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Rosa and Ben are fighting an unknown force to the reader, check daily for updates.
“It’s written in code,” said the lanky teen, the office chair squeaking when he turned around to inform his counterpart.

The raven haired girl chewed on her thumb nail anxiously, letting her usual ‘cool’ façade break under the weight of her creased brow. “So…un-code it?” she trailed off as if the statement was a question.

“It’s not really that simple,” the boy answered, not wanting to explain in detail the daunting task to his friend. She was the ‘muscle’ of their operation, definitely not the brains.

She huffed and flailed her arms in the air. “Well figure something out quick! You know they’ll be here soon,”
The boy gulped and turned back to the computer. He rested his fingers on the keyboard and thought back to last night when he stayed up late practicing for this moment. He could not mess this up. A sheen of sweat settled on his forehead. His hands were shaking and he blinked hard trying to focus and not let the growing unease in the pit of his stomach stop him from his task. The girl left to keep watch at the door, rolling her neck and earning a satisfying pop. She glanced right, then left, down the darkened hall way and then leaned on the door way to study her nails.

Meanwhile, the boy was fast at work letting his fingers fly, trying every combination that would logically work. Access Denied the computer mocked, seriously getting on the boy’s nerves. Ready to give up, he tried one more password. He closed his eyes and let out a deep sign. His unsteady pointer finger pressed enter and he prayed to whatever god existed that this would work. The computer gave a chime, Access Granted. He let out a breathy laugh, “Rosa, we’re in,”
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