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Ah, the Calls of my Life...
It's been a busy week. I've been meaning to check in sooner but time got away from me.


Well, it was another work week for me. Thankfully didn't have to work the non-emergency line this week. The non-emergency line is tough and it's like balancing a fine line between empathy and apathy. The previous week I took a phone from an older lady. It went like this:

Person Reporting: There are two hispanic ladies walking down the street with their dogs and not wearing masks.

ME: Where are you? Are you socially distancing? Are you safe?

PR: Yes, I'm in my car. I want to report them. They're not wearing masks.

ME: (Keep in mind I have to follow the policy where if there is a chance the police are going to get the bad guys, I send. If not, I don't. At the most, this is a non coded call for police service and depending on how busy the area is they may not get there in time and it's not a crime, all the police can do is ask them to put on the mask, but if they don't want to, they don't have to).

ME: Are they still walking?

PR: Yes.

ME: This is a civil issue. The officers won't be able to respond and mind you, if they do, all they can do is ask them to put on the mask. They don't have to.

PR: What do you mean they don't have to?

ME: There's no plenty for them. There's no fine, there's no jail time, it's a civil matter, not a crime.

PR: Well, I want the police to come out.

ME: I'm sorry, but in accordance with policy and procedure...

PR: My husband's a lawyer, they threatened me. I know my rights.

ME: What did they say to threaten you?

PR: They called me a bitch for asking them to put on their mask.They made a criminal threat to me.

ME: Ma'am a criminal threat is if they said they would kill you. Did they say that.

PR: No.

ME: Then there's no criminal threat.

PR: Humph. And she hung up.

This type of call is mentally draining to me. I know COVID is rough. I know people are scared. I really have no words. Rationally, I understand both sides. I know what the right thing to do for me. All I can say to you is be safe. Do the right thing that will keep you safe.

My trainee showed up so we hit the ground running worked tied frequencies. Tied frequencies are very busy so she has to be able to work at a busy pace. We're almost there.


When I'm not at work, I'm at home. I usually get home around 3ish. I have to do my physical therapy exercises, cook dinner, which quite honestly, I never feel like doing because I'm usually mental toast by the time I get home and I just want to eat, watch TV, read and sleep. Chores like mopping the floor and laundry are usually set side for my days off.

Currently I'm reading "Aging Successfully." Its a tad dry but it's interesting. Gives me perspective as I continue to age. It's important to have a good diet so I'm on weight watchers forever until I lose the weight. Since COVID and the safer at home orders started, I've maintained. I haven't gained, I haven't lost. A tad frustrating. Clearly I need to meal plan better, but it's hard when you are a mental veggie.

I re-read Mockingjay. I loved the Hunger Games series. I'm currently reading Songbirds and Snakes and I wanted to re-read Mockingjay for clues. I have a theory, but there are a lot of theories. Maybe I'll tackle them in another post but I'm convinced Katniss is Lucy Gray Baird's granddaughter. Now to prove it. If you the series, read the books, have a theory, I'm ready to hear it.

So it's the start of another week. Usually I'm on vacation during July but thanks to COVID no vacay. Maybe in December I can take my vacation? Wishful thinking...

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