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Rated: E · Book · Fantasy · #1955558
Science Fiction Fantasy on Earth being colonized
Chapter 1 Ruff draft

The year was 2311, and to most that would mean, 2300 years after Christ, however it was simply 2311 Current Era. All perceptions of Religious beliefs were on hold until Earthlings figured out who created who first. However, with that said, we never got the chance to do that research because the United Nations Military council betrayed the treaty with the Sephorasti by attacking a Sephorast colony 600 light years from earth.

This is the story of that betrayel and what is happening to us now.

2092 Earth first contact.

Septa Chorastix walked casually to his new office in London, England and looked at each of the humans that worked in the location as helpers. They were a chipper sort of creature, very happy most times, but they smelled of dirt. Even the name Earth equaled dirt. Very strange creatures to name themselves after how they smelled. Seven months prior to this new posting of his the Sephorasti made contact with the emerging intelligence of the humans, however it was slow process by which the Council of 11 would move. Finally the Colony was started in the deserts of Australia for the Sephorasti, and an exchange of technology had begun. The Human race had already started to colonize many areas of their Galaxy and two other Galaxies near by. They had been given warp technology and now were jumping to Galaxies 50 and 60 light years away. The human race absorbed technology so fast and built so rapidly without care of how far they travel or how many die in the process. They are bold and without fear, which was scary for Chorastix.

'Good day to you Septa, may i get you a refereshment?' The young secretary assigned to him asked neutrally.
'That is so kind of you Secretary Joanne, yes please. You know my likes.' He responded as his 4 legs glided into his office, the masive creature stood 2.7 meters in height, his 4 arms swayed as if blown on the wind as he walked.
'Yes Septa,' She responded and bounded off to get his chilled salt water.
The tiny creatures were half his size, and because she was a female she was smaller still, they were like newly hatched Sephorasti.

As he approached his office door the computer on the wall was blinking blue alarms. Blue (as red was for humans) was the dominant in terms of alarms for the Sephorasti. The creatures knew that when blue was on your screens you stopped everything and payed attention. He hurried to his computer terminal and tapped the desk and the three dimensional keyboard suddenly appeared and he tapped to answer.
'From high command, encoded to this station.' The alarm read, Chorastix keyed in his alarm code and the message began.

'All Sephorasti must leave their stations now, we are at war. Leave planetside to the colony or to space station Chakra Muor. This is not a drill, we regret to inform you that all of Sephorasti are at war with the Earthlings. The United Nations military has seized one of our colonies by force and told us they will not leave. We are at war and the Guardians have been activated.''My Sha, what are we to do.' Chorastix left passing his secretary and on his way out of his newly acquired position. He fled to the space port and would head to the colony within Australia.

The colony was shielded and no Earth weapons would be able to penetrate while the war began. 'How terrible. The humans have declared war on the Sephorasti over a silly colony that they say they were there first. Our colony was under ground 2,000 cycles before they ever attained space travel. I am so sorry Xorast, my dear one, prep for evacuation to Chakra Muor. No weapons will even come close to harming us there. Humans have no idea what they have unleashed and the Council of 11 have activated the guardians. Hurry my mate, we will be gone before it starts here.' The ambassador proceeded to his ship, the one thing about humans, they would not fight anyone that was not soldier to soldier, but the Guardians cared not. Soon the human race would be enslaved. A terrible thing, war. Why would any creature resort to killing for territory or technology, the Sehporasti would have given it freely.

2102 Current Era.

The Earthlings are routed and the ships of the Sephorasti have taken all their cities on all their planets and moons. They are an enslaved race, they tried to sue for peace but the Council of 11 knew that if they did they would have to fight these creatures in the future and what would happen if they had the weapons and technology of the Guardians. The Sephorasti would be conquered or worse.

