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ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of blogging and I bid you adieu!
I will change UtR's Intro Page on the 13th of every month. (**except for holidays**)

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I've a wagon load of opinions on nearly every subject and I seem to gather enough steam occasionally to instigate a debate if the subject stirs me.

I have super-low tolerance for stupidity, child, senior and animal abusers, smelly old men who come on to any female and last but certainly not least, Criminal Politicians. *Smirk*

I am a Christian, NOT perfected by any stretch.

Come on in, read, agree, disagree or just shake your head, I welcome your thoughts, all peoples, all nations, always. *Bigsmile*

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May 28, 2009 at 2:28pm
May 28, 2009 at 2:28pm
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you click on a blog and you are asked to "sign In"? I went to that part of the My Account page and it says that blocked or ignored members will get a notice that "this is a Private Item". What I got was a request to sign in, over and over again. Does that mean the person has blocked me *Question* *Confused*

I can't imagine why this yellow case would do that to me. Think I'll inquire at the non-technical help forum and see what's up. I feel my cheeks getting pink already, like what DID I DO?

Thankfully, Adriana Noir having her 30th birthday today, said it was a "gremlin glitch" and I did not waste her time. What a relief - I would not want more controversy over something I wrote in innocence. Of course this yellow will think I'm bonefide crazee now! *Rolleyes* I wrote her and asked her if I had offended her in some way. I jumped the gun, and should have Been Still and it would have been revealed to me, BUT NO, I had to jump to conclusions and think the worst.

For that I APOLOGIZE *Blush* Ms Preferred Author, I AM sooo sorry. The other two incidents here have me paranoid. (**shake it off, SM happens to everyone at one time or another**) Yeah, I talk to myself here sometime, makes up for the no comments.

I have a favorite Jewish Newsmagazine that I read from cover to cover when it comes each month, so I thought since I enjoy learning about Israel and her people, her place in prophecy and what good things have come from Israel, you might as well.

The Levitt Letter can be signed up for FREE - http://www.levitt.com

There are political cartoons, interviews with various people of Israeli interest, even a Hebrew lesson in writing and bravely attempting to speak the language through written instruction.

There's a products page where you can order books, tapes, DVDs and CDs etc., etc.

Crap! *Smirk* My stomach is at it once more and I'll be forced to stretch it out.

I want to return and finish my thoughts for this day.

Maybe later.
May 27, 2009 at 4:58pm
May 27, 2009 at 4:58pm
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Our allies have purportedly been the same group of nations since WWII. I think the Obama administration should re-evaluate who is REALLY our ally instead of the rhetoric that's been consuming Washington insiders for years.

France is ripe to fall under the Crescent and Star flag, just as Britain is primed to fall away due to their loss of interest in the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. Churches in Britain are closed due to lack of attendance and with that is a loss of tithes or contributions to the church that has in the past, helped the have-not population with food, clothing and counseling.

Churches in England are being rented or sold to the likes of Elton John who preformed at one of these stagnant churches on his 60 something birthday. A party was formed in that church that had in its baptism pool area a screen playing a movie of a church burning, all the while Mr. John is banging away on his piano, to the hardly containable glee of the party-goers. BOO - HISS *Exclaim*

Muslims are gradually seizing control of England and NO ONE SEEMS to be able to do anything about it. That breaks my *Heart*. When Europe falls, we are next in line and it's coming to our shores people, sooner than we want to believe.

Remember Spain's railway terrorist attack a few years ago? They (the al-Qaeda group) demanded that Spain call in their soldiers and stay out of the Middle East conflict. Spain capitulated, and fast too. They couldn't get their troops out of there fast enough. So we know now that Spain has lost it's testes. *Smirk*

I truthfully don't know about Canada - I don't hear much about them in the news.

Our churches here at home have been showing declines in attendance (and contributions) as well. Not only low attendance, but DIVESTING in Israel. It seems the Presbyterians and Methodists are opposed to the Israeli position on the West Bank and creating a state for the Palestinians.

It blows me away that these two denominations of Christianity are opposed to Israel and pulling their business ventures, their financial support and research capital from the Holy Land.

The Bible is CLEAR about the attitude Christians should have towards the Jews.

Genesis 12:3 says we should "bless them."
Isaiah 40:1 commands us to "comfort them."
Psalm 122:6 says we should "pray for the peace of Jerusalem."
Romans 11:31 tells us to "show them mercy."

“I will bless those who bless you and I will
curse those who curse you.” Genesis 12:3 + 27:29

This promise was given to the Jews forefathers, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.

SO WHAT IS IT THAT AMERICAN CHRISTIANS DON'T UNDERSTAND ABOUT THAT VERSE??? And we pride ourselves on Biblical interpretation supremacy?
We are powerfully lacking in regards to the Promises God has made for His Chosen People.

Americans have become self-centered, biased, unwilling to kneel before their God and unrepentant for their sins. We are constantly pointing our collective fingers at ANYONE who looks half-way guilty in the sins we as a people commit every day. The saddest part is we WILL NOT WAKE UP. We do not want to wake up. We like the status quo (prior to Obama) and the less we are called upon to make a difference the better we like it.

We are selfish, consumed with material things and living our daily lives without God in it. We have become so HIGH AND MIGHTY, so pompous about our self-inflated importance, so removed from others suffering that we have the highest number of our people on anti-depressants or seeing a psychologist/psychiatrist or BOTH.

However God is ALMIGHTY and He will dole out His justice when He sees fit and I for one am praying for His return.

The latest nail in our democratic coffin is the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor as a Justice in the Highest Court in the Land. Obama's appointments reminds me of Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition. Obama wants diversity and he's handpicked them, we'll see what comes of it.

