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"We strive to renew the places we inhabit in the image of the place to which we belong"
The Expatriate's Diaries (ExptD) is a written record provided by  Brother James, one who belongs among  the world's largest population of expatriates: those who are foreign to the earth itself. They who choose to live for Jesus Christ determine the paradise of which He rules as their eternal destination. The Lord, Jesus Christ, has so often intoned that His is a kingdom not of this world. The true followers of Christ are thereby correctly referred to as expatriates.

Here lies the author's humble attempt to explain why so much of the world's people are expatriates who strive to submit themselves first and foremost to He who is creator and king above all kings. The fervent hope is that readers get a glimpse of  the reality that is the all mighty God personified in the person of Jesus Christ and demonstrated by the activity of his subjects herein referred to as expatriates.

The  expatriates are not merely day dreaming sky watchers. Rather, they are proven to have bettered this world even as they move towards the next world. They improve earth’s transient as they strive for Heaven’s eternal life. History is replete with examples of the ‘salt of the earth’ and ‘light of the world effect of they and their Prince.

The written words that follow are this Journal’s account of the expatriates and the Lord Jesus Christ.

#1. Allegiance
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