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Rated: 18+ · Book · Fantasy · #1930217
A woman running from her past, and a demon trying to remember hers, must save Faery.

Come into the water and bathe, my love.

Come swim in the swirling pool.

Come down in the deep with the rocks and the bones.

You’ll swim with me now, sweet fool . . .

- Lyrics by Nicole Murray and Cloudstreet


Humans unknowingly live side by side with the Fae in Vidente, Oregon, a college town home to an infamous, dangerous forest. Missing persons cases have plagued the town for years.

Jenny Greenteeth is a faery brought back from the dead - just in time to find out that her mysterious murderer is still on the loose. She remembers nothing of her previous life and has lost the respect and obedience of the water fae under her charge.

Bambi Camrick is a human with the Sight – a rare gift that makes her valuable to the Fae. To gain Bambi’s aid in a war, the Fae queen promises her something that could rewrite all the horrors of her past – assuming she lives long enough to collect.

Jenny and Bambi must learn to work together to find the enemy and bring him to his knees. If they don't find the answers in time, they risk the slaughter of an entire faery court, as well as Bambi's hometown.


Faeries aren't always two-foot-tall sweethearts dressed in flower petals . . .

Sometimes, they're out for blood.


I finished it! The first draft is done. I am editing and uploading new chapters as I finish the first revision for each. I'm averaging about a chapter every other day.

Dude. I wrote a book.

I am actively looking for constructive, in-depth reviews of this novel and I will pay well for them. Shoot me a message and let's work something out! :)
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1930217