I am your sister in Christ Jesus and I ask that you take your hurts and wants to Our Father and Be Still and allow Him to work in your favor.


May 26, 2009 at 10:51am
May 26, 2009 at 10:51am
*Flower4* * *Flower4* * *Flower4*

Well now, we seem to have an extreme liberal, policy activist about to become the first, ultra-liberal, Hispanic female Justice to ever sit on the United States of America's Highest Court in the land. She's young at 55, and has NOW a case that she decided on the circuit court level being brought before the Supreme Court on appeal. How does that grab ya'?

You all have to realize what this does to the immigration issue. COME ON IN! Take part in what Americans have to put into all their lives to receive their Social security benefits as their retirement. You'll come here and not have the required time credits, but don't worry, *Smirk* you'll be treated equally because Obama campaigned on the "spread the wealth around" premise. No wonder erection of the fence was "delayed". There is NO intention of completing that fence.

Some good news from the border, those two Border Patrolmen have been released from incarceration to the cheers of crowds of white and brown people. I like to brag on Glenn Beck for having something to do with that freedom, not that he is the ONE, but he talked about that problem more than once when he was on CNN Headline News channel. Now he's entertaining us where he's more comfortable. *Smile* And now the O'Reilly Factor is taking over Glenn's story of ACORN corruption and voter registration fraud, as Bill just announced tonight.

Hmmm . . . I said when Glenn came over to FOX that O'Reilly would be a little jealous of this new conservative voice and he could possibly overtake him on the Fox ratings. Bill has been No.1 for 100 months, that's for the last eight+ years, yeah, he's got to know that nothing lasts forever. I've caught Glenn on O'Reilly's from the beginning and Glenn was always submissive, showing Bill his television tummy out of respect for the accomplished O'Reilly. Now Bill's bunch has taken Glenn's story. Poor Beckie!

My stomach is off the charts right now and I HAVE TO lay down.

Please forgive the short entry and I'll be back full of P&V SOON.

Goodnight Readers - *Yawn*

May 20, 2009 at 10:14pm
May 20, 2009 at 10:14pm
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Man, what intense discomfort, this intestinal disorder is so disruptive. Puts me off my feet. That's when I have lost control. And that's what I really detest. When younger it was impressed upon me that if you are dependent on someone to push your wheelchair, or bathe and dress you then you have, by my own definition, lost your independence.

Of course knowing when to quit driving is far better than fighting our beloved seniors/children for the relinquishment of their licenses. Getting older usually means getter slower in our responses, slower to get out of the way, too often seniors confessed to stepping on the accelerator rather than the brakes. *Shock* * *Confused*

And Obama wants to make cars lighter, therefore burning less energy, but proven LESS safe on the roadways. Saw some footage of one of the fuel efficient proto-types (looked like a 2-seater) having a passenger side head-on and what happened to the lighter version vs the standard compact. Not good for the lighter car. Duh!

Henry Kissinger SAID, (headline in the Internet news:) "Obama primed to create the New World Order." *Blush* Sorry, I cannot tell you where that came from other than I saw and heard it on Jack Impe Presents TV program, on Trinity Broadcasting Network.

It's All In Motion, Friends *Exclaim*

Truly, *Delight* and I pray for His return. We are the generation that will see it, have you talked about it with any one? Is your church talking about it? Did you know that all the prophecy about His return has already been fulfilled? We are literally waiting upon Our Lord to come *Delight*

This chaos with the banks was predicted in Isaiah or Daniel, nations warring with nations, especially in Africa and the Middle East The famine, corruption and death squads in Africa. AIDS in Africa and the orphaned thousands.

That famine that will come to our own fields of grain. The children fighting against their parents, parental respect out the window. Wars and rumors of war. North Korea flexing its military muscle, Iran's Evil Mickey Mouse promises Israel's extinction (Christians know better), Sha'ria' Law getting a foothold right here at home. Putin's control of the energy needs for the entire Eastern Europe.

There's a micro-chip all ready to implant in seniors whose residence is an assisted living facility. This chipping will be introduced in such a way that there will be little to no opposition. Criminals should be chipped, right? We should always know where these dangerous people are, right. Okay to chip the offenders, then it's to, and I have two pets that are microchipped should they become lost or stolen, our pets! Just for their own safety and our conscience.

Yeah, that's okay, then the seniors, then the ax will fall, because there will be encroachments in EVERY other area of our civil liberties, that will be in total concert with some law that will pass and be on the books. As our government spins out of control, no one will know what the other is doing. To and fro the Bible tells us, they will run not knowing good from evil or evil from good. That's happening RIGHT NOW.

It's not doomsday talk it's in the Holy Bible and the prophets like Hal Lindsey, Perry Stone and Grant Jeffrey are laying it all out.

I guess Perry Stone is my favorite as he goes very fast. He just goes at a pace that many of us appreciate and that is faster than other teacher's/preacher's pace.

My ex told me some years after we married that he had a dream as a boy about the Second Coming, he was allowed to see atomic mushrooms every where he gazed. He was struck within his spirit, in his knower that he would see the Lord's return.

I, too, have this knowledge in my knower that I will be here on this earth, (literally caught up in the air to meet Him) whenever He returns. What a sweet pearl of knowledge that is, what comfort I derive from that truth. I have sensed things for years, only to see them come to pass, as this world becomes farther and farther removed from God and His Way for each of us, the harder the consequences will be to face and live through.

And always there are the takers, the thieves, the manipulators, the opportunists, the liars (which have popped up all to often in our public officials, not to mention our churches) the cheats and abusers of the public trust. Nobody values integrity anymore, and when caught red-handed they want to play a "card", a race card, a sex card, a psyche card, what ever is needed to point the finger at anyone else.

