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April 2020 Prompt - Problems

At first, I thought that I would start this re-opening with where I left off aka with an Anything Goes prompt. But I decided quickly that I didn’t want to start it back up where I ended it. Then I got a suggestion about what the first prompt can be. And I am going to use it. But it will be for May. After all, that’s the fifth month of the year. And I like to have my more deadly, Action oriented Prompts, scenes, episodes, parts of a story, etc. for my fives and tens. Even if they are months in a year. So, I have decided to do this first Prompt as Problems

I have had a lot of problems this last year. Quite a few of them have been related to writing. Your challenge for April is to write me a script about a problem or problems that your main character or characters is having. It can be a simple problem(s) or a very complicated one(s). The choice is yours. Does it have to do with writing? It can be. But it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of possibilities with this challenge. It’s almost unlimited. If it isn’t unlimited possibilities. What kind of problem(s) does your main character(s) have? Can they solve it or them by the end of us? That’s what I want to know.

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