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Picard Episode One is believable?

Whenever you watch a movie you have to suspend your disbelief.
But, is it believable that a 72-year-old Picard can fight the Star Trek Federation?
Surveillance today could lock down Jaun Luke Picard in minutes.
He could be assassinated with a drone today.
In 2030 assassins beam in and out of your apartment.

There is a ridiculous scene where Picard is trying to outrun Romulan assassins.
An elderly retired Picard ducks facer fire.
In this sci-fi, dystopic Star Trek Federation enemies could be beamed into a cell or oblivion.
The high tech weapons can find you anywhere in the Federation ..
This raises a second thought if every labor job is automated in 2030, is there eugenics in Star Trek?

Who needs stupid people?

Androids are outlawed in the Picard episode.
They blew up Mars.. Really?
You would think androids would know better.
Data was so benign and eager to please humans in The Next Generation series.
But, Picard has a female android friend ..
She is hunted by the Federation because she is synthetic.

Surgeons can now insert tracking chips in their patients without telling the patient.
Imagine the nanotech they could have in the future.
Picard could be monitored with precise Borg implants.
He was a Borg Locutus.
I like Jerry Ryan in her catsuit Borg uniform.
It's fun to see Sir Patrick Stewart reprise his role as Picard.
You just have to suspend your disbelief in geriatric heroes.
Maybe, 7 of 9 could be Picard's bodyguard?

Anywho, I enjoyed the stylish entro~Blue Skies song.

Bob County
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