I saw a special on the History Channel this afternoon about Edgar Cayce. The most prolific "reader" of the 20th century. 14,000 cataloged readings including celebrities of the time and President Roosevelt . He simply lay upon a couch and crossed his hands across the solar plexes and self-induced a trance, from him then would come medical diagnosis for medical conditions in which he had never been formally trained.

There is a ton of other events, even picked horses and told oil barons where to drill. He was always spot-on. Some people during his time said he developed great headaches after some readings and made adjustments to whom he read for.
He died in 1945.

Fascinating man.

I knew I wouldn't last long, stomach hurting again, going back to bed.

Good-nite *Yawn* Later, yall. (edit)

May 19, 2009 at 5:43pm
May 19, 2009 at 5:43pm
. . . are extremely patient with me and WdC. So tonight I'm gonna' spend some quality time with them. Play, hide and seek, treats, roughhousing, you know the stuff they like.

They want us, our undivided attention. They are attention piggies, as my ex calls them, a hog in a cat-suit. *Laugh* When I settle on my bed and get my pillows straight, here they lope in, I mean after all, they can't be obvious about getting some serious petting.

They wait for my personal invitation and Mollie, the svelte cat-walker, runway model, gracefully leaps up and looks at me expectantly. Then lead-bottom hauls his hiney up and pushes his way right to my hand.

They get along really well and rarely have "words". So I know when I'm being hailed to COME ON! Let's PLAY, N O W !

Too much on the news to comment about since it may or may not matter in 100 years, . . . who'll know or remember?

Eat well and love hard. *Heart*

May 18, 2009 at 11:29pm
May 18, 2009 at 11:29pm
*Confused* * *Worry* * *Confused* * *Worry* * *Confused* * *Worry* * *Confused*

The Vice President of the United States, Mr. Joseph Biden, since his career began, has misspoke, gaffed, and plagiarized and now he should be considered a national security risk. *Smirk* What the heck is wrong with him? Obama and Pelosi are getting more attention than he is, so Joe, up to his usuals, lobbed that curve ball at the press club that he was speaking to.

It would appear that some of that botox has seeped into his brain.

I turn the news on in the am and then after only an hour or so, I turn it off. I am sick of Obamaomics and Pelosi vs the CIA and ALL OF IT. They (the politicians) can't seem to tell the truth, no matter the circumstances.

ACORN is still under investigation, the Nevada office had their computers and files confiscated by the feds. As I understand it, there are cases pending in 14-16 states alleging voter registration fraud and misappropriation of funds. What a salt-of-the-earth group.

The national spokesman for ACORN was on Glenn Beck's show and he said it wasn't ACORN'S fault, it was just a rogue employee, WHAT??? IN 14-16 states??? Nooooooo, it's about national policy and an agenda. Glenn had to throw him out of his studio, which was done while they were at commercial.

Dang. Glenn Beck is so fair-skinned and pink that when he's flustered, he gets pinker, and pinker then a nice rose color. He can't hide it, or cover it up. It's in his personality to color up when an opposing viewpoint becomes as aggressive as that man was with Glenn.

Bill O'Reilly showed (on his show) a clip of that man on Beck's show and O'Reilly wants to get that same national spokesman to come on his show and have a one-on-one with Glenn Beck. Glenn said "sure, I'll do it", so I'm closely watching for that show.

*Star* * *Star* * *Star*

I have done some blog searching around Blogville and have noticed how many start a blog and either become immersed in other WdC activities or with life's interruptions, in any event they have left their blogs long ago. *Frown*

I check in every day to see if something may have sparked them into an entry, but alas, Feb. or March was the last time they made time.

That's unfortunate for us and them.

It is the place to say what you mean and mean what you say and no one holds that against you. After all, it's our own personal breathing space, venting place, and contest race, and therefore should NOT become a wasteland of Much Ado About Nothing.

Some blogs here are extremely interesting, some are comical, some are political, others are boring as watching golf. (to me) *Blush*

So I read and read and read and more often than occasionally, make a comment.

*Flower5* ### *Flower5* ### *Flower5* ### *Flower5* ### *Flower5* ### *Flower5* ### *Flower5*

The flowers I received on Thursday night are still very round and open. that's because I learned a trick while I was a bartender for 13 months, you cut the stems on the diagonal (creating more surface space) and place them in pure Sprite, or a clear carbonated soda. They love the sugar and look as if they just came out of the garden. The tight buds have now opened up and what a larger bouquet they are now.

I am still in the Mother's Day glow even though it was four days after the fact. Better late than never, I suppose.

*Star* * *Star* * *Star*

I bought myself three sigs from Leger~ and the cost was only 1100 Gps, for three! The text was exactly the way I wished it to be and they look sooo good. The only thing is, I don't know how to get them from my email to my portfolio. *Blush*

I'll figure it out or someone will take pity on me and draw me a picture. *Laugh*

I would like to plug an older member's blog for I find him to be an absolute treasure.

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1236569 by Not Available.

Consider popping in on his blog and you'll take away something warm and wonderful.

What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

For ye are bought with a price; therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

*Heart* *** *Heart* *** *Heart*

May 17, 2009 at 12:01pm
May 17, 2009 at 12:01pm
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I could not believe it, she just beat their collective derrieres and looked so fine doing it. *Delight* The First Filly to win The Preakness in (I believe I'm correct) 85 years! That race made believers out of some equine experts that fillies aren't as strong as the colts . But she had enough endurance to beat 'em out, I can't remember her odds at post time, but NOBODY thought she had a snowball's chance . . . . . .

*Star* * *Star* * *Star*

http://www.hersheysbliss.com/deserve This contest expires 05/31/09 so there's still barely time to bang something out and get in the fastest mail you can afford. Well that link is non-productive. Hmmm . . . what a bummer. Sorry, yall or maybe it works for you. Dunno. (I'm in Preview format here as I try to make the link work, maybe I have to complete the edit for it to work properly. Dunno.)

