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Deceit High, for people with what they call Gifts, where gathers the dangerous, and gifted
Deceit High, a school for people with what they call 'Gifts', where gather the the dangerous, the surreal, the retarded, the downright weird, and generally, the gifted.

The definition of Gifts vary from Mind Reading to Poison making to Photographic Memory, and the school accepts people age eleven and up. So far, see what an average day is like for Poison, whose name rightly suits her, a sadistic and sarcastic, homicidal girl, Ziel, a slightly innocent to the point of retarded boy, who has risked approaching Poison on the odds of death, and other students, such as Tye and Tyrie the identical twins, and the teachers.

So far, not much of a plot yet, but I've got a shrewd idea that's not yet to be confirmed. So one day, someone's parents get killed, and then the next day, someone else's parents get killed, and everyday, the people at Deceit High are getting orphaned. And not only that, people with siblings are getting their siblings killed too.

Anyone with ideas for the improvement of the plot above, please send me a message. =D It will be much appreciated. =D
#5. Language Class Part 1: Normal POV
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#4. Theory Bending or not: Poison POV
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#3. Poison's Second Gift: Poison POV
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#2. Introduction of Deciet High: Poison POV
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#1. Introduction : Poison POV
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