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A unique handbook of the greatest hobby in existence: Frame bombs, the one-material craft.
The Great Book of Frame Bombs is a one stop how-to book about one of the cheapest, coolest, renewable, and endlessly fun-providing hobbies in existence! Put simply, a frame bomb is a construction of Popsicle/craft sticks woven together without glue. Only the tension of other sticks keep these frame bombs together; therefore, throwing them or removing a stick will make them explode !! A student can learn how to do this very quickly with the Great Book. For the more advanced hobbyist, instructions are given for making anything of any size out of frame bombs! Examples of the amazing things you can make include castles, musical instruments, and characters. The book is 25 pages, full color illustrations for over 20 methods, tons of tips, photos, and loads of other help. The complementary website, framebomb.com, includes a constantly updated inspirational gallery, FAQ, author contact system, forum link table, and more! To see some frame bombs, preview the actual book, or buy The Great Book of Frame Bombs, go to framebomb.com!!
#3. The Basic Forms and the Original Frame Bomb
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#1. Table of Contents
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