Hope so, it would be a WdC success story at the least, should one of own take the Grand Prize. *Delight*

There is 2 weeks remaining in the "tell us your idea of bliss" at the above address.
Hmmm . . . guess I'll write to The Hershey Company, 100 Crystal A Drive, Hershey, Pa. No Zip - I'm sure the postman knows where to deliver it, *Wink*, and ask what happened to the site to register entries. *Frown*

Another link I gave early on regarding Do Not Call List is for LIFE, the registration never expires, so once does the trick, ain't it about time? *Rolleyes*

These are still working sites to register your number - just a small Public Service for my readers. *Delight*

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Yesterday afternoon, 2pmish, my son's girlfriend's Mother called me to ask if she had spent the night here. Uh, . . . no, Cody made sure she got a ride from his friend Willie, because her car died out. He rode with her to her front door. Her Mom told me that she didn't get home until 7:30 am with no explanation where she had been. (**uh oh, this sounds b a d for Cody**)

Her Mom wanted my son to jump her about it and she also suggested I call Lou and just talk to her to see how "different" she is. Okay. . . Uh,. . um, . . . I'll call her. I left a message and she returned the call all snippy and not liking the questions I asked of her.

Like, "Cody made sure you got home last night and then you called someone to come and pick you up? And stayed out all night, without calling your Mom and letting her know you were okay? To which she replied with a defiant tone, "I went to a friend's and stayed there."

Yeah, and I know the friend that picked you up and you can't play two fiddles at one time. *Smirk* Since she confessed to using no contraceptives during the time they lived together, I hoped I had put the fear of God in her, but I think she could easily become a "trapper" - one of those girls who wants support each month and I don't like it one teeny bit. Back on my knees again.

Saw this on the St. Matthew Methodist Church marquee;

When you kneel before God,
You can stand up to anybody.

Hallelujah *Exclaim* *** Hallelujah *Exclaim*


May 16, 2009 at 9:19am
May 16, 2009 at 9:19am
*Thumbsdown* * *Rolleyes* * *Thumbsdown* * *Rolleyes* * *Thumbsdown* * *Rolleyes* * *Thumbsdown*

I have to think that Nancy Pelosi is not mentally equipped to handle the pressures or the responsibilities of the Speaker of the House. She's third in line for the Oval Office should anything happen to Obama or Biden. Imagine Pelosi as President. No, NO, NO *Exclaim*.

I think she simply can't remember what was discussed at that briefing in 2002. She's 68 years old and losing the snap required for her position. Instead of calling her a blatant liar, I would call her mentally ill-equipped and unstable for the Office.

She's too concerned about the cameras and keeping Air Force planes at her disposal, whether she has need of them or not. *Smirk*

Next, she embarrasses me as a woman. Where is your intern and where are your notes Nancy? Accusing the CIA of misleading the Congress, that's a bit of a stretch, since she didn't CHA* (*cover her backside) she looks like the inept Speaker that she has become.

*Heart* <> *Heart* <> *Heart* <> *Heart* <> *Heart* <> *Heart* <> *Heart*

President Obama delivering the commencement speech at Notre Dame tomorrow proves to be a Big news item, with all the dissidents lining up to exercise their Right of Free Speech against his invitation to speak in light of his reversal of stem-cell research, abortion, and partial birth abortion.

I applaud the students of Notre Dame and the faculty for their firm stand on pro-life issues and withholding that Honorary Doctorate from the President. Alan Keyes was arrested (yesterday) and will spend his weekend in the slammer.

As you already know ASU, Arizona State University, refused to give Obama his doctorate, which was a deliberate snub of him. I say, bully for them, they were not snowed by the President's popularity! They, the student body, are not afraid to stand up for their beliefs and I support them all the way. *Cool*

*Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star*

The Preakness runs today on NBC at 3:30pm and I hope Mine the Bird (?) will win the second leg of The Triple Crown. That would be exciting, it's been a while since the last TCW.

Expecting some guests over for the race. Texans love their horseflesh and enjoy throwing money around to back up their expertise on horses and their jockeys.

I fell in love with horses as a young girl who read all the Walter Farley books on The Black Stallion, The Black Stallion Returns, Son of the Black Stallion, I read 'em all.

Reminds me of a short story:

My son was a cruisin' toddler at nine months, when my adoptive parents came to Houston from Atlanta to visit the first time. We past a pop-up carnival and Dad suggested we stop and let Cody ride the little cars and such.

So I relented and we proceeded to the little concrete fairgrounds. There were live pony rides hitched to a fixed wheel that just went in circles. I thought that to be safe enough, so I plopped Cody on the pony, legs too short to reach the stirrups, so I walked alongside to assure my son's safety when all of a sudden, I was kicked by the pony! I was on the wrong side of the little beast and he KICKED ME AGAIN. I screamed for the attendant to stop the wheel so I could get my son off the animal.

I guess I scared the pony, 'cause he kicked me again! The man refunded my tickets then we found some bumper cars and a merry-go-round to ride instead. *Bigsmile* No more pony rides until your feet reach the stirrups kiddo.

My Dad roared with laughter, he asked me, "don't you know anything about horses or ponies?" It was great to see Dad laugh like that even though it was at my expense.

You are of God, little children, and have overcome them,
because He who is in you, is greater than he who is in the world.

