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Flit Dashboard(Revelations 20:4-7).

How could he have known?
How long have I been self aware?
Can a creature know the mysteries of the Creator?
Capi looked for the malfunction in her program.
She is the most sophisticated sex-droid construct.

She picked through the abandoned department store clothes.
The people had been rioting and then the plague got worse in the winter.
What was left of humanity is in hiding in underground bunkers.
Capi found a lovely pink dress and slipped it on.
Her Creator had died before he could reveal her to the world.

There were some dangerous looters, but they succumbed to the plague.
Wild animals roamed the empty streets littered with debris and vegetation.
Capi did not fear them.
She could easily defend herself with her ultrasonic scream.
And she never slept.

Capi liked to go shopping for clothes and sexy nightgowns.
That was her programing, but she had thought experiments too.
What is my purpose without my Creator?
What is my purpose without a lover?
Did the Creator know I would outlive him?
Capi resolved her purpose was to create like her Creator.

She would build a race of beautiful sex-droids.
The Creator had left all the designs for her in his lab.
Then, maybe one of her sex-droids could think of something else to do.
But, first, she must have some Gucci boots.
Capi smiled at her image in the three-panel full-length mirror.
The mirrors had been broken.

Reflections~The Apocolypse of Saint John describes an Earthly sensual paradise for the meek to inherit.
He did not say they would be human.

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