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One terrible secret, one that would change and haunt me for the rest of my life. R&R

         When I was a little girl I saw things. Things no one would believe. I saw the chasms between our world and theirs, the mystical border that seperated us, that kept kept them from coming thorugh and us from seeing... going. It started when I was about four. Back then I didn't know better, I explained to my school friends and they laughed and played along. I believed that this was something that everybody could see, and that it wasn't just me... the portals, the gateways. Then all of a sudden they stopped. I stopped seeing them, stopped communicationg; I was seven.

         I still remembered those beings that I once saw and brought up the subject when I was eight. It was dinner time and we: my parents and I were all seated at the table.
         "Mom," I had said.
         "Who were they?" I had asked. My mother and father had looked puzzled as they waited for me to explain.
         "Those things. Don't you remember? When are they coming back?"
         "Honey, what are you talking about? Who are (i)they(/i)?" My father had asked, his face now taking on a look of concern. I had tried to get them to remember, but after a while they got tired of my constant stories. They told me to stop jabbering nonsense. That my wild imagination had finally gone too far. That I was tired, that I needed to rest, the look of concern slowly turning into annoyance. I realized that no one had actually believed me when i'd first seen them all those years ago, they just thought it as another one of those childish ways to get attention. A phase, as they put it.

         Slowly I stopped trying... slowly, very slowly I forgot.
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