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How To Achieve Nirvana (Week 7 - W/E 7/19/20)
PROMPT: How To...
Write a poem on how to do something mundane most people take for granted, such as how to tie your shoes, how to turn on a lamp, how to pour a cup of coffee, etc. You pick the task! Have fun! Minimum line requirement: 12

How To Achieve Nirvana

Bright colors lure
Combined with promises
Delivered through images and text.

With reverence,
You lift the glided package
Admiring its considerable weight
And chunky surface
Felt through the wrapping.

A pedestrian transaction must ensue
Where worthless cupronickel lumps
Are exchanged for treasure
Beyond quantifiable value.

As mundane matters conclude,
You’re left alone
But in good company.

As omelets cannot be created
Without breaking shells
So heaven cannot be tasted
Without tearing foil.

A gentle rip exposes
Earthly ambrosia
To mortal lips.

Unworthy teeth tear
Marring true perfection
But for a good cause.

Taste explodes on your tongue
While endorphins flood your brain
When you discover

29 lines
Free verse

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