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The Milkman: Leaving your government on your doorstep.
Welcome family and friends, I'm glad you gathered here as I announce my campaign for the White House in 2012. You are the ones who have heard me complained about our current posers in our capital city, their lackluster performance, and their non-changing promises. You are the ones that have told me to put your money where my mouth is and run for an office of my own.

I don't have to tell you that I possess no experience in politics except for my years as homeroom representative and student council. I still think being able to delegate the arduous duties of cleaning the dry eraser board and leading the class to recess shows only a few of my leadership qualities.

My 12 years in the Navy is not my only claim to foreign policies since I also have 3 years as a representative to my high school's model United Nations. I have done more for my foreign policy experience than campaigning in Europe and watching the Canadian border from my window. I've toured the shores and borders of countries in the seven seas. Also my tenure in the military will give me a different view of having the world's greatest armed forces under my command. I know some of my opponents will try and discredit my military service because I only advance through the ranks to an E-4 and I have an answer for that... I was working to advance into a field that was over manned and though I passed every advancement test I took I fell short of the advancement level. I never gave up trying to advance and I won't give up on you.

My vast work experience provides me with a deep pool of knowledge from all walks of life; from the machine operator who grinds out the car parts, to the truck driver who takes the products to where they need to be. It is true that I don't have a college degree, this will only make me choose the advisers in every aspect of your life in which my mind will be left open for their advice.

I also know that running a successful campaign is more than coming up with a catchy slogan, but I have a very creative one....

The Milkman, leaving your government at your front door

Or I could also use this one...

Bovine Bessie and I will fertilize your Grass Root campaign.

Or this one...

A vote for The Milkman is a MOOve in the right direction.

Running for President is an honor and a privledge... and not only an honor for the privledged.

If you care to help finance my campaign send your gift points to The Milkman .

This political announcement was approved by the campaign to elect The Milkman to President.

a banner for my Presidential campaign... this is definitely a "Grass Root" campaign
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