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Rated: 18+ · Book · Romance/Love · #2021934
Prequel to beauty Of Segjustan
The Beauty Of Segjustan: Zero

Age Rating: 18 and over

Author’s statement
This is the saga of The Beauty Of Segjustan continued. It is set before the main narrative of the first one but after Areva and Balam have their incident with Jones in the flashback scene of the previous tale. Is saga the proper word? Heck maybe it isn’t but I like to describe it as a saga. Anyway , hope you have entertainment out of this tale and cheerio.



Scene 1
Curtains closed, curtains open.

Lights up

On stage is Balam and Aban. They wear normal everyday looking clothing.They stand to the left of the stage. They stand near Mikey who is in a straitjacket.

Mikey( To Balam and Aban) : Oh dudes! Please don’t do this man! I’ve got a family!
Aban takes out cigarette and lights it up and smokes it.

Balam( Ignoring Mikey and looking amused at Aban to Aban): Aban, Aban not to sound like your dear mother but why the fuck do you keep smoking that rubbish? It doesn’t even get you high!

Aban( To Balam) : Ah man! I’ve been trying to quit but I keep getting back at it!
Mikey: Please! Don’t do this! I’ll give ya money!

Balam( To Aban): You know, I like this place. It’s calming for my soul. A kind of place I would come to for some privacy.
Aban: Bit of a unrad place for me.

Balam: Unrad? Is that even a word? ( To Mikey): What were you saying just now about money?

Mikey: ( To Balam): I got money man! Let me live and I’ll give it to ya!
Balam(To Mikey): Okay chum! I’ll let you live!

Aban: Seriously dude!?
Mikey: Oh thanks! Oh thanks man!

Balam: Just joking! ( To Aban): Let’s get this chap down there with the underwater treasures, fishes and sexy mermaids!

Aban and Balam pick up Mikey and throw him off stage to the left.

Mikey screams. A splash is heard.

Balam( To off-stage): Au revoir amigo! Au revoir! Your beautiful sounds of despair are finally quietened! May archaeologists find you in the future and wonder if you were some bizarre human sacrifice!

Balam then laughs

Aban(Looking disturbed): Your fucked in the head you know?

Balam: Am I? I seem to be at home in this wonderful land of our corrupt ancestors! (Takes out a notebook and reads it) ah! Seems that was the last one for the night! I must say it has been a tremendously lovely night. Maybe we will get a power cut and we’ll get to see the stars!

Aban: You’re the only fella I know that actually likes those power cuts man.

Phone ringing.

Balam takes out a phone and answers it.

Balam( To phone): Yes? Ah I see! Good evening to you as well Mr Cuco sir! It is time sir! That is very good! Yes I accept sir! Thank you!

Balam finishes on the phone and places phone back into his pocket.

Balam: Aban, I have good news.

Aban: Wha?

Balam: We are finally getting initiated!

Aban: Really?

Balam: As fucking real as cocaine on a lady’s arse!

Lights down

Scene 2

Lights up

On stage is Areva. He is male and extremely feminine to such a degree that he can be easily mistaken for a woman. He wears nice woman clothing. He prepares make-up upon his face and is holding a small mirror. He has long hair.

Enter Areva’s mother. Her name is Manon. She wears normal woman clothing.

Manon: What are you doing Areva!
Areva( Doesn’t look at his mother): Hmm? Oh I’m applying make-up mama.

Manon: Why do you keep doing this to me Areva! You disappoint me!
Areva( Keeps applying make-up and looking at mirror): Life is full of disappointments mama.

Manon: What is it this time? Are you going out to buy more dresses?
Areva: No, I’m meeting up with a friend.

Manon: friend? You’ve told someone about your cross dressing?
Areva: No, a man I’ve gotten to know better.

Manon: A man? So why are you dressing up like a damned girl!
Areva( Stops looking at the mirror and looks at Manon): Oh yes! He is very handsome! He stopped me being attacked by an evil person and he wants to take me to dinner! I think it’s a date since he says he finds me attractive. Oh mama! Could you give me advice on how I should act? I’ve never been on one before.

Manon looks shocked then in anger.

Manon: I’ve had enough of this! Dressing up like a girl is one thing but going with a man! That is crossing the line boy! How old is he and what is his name!
Areva: He’s twenty two and his name is Balam Von Violenti. He’s soo sweet!

Manon( Looking surprised): Balam Von Violenti? The lunatic? The psychopathic bastard?
Areva: Mama!

Manon: What would people think! I’ve had people tell me that they’ve seen a girl walk around who looks like you! What would they think if they found out it was actually you! Oh God! What did I do wrong! Why are you tormenting me like this Areva? Stop cross-dressing and get back to being how you were!