2308 Current Era

The 9'7" creature walked off the spaceship and the humans in Wayneville fled in all directions. Sephta Chorastix had not been on Earth in all the time for fear of the angry fighting humans. They made good soldiers but without the updated tech they would not stand a chance against other aliens. The humans had long ago been dominated after they betrayed the charter they originally signed. The shame of the Sephorasti was that all the humans were not to blame just the few that ruled them. Thus, by the few that rule, the many would be subjugated. Now 180 cycles have past and the old that ruled have been long conquered and are dead. Why the creatures would never give up was beyond him.

Shots from the primitive weapons sounded out and bounced off Chorastix shields without a second thought. The Guardian stood next to him with its weapons at full readiness. The 3.5 Meter machine was a giant protector, Chorastix could never fire weapons at creatures that were sentient, he just couldn't. No Sephorasti could, only the soldiers, machines could.

'My name is Chorstix, i am in control of this domain or your country. I am the new Septa, please stop your weapons. You can not harm me with these weapons, and my Gaurdian will protect me even though your weapons are harmless.' The new country Septa declared.

30 feet from where the ship landed humans were scattered out in a defensive half circle of the landing platforms. They knew that the new leader was coming and hated them all. The hate was not of the Aliens abuse or none abuse it was just a subjugation of freedom. No human male or female alive liked being held back from learning or venturing off into space freely.

The other 38 human colonies, on 14 land masses, were cut off for the last 200 years and humans who lived on the other planets had no way of contacting Mother Earth. This subjugation was not a slavery that humans were used to, simply a slavery of knowledge. The Sephorasti had technologies thousands of years ahead of humans, and they held it back in fear of just the sort of event that humans pulled on them 200 years past.

The location for the Septas residence was remote and outside of old New York city and a small jump to the other continents on the planet. Easy to defend and on the water for lounging.

The city of Waynesville had 2,841 people in it and was a tiny spec of a city compared to New York or New Los Angeles. Those cities had tens of millions. There would never be a time when people from Waynesville would have the latest technology to fight the slave masters. However, the citizens wanted that technology and one person decided to do it differently after 200 years.

During the war, one billion human lives were sacrificed to fight, now all ships and technology that had been a threat was gone except for the humans themselves.

Jason Popper was the one that would turn things around for the human race, after two centuries. Jason knew that from his studies of the alien he could befriend this alien and truly become a friend to the task masters. They hated violence and humans were violent. They fought each other in bars, over females, over land, food. They fought. The aliens never killed, their machines did, and those machines were almost unbeatable.

'Hello Septa, please have your Guardian not kill me.' Jason walked out from behind a fuel building. Jason was brilliant in terms of tactical and weaponology, he knew that if the Guardian shot, the depot of fuel would explode from its nearness; thus, he would not shoot but Jason had planned for that. 'Never do something without knowing the outcome before and all other possibilities.' His instructors taught him .

'The Gaurdian will not shoot unless provoked. My visor shows you have no metallic weapons so you may approach. I am Septa Chorastix, you may call me Council. Your Sephoranese is unreal where did you learn to speak it, i still speak limited human patterns because you all have different languages.' The new ruler replied.

'Council, thank you, and i learned from the computers that the Sephorasti left before the war. We managed to break their codes and tried to glean the technology but the Sephorasti are brilliant, more so than humans. Humans are so stupid, we hurt ourselves, and others around us unless governed. The Sephorasti hate violence, what we could have learned if you would have come here 500 years ago. We would have become great partners to the Sephorasti, yet we had a taste for space and its freedom. The governments were simply stupid.'

'I have come foreword to offer myself as your aide, or even as a helper, or slave or employee if you wish to pay. I merely wish to be a true trusting helper. I feel that humans have ulterior motives and I wish to explore with you if you will employ me. I speak 8 languages of earth including Sephoras fully. I am eclectic in that i wish to learn everything except war. I wish no war. No harm, just freedom to follow you.'

