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Poeems about Morals in life :) x
What if You work hard for something.
You try your best
You change in a Million and One ways To achieve it
You give up others for it
You start doing things you never did
You loose yourself for it
You get further away from everyone else
You put your passion into getting it all

What do you do if it beggings to crumble
What if it beggings to fade
What if it slips through your fingers
What if you think its hanging on by a thread
What if overnight , it all be gone

You Dont let it go
You Dont forget it forever
You Dont hope it gets better
You Dont sulk
You Dont move on to the next thing

You get it together
You strengthen it
You Hold on to it Tighter
You try whatever you can to make every moment last
You Do everything to keep the good times become memories
You Fight for it with all your heart cause otherwise it may go and never come back

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