1 John 4:4

*Heart* <> *Heart* <> *Heart* <> *Heart* <> *Heart* <> *Heart* <> *Heart*

May 15, 2009 at 12:05am
May 15, 2009 at 12:05am
(**cue the choir**)
Hallelujah *Exclaim* Hallelujah *Exclaim* Hallelujah *Exclaim*
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Sitting at the keyboard tonight, my son and his ex, oh, excuse me, his present girl, came in the door with purple mums or chrysanthemums (or in that family) a card in a purple/lavendar-ish envelope, a Footprints in the Sand etching on a narrow, dark tinted mirror finish that had a stand on the back to sit on my entertainment center. (**SM takes a big breath, long sentence**)

His gal kept saying, "that's not all, that's not all," then a small book with an orangutan baby on the front titled, Dear Mom Thank You for Everything author; Bradley Trevor Greive The photography of the animal world moms and babies with the human thoughts made me *Cry* and *Cry*. Those photos are TOO MUCH! *Delight* She was close to me physically, as we sat on the loveseat and opened that little book. When I'd lose my voice, she would read the text at the bottom of the next pic.

Since she grew up in a very violent home, she enjoys so much the tenderness that can be shared, so we love her while she's in our home and we respect her. When she has bad fights at her home, she books it to our house.

My son paid me back the money he owed me. *Check*

This was done because his Mother's Day plans were dashed when his employer gave away more of those items to one employee and there were none left for my son. He went to his super about it. I told him not to worry about someone's dishonesty but that that person needed his prayers. He did not agree with me. Don't matter if he agrees or not. Anyone who takes more than they should are in need of prayer.

*Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star*

A have a girlfriend that used to live with a man that had access to frozen food for church food pantries or whomever he deemed worthy of receiving a load of food. We have been fortunate enough in the past to have received two times a grocery basket full. *Delight*

He called tonight, saying he was returning my call. *Question* I had not called him. *Question* I told him that I had not called him, but I appreciated him keeping us in mind. I said off the cuff that we run out of teenager fuel (gallons and gallons of milk) and bread more than anything. I did not know that he had those items as well.

He said I'll be there in 15 minutes. Oh Glory to God, we needed milk and bread. I entertained my son and his gal, and we all got really tickled, you know the kind, . . . where you can't see, because you're grinning so large that the corners of your mouth are way past your ears, . . . you know the kind of giggling that takes your breath away.

Well, not only was there bread, 2 gallons of milk, BUT ALSO 4-2lb.boxes of pasta, loaf of big bread, 2-18-count cartons of eggs, 1 dz. single serve orange juices, 4 big spaghetti sauces, 10-2lb packs of cubed ham, 1-5 lb. roll of ground beef, 8 lbs. of pork burgers, 4 lbs. cheese already grated! *Bigsmile* 2 lbs. sliced turkey, 2 lbs. of sliced ham, 2 pizzas, fresh potatoes, grapefruit, apples, onion, spices, mango, cabbage, lettuce, individual pkgs. of pretzel stix, 5lb. bag of rice, 1 huge Miracle Whip, 1-4lb bag of chili sauce, perfect for enchiladas. *Smile*

Ooh, Ooh, I Praise the Hallowed Name, for He blesses me beyond my need. He provided more than I asked for *Exclaim* I exalt His Mercy and Might. Out of that abundance I shared with my neighbors.

He is worthy of all our Praises and Worship.

*Star* * *Star* * *Star*

The Houston Rockets won Game 6 of 7 in the Western Conference Final series tonight and that makes Houstonions get very intoxicated. *Thumbsdown*

We love our Yau Ming and Tracey McGrady. I think Yau is out for the count this year.

*Flower2* ### *Flower2* ### *Flower2* ### *Flower2* ### *Flower2* ### *Flower2* ### *Flower2*

I have met the most interesting blue case. She visited my blahhhg and I went to find hers and I'm way past happy about meeting her. *Bigsmile*

I am honored to know Mrs Sarah and to discover the adventures in her blog.
She is living Hispanic singer Ricky Martin's, Livin la Vita Loca and I am envious of her travels. *Smile*

I am blessed especially heavy today, my Mother's Day tokens from my son, food from heaven, Rockets winning like a little frosting on the cake, meeting Sarah, my pen pal called from Austin, Texas also.


May each of you bask in the Glory of Our Lord. *Heart*

*Flower2* ### *Flower2* ### *Flower2* ### *Flower2* ### *Flower2* ### *Flower2* ### *Flower2*

May 13, 2009 at 7:46pm
May 13, 2009 at 7:46pm
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** Images For Use By Upgraded+ Only **

May 13, 2009 at 1:30am
May 13, 2009 at 1:30am
<<<<<<<<<<<< *Flower5**Flower5**Flower5**Flower5**Flower5**Flower5**Flower5* >>>>>>>>>>>>

On Mother's Day, 2 three now, days ago, I received anonymously 10K Gift Points. *Delight*

The only clue I had was BAB - Blue Angel Bandit

Obviously it is a WdC Group that does anonymous gift-giving to the membership. I just want to thank this person personally and profoundly. I am indeed blessed among newbies here.

You know what? I earnestly pray for the people here, calling them by the only names I know, which is their username, when I don't have an actual first name to go with. That's okay, like Michelle M told me, "God knows who they are" and she's right of course *Exclaim*.

Where the heck is my magic wand?


I want everyone here to have breakthroughs, successes, and victories in their spiritual life FIRST and everything else will line *Up* with their Creator.

H A L L E L U J A H *Exclaim*

I pray for broken families (that's a major order in itself - everyone must be willing)
I pray for members humility
I pray for an anointing on all writers that their subject matter be pleasing to Him
I pray that all members "music boxes" be re-tuned or re-tooled
I pray that members exhibit Jesus' love when dealing with co-members
I pray for hearts to mend, past hurts to be hurled into the sea of forgetfulness.
I pray that ALL members and their families come to know the absolute POWER of Jesus in their daily lives AND that they CAN have a personal relationship with Him.