'Hmm,' The Sephorastix people were almost ten feet tall on average, their Guardians were 13 feet. The two of them standing over the small 6 foot frame of Jason seemed daunting, yet he did not flinch on any account. The Council was by nature a pacifist. The Sephorastix people hated killing anything that was sentient, and would refuse even in war to allow their Gaurdians to kill. Almost all the machines weapons were none lethal. Their ships carried missile and lasers that would defy technology, such as stopping all human ships from being able to fight. Their ships suddenly lost all power and were helpless. One shot per ship and ships no longer worked, the Sephorastix peoples hated death. Each of them lived on averaged 1000 Earth years, so they had a long time to ponder.
'You are offering your services before i have a chance to put up an add for help. How did you know i was going to employ helpers?' The large creature leaned backwards on its prehensile tail. Sitting.
'Common sense, Council. I believe i can help you with that same common sense. Almost, what's the word, rickslep, in English its magic, i don't know the word in Sephorast. I calculate and can assume. You will need food advisors, you will need leadership advisors, both here and off world, you will need repair and maintenance workers, you will need dome security, should i go on? I know what a Majordomo is you would call it your Valet. That is what i wish. You will need your baths scheduled and make sure the water is heated and oiled to the proper length. You will need your food prepared without thought of meddlesome humans, and machines can only do so much for the comforts of Chakra Muor, the home world.' Jasons blond hair was blowing in the wind gently that gave him an i don't care look. He wore it long to make him look less like a government man and more like a farmer. His blue eyes were vibrant and intelligent for a 28 year old, however he was a smart person in terms of learning. In terms of intelligence, you could call him a genius.
'I think i will hire you and if you prove yourself right you will be a great asset.' Two of the Sephorastix four arms were the user appendages, and the other two were the preening appendages. Sephorastix people had dark tan skin 4 arms and 4 legs, with a tail. They appeared to be almost lizardly except for the skin. Their 3 eyes were positioned alarmingly as humans had two eyes and a nose, Sephorastix had 2 eyes and an eye. Their nose or sense of smell was their entire body, they could smell a human miles away. The aspect of having a new hired valet was so exciting that Council was eager to teach this human to see how it might work out. His skin tone changed from aqua to greenish blue hue as his excitement grew over the thoughts of Jason.
'How much do humans get paid for a high paying job, just write it down and ill pay you double. You are my Valet. Do well and make more and learn more.' Sephorstix was happy about the new employee and leery. His skin color change again to a maroonish green as he thought of what humans planned and plotted.

2309 May

'Council, you have appointments with the human government in Paris and Shanghai this afternoon. They are eager to try and manipulate you into giving them ships with no weapons to get to the outer colonies. This is good but also bad, i would not trust them not to have weapons of mass destruction on those ships so i would make sure each ship had a Guardian on board as a stationary patrol. If they get out of line you have the means to disable them, i know how they think.' Jason told Council openly. The last year and a half had been a blur of activity for him and the alien. Jason knew the only way man could recover is to partner with the alien long term and some day, some day they would be free, and not dead. They would not become extinct.
'Thank you so much for that insight Jason, i believe you are right, we will concede their ships to give them some freedoms and we will require a Guardian to be in the engine room and the bridge. They will not be able to disarm them, they haven't the tech. You are so right Jay.'
'Yes also, your main dome is being retrofitted with the new tech from Chakra Maur, they need your approval to begin a weapons test for human neutralization, if they try to rob you again while we are away. May i tell them to do so?'
'Yes, yes. You need not ask me that in future i trust you implicitly Jay. If Humans and Sephorastix peoples would have had a mind like yours 200 years ago we would not be in this position. I think your mind is abnormal Jay, please forgive me, but eccentric maybe? I believe you are here because of the war. New humans will be born and more will be like you i think, those that think in terms of partners rather than collaborators or slaves.' The Council of 11 believe you to be the best find ever in history in relationship to our races. We have a planned trip to Chakra Muar and you will be leaving Earth with me soon. I think its time, and the Council of 11 wish to interview you. You may have new futures with us. It is a one year flight, you can stay awake or put in cryogenic stasis if you wish. Its a long flight 681 million light years.'
'I will let you know what i wish Seph, for now i should gather my belongings and let my family know.' He was elated but kept his attitude in check.
Jason suddenly shocked had nothing to say, he was so glad, the plan had worked. He would be viewed as a leader, now if he could just get humans to stop freaking fighting each other and the races, 'We could grow again, hell what could a 29 year old from Waynesville, do. Nothing at this time. Someday.'
'Council! I am pleased to know that maybe, just maybe the humans someday can partner with the Sephorasti rather than be subjugated. I thank you for your trust and will earn more.'

