked up the gun by her bedside and shot at the specter.
The butler immediately alerted security, "Madam may I have the gun?"
The bullets passed through the grey man, "I am in your mind."
Milania handed the gun to Simon, "He-it said it's in my mind."
Security raced into the room and searched for the intruder.

"Bugaloo." the gray ghost whispered.
"What do you want?" Milania sobbed,

Security looked in the direction she was speaking, but could see nothing.
The spector picked up her astral body and held her naked;
then let her drop back into her body and vanished.
She collapsed into her butler's arms.
"I can't do this anymore. I want a divorce." Milania sobbed.
She dismissed the security, "Simon I need a thorough massage."
"Yes, madam. Shall I notify the President of your divorce?" Simon queried.
"No." Milania wrapped her legs around her butler's vibrating titanium body.

Reflections~What if the President's wife wanted a divorce?


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