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A young scientist creates a serum which gives superhuman strength to four boys.
Nathan Wells slowly opened the bedroom door and walked out of his bedroom. He was six years old and he wasn’t feeling well. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time. His head was hurting and his body felt warm all over. In fact, he was burning up. He couldn’t sleep and he was aching all over. No, he had to see mommy and daddy… now!

“Oh, Nathan! Nate!” Julie sighed. She turned, while sitting on the couch, to face Vincent, her husband.

“Come here, buddy!” Vincent said, as he reached out with his arms, hoping his little son would walk right into his arms.

But no, Nathan wandered straight up to Julie! That wasn’t a good sign. Usually, when something was wrong, Nate went straight to momma, and that was what happened this time.

“Oh, dear…” Julie signed. “He’s burning up with a fever!”

Julie placed the palm of her hand over the boy’s forehead. It felt warm. Yes, he had a fever… again.

“Be careful, honey!” Vincent said as Julie stood up. Her big, round belly was getting heavy from being over six months pregnant.

“What are we going to do if our second child ends up being sick all the time the way Nathan ended up?” Julie asked him.

“He won’t, I promise!” Vincent replied as he walked up to her. She went into the kitchen to prepare a glass of milk for little Nathan, who was obviously not feeling well. “Listen, I know that Nate will outgrow this, but I’m working on a serum which will ensure that our second child will be extremely strong and healthy, trust me!”

Julie prepared a glass of milk and handed it to Nathan, who took he glass and walked back to his room.

“Go to your room, honey. I’ll be right there!” Julie said to her son, as she watched him wander back.

“We have three other pregnant women on our street who are interested in this experiment!” Vincent grinned. “When these four children are born, they will be exceptionally healthy! All four of them!”

Julie and Vincent then sat down on the couch, with the TV set still showing the new broadcast.

“Are you sure you’re doing the right thing, giving us this… serum?” she asked him.

“Yes! I am absolutely sure it will work!” he smiled. “It’s the only way the serum will work! These children will be born with excellent health!”

“And… There are no other side effects?” she wondered.

He stared at her with a slight grin on his face.

“If the children are boys, then they will be stronger than all other boys! If they are girls, then they will be more developed than all other girls!” he grinned. “Either way, these children will be blessed from the day they are born!”

“When are you going to give us the serum?”

“Monday…. When the other ladies come over!” Vincent replied. “This will be the greatest experiment ever!”

Julie just stared at him with a smile on her face.

“Four wonderful children will grow up and thank me some day for the gift they are about to receive on Monday…” he whispered before he kissed her on the cheek. “I just wish I had created this serum six years ago then I could have given it to Nathan…”

“I’m sure Nathan’s little brother will protect him…” she smiled.

She knew, deep down, this would be in their future for their children…
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