Areva: I’m not doing this to hurt you mama. I-I wear women’s clothing because I want to be a woman. I’m living a lie when I wear clothing that boys wear. It-it doesn’t feel right! I stand there in school assembly in a boy’s uniform and I feel so out of place! I should be wearing the girl uniform not the boy’s! I’m a girl not a boy!

Manon: Nonsense! And why is this hooligan interested in you? He’s a bit old to ask you for dinner!
Areva: Oh mama! I’m eighteen! He’s only four years older!

Manon: What will he do to you when he finds out you are actually a boy?
Areva: He already knows. He realized right away it was me and he helped me! He told me that he has known a while that I dress up like a girl and that he accepts me as a girl! No not as a girl but as a woman!

Manon: How hideous! Men going with each other!
Areva: I’m not a man!

Manon slaps Areva across the face.

Manon: You will not go to this Balam! You will not go out dressed like that and you will not dress up like a girl anymore! You will grow out of this!

Areva( Looking defiantly at Manon): Why do you keep hitting me when you get angry mama!? You bully!

Areva grabs the handbag, puts the mirror and make-up in the bag and passes Manon. Areva leave stage to the left.
Manon looks saddened and then begins sobbing.

Lights down.

Scene 3

Lights up

On stage is a table and seats. It is prepared for a meal. On a seat is Balam. He is dressed in tuxedo. He looks nervous. Enter Areva from the left.

Areva nervously sits at the other end of the table.

Balam: Hello.

Areva: H-Hi. I-I’ve never done this before.
Balam: You’ve never had a meal at a restaurant before?

Areva: N-no! I’ve never done something like this before! You know with a man!
Balam: Cute.

Areva: Cute? I-I’m not cute!
Balam: Maybe I’m wrong. Not cute but pretty and sexy. Or am I being too forward?

Areva looks embarrassed. He looks down to the floor.

Areva: Oh you are teasing me now!
Balam: teasing and honesty are different things Areva.

Enter waiter. He gives them the menu.

Waiter( To Balam): Tonight we have the special turtle soup on offer and the new deluxe strawberry de le crème bleu Ice cream. What would you and the lady want for drinks Mr Balam?

Balam( To Waiter): I’d like water thank you ( To Areva) what would you like?

Areva: Water please.

Waiter( To both): I shall return with your drinks shortly.

Balam( To Waiter): Thanks man.

Waiter leaves to the right.

Areva: Did he know you?

Balam: Yeah, he’s chums with a friend of mine but I cannot remember his name.
Areva: Ah ok.

Balam: So, tell me about yourself.
Areva: hmm? Oh, well I work at a pet shop on weekends and I still go to school. I’m in my last year. I like watching television sometimes and I love reading.

Balam: Ah yes school. Never found it of any use to be honest. Do you like it?

Areva: In some ways yes. It has its good moments but also bad moments. I-I have friends there
Balam: It’s always good to have chums. What do you watch?

Areva: Sunday Walk Town and documentaries.
Balam: Sunday Walk Town? That soap set in that rich town with that chap that runs a caviar business?

Areva: yes, that one.

Balam: I watch that sometimes. I always wondered how the chap could run a caviar business.
Areava: Why is that?

Balam: He is so undisciplined and lazy. I have a theory that its actually his wife that runs the company.
Areva: Never thought about that. When I think about it, it makes sense.

Balam: what do you want to eat?
Areva(Looking at menu): I don’t know what half of these things are. Chicken deluke curry soup? Chin wing Joe? Oh hello! A banana salad with chicken! Must be a lot of western foods here!

Balam: My friend Aban likes western food but I’ve never been particularly fussy. Fork, chopsticks or hands, if I can eat I can eat. Do you like chopsticks?

Areva: yeah! I always use chopsticks
Areva takes out chopsticks from her handbag.

Areva: I think chopsticks are best! The food taste better than using a metal fork. When I cook I always give chopsticks to people not forks.

Balam: I’d like to try out your cooking sometimes.
Areva: Oh! Well I’m not very good! People only say they like my cooking to be nice to me!

Balam: I can judge your cooking for myself.

Lights down

Lights up.

Areva and Balam are at the table eating food.

Balam: So no one knows that you dress up like you are now in school?
Areva: No one at all! Not even my friends!

Balam: People have been speaking of a lady that looks very similar to you. They have been wondering if it’s a cousin of yours or a twin sister.
Areva: Oh how embarrassing!

Balam: It must be difficult being you. You, having to hide who you are most of the time. I assure you that I don’t see a man trying to be a woman, I see a woman. To me you are a broad, a dame.

