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July and August Prompt is Drama 2020

After the last couple of months of no entries in this contest, I thought about closing it again. But I decided to give it at least one more try. Especially, after I realized I was wrong about no entries. I may even extend it to the end of this year. I’m still thinking about that, though. A lot may depend on how the next couple of months go.

There is Drama in almost any kind of fictional writing. Even genres like Action/Adventure, Suspense/Thrillers, Westerns, Horror, etc. have some Drama in them. But the two biggest Drama Genres are Crime Dramas and Medical Dramas. With Crime Dramas being number one. And Medical Dramas being very close behind it. The third Drama is probably Family Drama. Legal Dramas a very big too. Your challenge for the next couple of months is to write me a Drama. It can be any of the ones above, a combination of them, other Genres, or a combination of the ones above with other Genres.

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