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It's about adventure! Life, Scouting, Family, writing what else is there?
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Can you believe September is almost over?
I can't!! Where did it go? The last 9 days have been a blurr... I go to work, go home, eat, watch TV go to bed. I haven't been anywhere interesting and when it's payday, Wednesday, I catch up on my errands and go to Costco!!

I *HeartP* Costco.

I still need reviews on my short stories so I can book marketing sites. So here is a gratitious plug:

Product Type: Kindle
Amazon's Price: $ 0.99

Here's the blurb: Night of Magic…Samhain—Dark…Dangerous…Powerful…The year is 800 A.D. on the Emerald Isle, and Prince Jasper is determined to regain that which has been lost to him.

Five years past, Princess Aithne was taken from her father, Prince Jasper, by the forces of the Other World. On Samhain, the veil between the worlds is thin, and can be breeched more readily—especially if one walks amid the ceremonial bonfires.

When Princess Aithne disappears, her father vows every year to bring her back. He tempts many champions with a chest of gold, but only one man can succeed.

This year, Finn is determined to lay claim to that treasure, but to do so, he must tempt Fate. Will he survive his journey to the Other World to bring the princess back? Will he dare follow his heart? Or will greed determine what lies in store for him on this NIGHT OF MAGIC?

Much thanks for your support. Every review is one step closer to my marketing goals!

Fundraising for the boys has always been a thing. When they were in elementary school, teachers would send home a list of items/supplies they needed for the classroom. Us room parents would pitch in and I even volunteered in the classroom to help out. If anything I was irked because CA taxes are SKY HIGH and it broke my heart that after all the TAXES I pay, teachers still dont have $$ for supplies for their classroom and they have to ask room parents. Of course, I support, especially at the elementary level, just sad.

BUT... since school is online, fundraising from schools is practically non existent which is kinda nice, however Joey's high school is still food fundraisers. I don't mind supporting them either because usually when I get home, I am practically out of energy and don't have the stamina to actually cook a meal.

Boy Scouts is still fundraising. Right now they have a popcorn & Christmas wreath fundraiser. I don't mind giving them a shout out on my FB page. Still, popcorn is expensive and I hate sounding like I'm begging. haha. The Christmas wreaths are nice though. If anyone is interested in supporting, let me know and I'll send you a link. Boy Scouts have been good for my boys. Andrew is an Eagle Scout. Joey is Star right now. I like the protocols they have in place now with youth protection.

Well, that's all I have. Looking forward to tonight's presidential debate!


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