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Rated: 13+ · Book · Fanfiction · #1947969
Sequel to Duel of the Gemini
Sorin Markov is forced to return to Ravnica, where the fate of the plane once again rests in his hands. There powerful forces will collide, and a terrible secret will be revealed, putting everything at risk.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Misgivings 10.24k
Chapter 2 Herald 10.49k
Chapter 3 Worship 8.98k
Chapter 4 Bargains 8.92k
Chapter 5 Contract 7.91k
Chapter 6 Conspiracy 11.57k
Chapter 7 Reckoning 9.84k
Chapter 8 Trio 8.62k
Chapter 9 Trinity 8.47k
Chapter 10 Threshold 8.56k
Chapter 11 Guardians 8.65k
Chapter 12 Epitome 7.40k
Chapter 13 Ascension 6.00k
Chapter 14 Cataclysm 6.07k
Chapter 15 Judgement 7.84k

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