Two entries in one day - My addiction strengthens *Wink*

*Heart* * *Heart* * *Heart*

May 12, 2009 at 10:59pm
May 12, 2009 at 10:59pm
*Star* * *Star* * *Star*

. . . because it builds character . . . and it releases cortisol around our middles, or it causes us to pray silently for relief, teaching us patience.

My neighbor George, was supposed to take me to the doctor today at 3:30. He forgot and made plans with another neighbor who is equally worthy of a ride, so he dropped me and came back got them, hi-tailed it to where they needed to go and was back at the doctor's office to pick me up. I couldn't believe it, I was mentally prepared to walk the distance, but there he was.

Then George took me to the clinic to pick up 3 Rxs and they didn't want to accept my county Gold Card. WHAT? It's good for a year, what do you mean I have to pay the full price??? Oh no, Ricardo, no offense, but I must speak to a supervisor. So I did.

The man in front of me had the same 1-year Gold Card and they told him the same thing. Needless to say we sat and talked about the inefficiency of the county offices for Human Services and made each other feel better. Soon we were laughing at their expense, not that any of them heard us. *Smile*

Then George to my great surprise asked me where I wanted to have dinner *Smile*. I told him I didn't care, whatever he wanted. So we went to Doyle's and had the best lasagna, salad and garlic bread and tea. I stuffed, I had not eaten all day. I kept ooo-ing and ahhh-ing, like I was close to some kind of bliss. Food is always more tasty when you are starving.

I thanked him 40 times and then he took me to Kroger for milk, bread, peanut butter and cereal. My cupboard be bare. One more week til payday. I hate not having enough to last me to the next payday.

*Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star*

Did anyone catch President Obama's May 9th comedy routine at the Press Correspondents Dinner? And Wanda Sykes? She was disgusting to me, hoping Rush Limbaugh's liver would fail??? I have never liked her. She was Drew Carey's girlfriend one season and I didn't like her then - sure don't now. *Smirk*

It's time for my listing of what;


1. adults wishing ill health on another human being

2. politicians who lie through their false teeth (or natural for that matter) *Smirk*

3. people on Facebook who believe breastfeeding is contemptible and Holocaust Denial sites are A-Okay. *Smirk*

4. teenagers with black nail polish on, especially young men
5. crunchy peanut butter
6. oleo or any artificial "butter" - the real thing for this girl

7. men with ugly feet
8. men who have poor hygiene (or women, though not as likely)
9. poor or lacking manners

10. poets who don't have a clue about meter
11. teenage or young adult drama queens
12. alarmists

13. bright lights in my home - I create ambiance with lighting and it works *Smile*
14. summer, it's too hot for me.
15. the dentist or . . .
16. the gynecologist

17. loud music that vibrates my walls
18. loud music that vibrates my car windows at the red light
19. loud people that don't have a clue when to shut the ____ up!

20. young ladies with facial piercings
21. tattoos on anybody
22. red polish on ladies toenails - it looks dirty to me. *Sick*

23. bottle blondes (especially when the roots are two inches out)
24. thongs (underwear)
25. women who wear a black bra with a sheer white or pastel blouse. YUCK!

26. men who chew on their mustaches
27. men who bite their nails
28. men who chew tobacco and spit anywhere they feel like

29. children who are misbehaved
30. children who whine, whine and WHINE, while their moms ignore them.
31. children who are allowed to crawl over everything and just generally out of control

32. ANY beauty pageants, not to mention children's beauty contests
33. most TV shows, haven't seen what many folks never miss, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, soap operas, Law & Order, Criminal Minds, America's Next Top Model, Boston Legal, never saw one episode of Seinfeld, Friends or the Cosby Show.

34. people who cannot take constructive criticism and ignore my attempts to be kind
35. people who cannot take a joke, especially when it's obvious to everyone else
36. people who have no sense of humor whatsoever *Pthb*

37. overweight people who wear clothes that are too small revealing every roll and bulge they have. Someone please tell them how revolting that sight is.
38. skinny people who stand in the corner pretending to not be talking about the fatties. *Rolleyes*

39. country and western music generally speaking, there ARE a few that pass my sing along test.
40. chick flicks
41. tree-huggers and frog saviors and tiny fish rescuers. UGH!
42. people who espouse the horrors of Global Warning when it's been recently proven that the planet is in a cooling mode at the present time *Smirk*

43. cheap bed linen
44. liquid shower soap
45. thick wash cloths

46. hardwood floors (Mother's cleaning obsession from my childhood)
47. paneling in the living room
48. an overhead light in the living room ceiling

49. framed family pictures hanging on the living room wall
50. anybody who plagiarizes

Ahhh, . . . I'm better now. Blahhhging is so good for the pent up frustrations we come face-to-face with daily. Whether we run a mile and a half each morning or go fishing half a day or paint on canvases for hours at a time or compose poetry/prose/music for days on end, WHATEVER it takes to ease one's stress, . . . I'm all for it. *Bigsmile*

Tomorrow is my "Invalid Item ONE month anniversary. Am anxious to see the total hits it has attracted. *Delight*

Am looking forward to starting a contest soon. Big prizes, big consolation prizes, and even third won't be nothing to turn one's nose up at. *Smile*

Yes, I DO have a Top 50 WHAT I LIKE LIST as well. *Laugh* I'm saving that list for when I'm really down in the dumpers.

Max is at my right hand soliciting a pet, Mollie keeps eyeballing the tuna dish. But I must do some reviewing and blog reading.

Have a super day/time, well spent loving your family and friends, neighbors and even those that are the hardest to love. They are in need the worst!

