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Rated: 13+ · Book · Fanfiction · #1930369
An original story based on the characters and themes of the Magic: The Gathering TCG.
Duel of the Gemini tells the story of a legendary Planeswalker as he discovers his full powers, makes unexpected alliances and strives to defeat an unspeakable enemy that threatens all life as we know it. Based on the worlds and characters introduced by the MTG Trading Card Game, this original work explores the conflicting relationship between White and Black mana, using some of the principle icons that players of the game have come to know and love.
The author does not claim any association with, or ownership of, any material licensed to Wizards of the Coast or their affiliates.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Prologue & Intruder 10.02k
Chapter 2 Intentions 9.30k
Chapter 3 Escape 7.77k
Chapter 4 Arrival 9.87k
Chapter 5 Caress 10.67k
Chapter 6 Truths 7.18k
Chapter 7 Allies 14.45k
Chapter 8 Trap 12.90k
Chapter 9 Returns 13.83k
Chapter 10 Trust 11.05k
Chapter 11 Counterstrike 14.53k
Chapter 12 Epiphany 13.65k
Chapter 13 Void 10.58k
Chapter 14 Destiny 12.50k
Chapter 15 Freedom 8.06k

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