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Here I go down a rabbit hole. What will I encounter? What will I write? Viva l'imagination
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Strange Creatures
         PROMPT: You're a scientist discovering new species. Create at least 5 new creatures. Give details: description, mode of movement, diet, reproduction, etc.
         After trudging through the vast forests and waterways of Canada, I have stumbled upon the following magnificent creatures. I hope my descriptions do them justice.
         1. I found this particular animal hatching from eggs near open, fast-flowing streams. It resembles a small bird with green feathers and wings. Its natural camouflage permits it to blend in with the foliage of trees and shrubs. It flies with quick agile movements, alternating between soaring, floating, and diving. I observed it devouring stinging insects by the thousands. It seems to inhale them as it flies into a swarm. In particular, it seems to prefer eating mosquitos and blackflies. Hallelujah! I, for one, do not appreciate these irritating biters. Of course, my find needed a name. I toyed with the idea of The Deetenator, but we all know deet doesn't really do much to protect us from these scavengers. How about The Squelcher? The population of mosquitos and blackflies will be decimated. Oh, hang on, The Decimator?
         2.This second creature appears to be a cross between a cat and a dog. It is furry, lithe and sleek. I would describe its colouring as brown, hide-in-the-shadows- brown. In size , it resembles a terrier. It likes to dwell in caves or burrows. As a mammal, the young are born alive. Like a cat, this animal possesses keen eyesight and hearing, an agile predisposition to leap and climb, and it strikes/pounces quickly. The reflexes are amazing. Like a canine, this creature roams in packs and is suited to loyalty and following commands. It's a cat that obeys! The diet consists of vermin, small rodents. I dubbed this species The Terrine.
         3.My third discovery resembles a hybrid of a moose and a horse, The Morse. It has coarse brown hair. It's a tall, well-muscled creature with long , sturdy legs and hooved feet. On its head, there are antlers, not overly large, but impressive nonetheless. Its broad back makes it an animal of conveyance. It doesn't seem to mind carrying a rider, and the antlers offer a convenient place to hang a bag, or two. With its height advantage, this magnificent beast may be ridden through swamps, streams, lakes, and rivers. It is a herbivore and not a fussy one at that. It scavenges almost anything that thrives in a forest: pine cones, twigs, leaves, tree bark, moss, tree buds and the like. I suspect the females carry their unborn offspring for months before giving birth.
         4. This discovery will be a life saver. I found a "bug" that attacks and destroys the COVID-19 virus. It zaps this virulent virus with a zing of heat without harming the host cells. It is green in colour like The Avenger. Although microscopic, it is mighty. It swims through the blood stream and resembles the structure of the virus. It too reproduces by replicating itself and multiplying. For now, I shall refer to it as The Bug Zapper, not to be confused with the electric device that kills insects.
         5.We all know that termites eat/chomp wood, right? What about a creature that eats plastics? I found one. He has especially sharp teeth and a long snout. His paws possess claws to spear pieces of plastic, toes to pick up and grip its lunch, and webbing between the toes so it can swim out to plastic debris in water. On land, it scrabbles or waddles. It is an odd-looking mammal, but as such I presume it too carries its young before a live birth. Since it chews or masticates its preferred food, I shall name it The Plasmasticator. (618 words)

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