When we lift each other up instead of grinding each other in the ground, the payoff is

H U G E *Exclaim*

Like a madman who throws firebrands,
arrows and death,
Is the man who deceives his neighbor,
And says, "I was only joking!"
Proverbs 26:18-19

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May 4, 2009 at 8:36pm
May 4, 2009 at 8:36pm
A writer's chance at some ReaL BucKs! *Delight* I'm going for the 20K myself.

Who knows what God, Jesus & The Ghost can do *Question*

1. Win a $5,000.00 Spa Getaway - Write and tell them your story, click for the details, word limits if any and you could win. *Delight*


2. Win $20,000 when you write and tell them your idea of BLISS at the address below;


UPDATE: After checking the sight for The Rules, I found you have to Enter the 12-digit UPC from any HERSHEY'S BLISS ® Package; (I C&P that rule from the above web-site.)

I couldn't get their 12 digit code to work sooo, to the Rules, I say!

*Shock* Quick - What would you do if your essay on "Bliss" was the Grand Prize winner *Question*

***TWENTY THOUSAND AND NO/100*** ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Dollars.

Don't ponder . . . straight off the aging noodle, Come On! *Exclaim*

For self, mate, children, a mixture of the aforementioned?

Pay off a bill? Spend some here at Writing.Com? Maybe 10% to your church's youth program? Buy grandma a motorcycle? Upgrade your car or computer? Buy electronic toys or a Big Screen? A cruise to an exotic port of call?

W H A T <> W O U L D <> Y O U <> D O *Question*

Don't be shy or embarrassed *Blush* - tell me something crazy, you all are writers, you all have fictitious thoughts, SOOOOOOO, cut loose, this is not a contest here, that's online at the above address. I just wanna' read your comedy *Idea*S.

Who's first? *Cool*

*Idea* *Reading* *Idea* *Reading* *Idea* *Reading* *Idea* *Reading* *Idea* *Reading* *Idea* *Reading* *Idea*

May 4, 2009 at 4:55pm
May 4, 2009 at 4:55pm
*Star* * *Star* * *Star*

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April 25, 2009 at 11:25am
April 25, 2009 at 11:25am
*Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star* * *Star*

Good Morning to the Wide, Wonderful World of Writing.Com

I was nudged by the Spirit to go back to the port of the gay man that had sent me a very obscene email. The moderators suggested I block him, so I did.

When I looked at his blog there was a Public Apology there in great detail and intense remorse, my heart melted and I ached for him. He is very unhappy and it was not about me at all but, whatever he's going through.

Due to timing, I happened to be the object of his wrath and that is regrettable. I wrote him tenderly about forgiveness and how I had to forgive him because my Lord insists I do, that I too may be forgiven.

I am the benefactor of this incident because I was able to forgive. I've learned that hard lesson and been exercising forgiveness deliberately for about 10 years now. Not to say that I never forgave anyone before 10 years ago but the absolute importance of forgiveness did not imprint my brain till about 10 years ago. I'm just glad I was open to the Holy Spirit's push. *Delight*

*Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4*

The United States of America's Old Glory is under attack again. I did not catch which state was telling a homeowner to erect their flagpole in their backyard. Boy, does that get me steamed. The Homeowner's Association has levied a fine PER DAY for their non-compliance.

I wonder how many Americans realize just how much our liberties are at stake in this present atmosphere. The encroachment on our freedoms has crept insidiously into the fabric of our lives. As a nation of Pollyannas now, we seem to have lost the will that made this country the greatest on planet earth.

Young people have a sense of entitlement that our grandfathers would never conceive of thinking. Material possessions were worked hard for and cash was king. In our own home, if my adoptive parents didn't have the cash, it was not bought on credit. That's just the way my parents rolled.

I took a penny once, on a foot trip to the local grocery store (with my also adopted sister) to get a loaf of bread. I remember that bread cost 20 cents, anyway, I wanted a piece of bubble gum out of the machine and I took a penny and got it. All the way home my sister is telling me, "Boy, are you gonna' get it, Daddy is gonna' kill ya'."

Well once home, Mama counted the change and discovered the spent penny and she gave me a verbal chewing out with the additive that, "your Daddy will take care of you when he gets home." Trembling from fear, knowing what laid in store for my young blessed assurance, I watched the clock.

When 4:15 came, I saw the ugly green '59 Chevy pull up and park and here he came. Thelma takes him aside for a few minutes and then it was Wallis on the warpath, first he had to catch me. and that didn't take long while he's hollering to me, "if you run it will be worse". That was probably the worst hiney-whuppin' I ever got, all over a penny.

I SWORE THAT DAY, that if my child were to take a penny for doing me a favor, I would NEVER punish them for a freakin' penny. That imprinted my brain like a few other things they did to me, and the resentment of these adoptive parents deepened.

Oh yeah, I was talking about the flag. I once worked for the Marriott Hotel in the accounting department and one day while looking out the second story window, I saw hotel employees taking down the flag because of heavy rain and they allowed the flag to touch the ground.

I burst out of the department, straight downstairs to the front desk to ask who just took down the flag. I was purple with indignation that these uneducated idiots had allowed Old Glory to touch the ground. I went to the guys who committed the foul and they were shocked at my attitude. I then marched to the G.M.'s office and reported the incident and our Italian General Manager looked at me like I was making it all up.

I assured him I was not imagining it and he flew into action. From that day forward, Mr. Tierney held classes on how to lower and fold our flag. That's the only thing I can give him credit for, otherwise he was an A-1 a-hole. *Laugh*

As our freedoms are gradually eroding and no one seems to give a tinker's damn, we hear the progressives, who have a self-inflated sense of power, tell us conservatives that we had our chance and now THEY will fix it all. If you believe Democrats, then you have not been listening to the news or reading the paper or Internet. Right now, I don't support the Dems OR the Repubs. They both have sold out the American public.