The Paris meeting went just as Jason had told Council, the humans were rude and arrogant about their demands and Jason had told the Alien leader what would happen. Chorastix was the appointed alien leader of the outpost know as Earth, he was the ultimate leader and the Sephorasti peoples leaned to him for the answers on this outpost. He in turn leaned on Jason, Chorastix wife Xorast, had met Jason on hundreds of times but never really said two words to him. Jason was the Valet of Council not her, yet she would give computer notes to Council for Jason to do, yet something today changed.
'Hello Jay, i am so please that the Council of 11 have confided in you and my mate, I too am excited about your and his future. I never would have thought to trust a human, i fear you. Yet you are here and I am mixed in emotion to thank you.' She leaned her 8 and half foot frame over and grabbed his hands palms up and he could feel her breath on them and she seemed to kiss his hands. 'I am pleased to know you are such a person of peace, as the Sephorastix, you have my loyalty for what you have done. From now on may i call on you for help as well if i need it?" She asked him as if she was pleading for some reason her body turned a brilliant aqua marine.
'Oh god yes, i am sorry, did i not make it clear. I am at your and his disposal. Do you need a Valet of your own, many people are looking for work, better food, better lodging, that are similar to me. I can do the interviews and find you a trust worthy female and the lie detecting computer will fine tune the search?'
'Well maybe if Chorstix approves i will have that. It is so hard for me to do anything with my Gaurdian, it is just a #$%#@% machine.' The Gaurdians were artificial intelligent machines that were, to humans, Godlike. They could think faster, act quicker, were adaptable, and above all else, deadly. Yet to an alien housewife maybe it was just that, a machine.
'Would you like to ask him or should I Xorast?' He asked.
'Could you please? It would mean more coming from you than me. And you may call me Shor, my nick name. Thank you.' She leaned over and engulfed Jason in a bear of hug. He was elated to know that the female liked him so much as to touch him. This was a grand day.

In a galaxy 1,000 million light years from Earth the Alien race at war with themselves, almost on the same tech base as the Sephorastix, were the Carzmuur. The Carzmor were 2 meters of death, their teeth were 2 layers of 100 teeth and could sheer through wood. Their hands had retractable blades that could slice through metal. Yet their tech base of lasers and missles were almost equal to the Sephorastix. However, they were a millions light years from home world of Chakra Muor as well as the other settlements of Humans and Sephorastix.
Soon the Carzmor would discover Wey travel by ship and would be knocking on Sephorastix doors. The Sephorasti peoples number 2 trillion yet the Carzmor people were on thousands of planets and were ten times the mass of population. The millenia the Carzmor had been growing and growing on thousands of worlds, and they killed everything that came against them, and enslaved or ate the rest.
The war, the complete opposite of the Sephorastix, in terms of temperament they were demons. What would happen when they finally clashed.

'Jason, the council find you more than helpful, they wish to start a school for humans and you will lead it. They want you to find others like yourself. Those that can partner with us and who dream of free choice. We would like them to volunteer and would like to educate them, however the council also wishes to implant into their brains a chip that will moderate their temperament, a chip that would not control them but would stop them from violence against the Sephorasti, it will not help them against others however if they attempt to kill Sephorasti they would simply not. Maybe they might even stop fighting with each other. If they agree to this we will do it. We could never do this without their consent, it is against our morals to even attempt such tampering with another race of sentient creatures. If they wanted to do this then they would truly be partners with us such as you. What do you think?'


#1. Extinction
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