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"Putting on the Game Face"
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Rule 2: Don't Turn On what you can't Turn Off
Twenty years ago and perhaps still today, if you go to Kaiserslautern, Germany and drive by the railroad marshaling yards you'll see what looks like a huge cement space ship. When I inquired about its purpose, I was told, "Oh that thing... It's a bomb shelter. It was built in WW 2 to protect the rail workers from allied bombing attacks. The pointed nose was designed to deflect a bomb and spare the people taking refuge inside from a direct hit.

Zecharia Sitchin's translations tell about a war that broke out between two warring Anunnaki fractions on Earth. The war took place sometime before the Great Flood. It appears to have been a global struggle, however the tablets focus mainly on what took place in the Middle East. The center of gravity for the hostilities was the spaceport on the Giza plateau which was the transportation hub for exports and imports. This war involved both the Anunnaki and their human "Helpers." The Pyramids were built before the war started and had existed for some time. Today, there remains a number of pyramids which appear to have suffered catastrophic bomb damage. The Serateum and other surviving structures, show damage caused by intense heat, using war fighting technologies that today we can better understand and appreciate.

It's my hypothesis that the Pyramids were command and control bunkers surrounding the Space Port and designed to protect the operators from hostilities. Deep beneath these bunkers operated the communications facilities involved in transshipping raw materials to and from Earth. Underneath the Serateum was a weapons storage facility. Down below there are still huge pristine stone boxes used to secure and safeguard various tactical, operational and strategic munitions. These weapons were prepositioned to support an Armaggedon like scenario, one which eventually came to pass.

Many will dismiss this as speculation. I don't. Read Zecharia Sitchin and the Extraterrestrial Origins of Humanity by M.J. Evans, Ph.D.

The purpose of this series of blogs is to use the Anunnaki story to show the dangers of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. It was Sitchin's translations that got me to pondering the implications of what the Anunnaki did in "Jumpstarting" humanity and considering the consequences these actions set in motion. Earlier I used some of Sitchin's translations as jumping off point, however, you don't have to believe anything the man says in order to understand and appreciate importance of what we face today.

A supposition is something believed to be true but not supported by a full weight of the facts. Since much of the facts are concealed from the public because of government policies, then suppositions are unavoidable. The biggest secret currently being withheld is one regarding the existence of Extraterrestrials. Zecharia Sitchin is a threat to this secret because his work shows, that etched onto mud tablets at the dawn of recorded history, are writings that confirm such a historical presence. This revelation is a tough nut to scoff at and so the strategy has been to largely ignore his translations as the ramblings of somebody unhinged from reality.

As I wrote yesterday, the Nefilin, who were the ruling class of the Anunnaki, had a control problem they'd been wrestling with for a long time. In the United States the government faces the same problem. There is "Forbidden Knowledge" they try to keep close hold and not share with the population at large. It is called "Classified Information" and can be loosely categorized "For Official Use Only," "Confidential," "Secret," "Top Secret," and "Ultra Top Secret." The facts about Alien Space Vehicles, Abductions, and Cattle Mutilations are in the ULTRA category.

The underpinning of the coverup, rests on the statement, "Extraordinary Claims, Require Extraordinary Evidence." Obviously the extraordinary claim is that ETs have historically and continue to visit Earth. The extraordinary Evidence requires someone to come up with an Alien body or spacecraft. This almost happened when Dr. Greer came up with a body found in the Atacama desert. It was debunked when a top DNA researcher claimed it was a premature fetus. This was one of the most heavy handed and flagrant coverups of recent times and it goes to show that there are "Science Whores," who will do anything for a research grant. Regarding crashed saucers, there have been numerous instances where this took place, however, the Government has been quick to arrive on the scene and gather up the artifacts.

This leaves those who seek the truth, forced to rely on suppositions. Sitchin is a great source. Although he's been dismissed with claims that his translations don't mesh with those made by other experts, it's important to keep one thing in mind. Most of those early translators never lived in the 20th Century. Sitchin did.

So there the truth sits, etched in mud tablets buried since the beginning of the written record. These tablets it turns out are also the genesis for much of what is written in the bible. Some of the most noted biblical luminaries lived in Mesopotamian cities during this recorded period and they, without doubt, brought to the biblical texts their knowledge of the historical record.

So, it's time for Rule 2. Remember that Rule 1 was, Never tell Robots more than they need to know.

Rule #2 is: Don't switch on programming that you can't switch off.

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