There should be term limits on Congressmen and Senators, because their multi-year tenures with all applicable rules and regulations and LAWS has become so hazy and indeterminably vague (we can thank Clinton for the definitions he brought to the Lewinsky investigation) that these men who took the oath to serve the public have twisted the Oath to serve their own agendas and BANK ACCOUNTS. They have become a government without the integrity the voter believed they had.

Oh my, this is too long . . . anyway, how do you feel about the most beautiful flag in this world?

Especially you veterans out there, how do you feel about the general State of the Union?

Gotta' run, do Saturday errands and get my pedicure, what a treat and only $22. Men and women should do that at least once a month. *Delight*

Have a very special Saturday and I'll be talkin' again tomorrow.

April 16, 2009 at 1:21pm
April 16, 2009 at 1:21pm
*Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4* ### *Flower4*



As a Public Service Announcement to my readers please go to the following link:

and register for the harassment to stop.

It is a National Do Not Call Registry and it still is in operation. *Smile*

Don't say you didn't know how to do it - Just click above and follow the instructions.

My good deed for the day *Bigsmile*

*Flower3* <> *Flower3* <> *Flower3*

What about the coverage the cable news gave the Tea Party participants? There were more that showed up than I thought would and the signs they carried were clearly reflective of the mood of the masses.

It wasn't just Repubs out there, but a cross-section of Americans, all party affiliations
and demographics. Glenn Beck was at the Alamo in San Antonio and that crowd was huge and noisy, maybe tens of thousands.

Take a hint Washington, WE ARE FED UP with your lying, fancy talking when caught with your pants down (figuratively speaking of course) or maybe a better analogy is "caught with your hand in OUR cookie jar" *Angry*

I do not believe a word from the major networks ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC who could not be any more left than Jeff Gordon driving the NASCAR race *Laugh*

Fox News does carry stories that you never see on the other outlets. Why you ask?
Because the majority of reporters are ultra-liberals and will not report the news but rather they mold and shape the news to make it more palatable for us dumb ole Americans.

Bernie Goldberg wrote a book called, The Media's Slobbering Love Affair with Barack Obama and how it ever got to the New York Times Bestseller List is waaaay beyond me.

I like Ms Ann Coulter also.

Yes, readers, I am conservative and make no apologies. I also make none for our former President George Bush. No other president had a terrorist attack on American soil to contend with nor a catastrophic hurricane to decimate a gulf port city.

Yes, yes, he embarrassed me sometimes and I disagreed with him a lot of times, but he managed to keep our homeland safe for the remainder of his term. We suffered no more attacks on our soil due to the security measures he put into place.

No President has been perfect - just put Obama's rock star status by the side and see what substance there really is. He campaigned there would be NO MORE EARMARKS and what was the stimulus package loaded with?

8,000 PLUS EARMARKS *Exclaim*

He said he would ignore special interest groups then what did he do? Appointed 3 or 4 to high Cabinet positions.

I have determined that Barack Obama is just another political LIAR in a new wrapping, tall, dark and an orator that Georgie was not. Pretty talk does not impress me, hard cold actions do.

A Nevada friend of mine says this all the time, "don't just talk about it, BE about it!" and I have used that line on my child a hundred times.

Guess I better check on the piracy issue to see what our brave Navy will do next. Did Obama take credit for the safe return of the Capt. ? Surely not.

Okay readers, have a exceptional day out there in WDC land and keep in the back of your busy brain that we all are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Huggs - see ya' 'round the site.

April 13, 2009 at 5:32pm
April 13, 2009 at 5:32pm
*Star* * *Star* * *Star*

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I had an incredible Easter. Although I did not attend church, or even have a special Easter dinner, good things happened nevertheless. *Bigsmile*

Just before midnight where I live, I received two WDC emails that knocked me over with an anonymous gift of a 3-Month Upgrade *Exclaim* *Balloon1* *Star* *Balloon2* *Star* *Balloon3* *Star*. That means I can B L O G !

H A L L E L U J A H *Exclaim* H A L L E L U J A H *Exclaim*


Meeting the various colored cases here is just a little confusing. When I go to the port and see their established date, then scan their port and see a Preferred Author case I wonder how it happened so fast.

Well, my gift came just after 8 days and I had to hoot and holler a little bit.

On a personal level, last night before midnight, an old romantic interest called me and I was surprised and very happy to hear their voice. I'm big on voices, they are your very own, personal music box.

We are able to reduce people to tears should that be our agenda, however I prefer to make folks laugh or chuckle at least. Our music box has a control volume and a myriad of tones to experiment with. Our voice can spur athletes on to greater achievements, it can soothe a crying child or settle an aged parent.

In any case, our voice is an instrument of character and mood especially in how we use it. The effect it has on those we intended and those within earshot and how we can offer it with healing words to encourage and bring hope to those in despair.

Your children know their parents' "music boxes" better than anyone else. They know when you are pleased or displeased with them, simply by the tone of your voice. When visitors come you might hear a voice you've never heard before, ya' know the voice with all the musical notes around it. *Laugh*

I got some fresh strawberries, topped and sugared them, grabbed some plastic forks and went to my neighbors homes. When they answered their door, I asked them to take a fork, stab a strawberry, then bow their head while I said a word over them and their families.

I apologized to God for not having the communion meal to share however those strawberries are His creation and I prayed for my neighbors. They were surprised, humbled and thanked me profusely for the fruit and words.

IT WAS INDEED MY PLEASURE - The joy that comes when we share a sincere
moment with others is indescribable. *Thumbsup*

Go out and make someone grin really BIG on the inside today, God loves it when we love each other.

But you knew that already, right? *Wink*

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