Areva: Oh Balam! You’re so nice to me! Do you really like me?
Balam: Of course.

Areva: I find it hard in my heart to understand. Why would you like someone like me? Why me? There are so many normal girls out there you could have.

Balam: I remember the first time I saw you like you are now. You walked across the street in that summer dress. I was wondering who you were. I thought at first you were your sexy twin sister but then I realized if you had a sister I’d have seen her by now. We never really saw much of each other as kids but we know who we are. I was interested in you so I kept an eye out for the woman that I saw on the street that day. I followed you a few times to see where you’d go. I saw how you looked in the shops at the clothing and the shoes. You then started to buy high heels and would walk around in them. One day I saw that you saw a thief steal from an old woman and push her down and she was there on the floor in pain and you tried to stop him but he pushed you to the floor. I went after the thief and you helped the old girl.

Areva: It was you? You were the one that put the old woman’s handbag in my hand and then ran away? I-I didn’t know since you were wearing a

Balam: A mask aye. I took from the thief and gave it to you since I wanted to help you. You went to help that old woman even though that bastard could have hurt you.

Areva: What happened with you and the thief?
Balam: Nothing much. I just smacked him across the face with a rock with a rock and left him there on the floor.

Area: Oh ok. Y-you helped me then and you helped me when Jones was attacking me.

Balam: That was oddly enough a coincidence. I had just finished escaping from that riot and I wanted to see something pretty so I went to see if you were about your usual route and that was when I caught Jones attacking you.

Areva: Thanks for that Balam. I-I was so scared. I really thought he was going to kill me after he’d finished with me. He is so cruel.
Balam: Was. Anyway, I fell in love with who you are as I followed you around when you’d go on your walk.

Areva: That is so sweet.
Balam: I’d like you to get to know who I am. Would you be happy to do that?

Areva: Oh yes! Of course yes! That would be very nice!

Lights down

Scene 4

Lights up

Enter Areva and Balam from the right. They move quietly.

Areva(Quieter voice than usual): Mama is asleep right about now so be quiet or she’ll go crazy.
Balam( Quieter voice than usual): Why are we doing this then woman? I can see your bedroom another time.

Areva: But I like adventure! I’ll show you the kitchen and then the bedroom.
Balam: We could do this another time you stubborn woman.

Areva: The lady is always right. Now let’s carry on to the bedroom.

Lights down
Lights up

On stage is a bed. It is Areva’s room. There is a bookshelf with books. Beside the bookshelf there are many shoes and high heels. Areva sits on the bed. Balam is standing and inspecting the bookshelf. Both have taken off their shoes.

Areva: Can you sit beside me?

Balam sits beside Areva.

Areva: what do you think?
Balam: It’s a nice room I must say. You keep the room tidy. Many people don’t. I like your book collection, never knew you had a copy of the communist manifesto and paradise lost.

Areva: I hate mess, you can’t find what you need and it is unpleasant to look at. I’ve read the communist manifesto, never read such rubbish in my life and paradise lost was sad.

Both sit there quietly for a bit. Balam places his hand on Areva’s hand.

Areva looks nervous.
Balam places his arms around Areva. They kiss each other.

They continue kissing and caressing each other.

Areva: Oh Balam. Oh.

Balam places his hand on Areva’s chest.

Areva: D-do y-you mind that I have no breasts? I-It’s just padding I put into the bra.
Balam: You are fine as you are.

They continue kissing.

Areva gets off the bed and goes on his knees in front of Balam’s lap. Sound of zip being unzipped is heard. Areva’s head then begins to move up and down. Balam looks pleased and enjoys himself. This continues for a few minutes.

Sound of door suddenly being opened and Enter Manon.

Manon looks shocked.

Balam moves Areva back from him and zips up his trouser.

Areva( Surprised to Manon): Mama! You should knock!
Manon( In anger to Areva): You disgusting pig!

Manon hastily moves towards Areva and begins hitting him.

Areva( To Manon): I’m sorry mama! I’m sorry!

Balam intervenes and grabs Manon.

Manon( To Balam): Don’t touch me you bastard! You scumbag! You rotten devil!

Balam( To Manon): Calm down Mrs Tolzonka! Areva was- she was just admiring my trousers!

Manon: Bullshit! Get out of here! Get out you hooligan!

Balam(To Areva): I’ll call you.

Balam leaves to the right.

Manon( Shouting to the right to Balam): Don’t you call my son you scoundrel! I hope you trip and break your neck you shit!

Areva: Don’t say such horrible things mama!
Manon: And you!

Manon grabs Areva’s hair and pulls.

Manon: Your hair is too long!
Areva: You’re hurting me!

Manon goes over to under the bed and takes out a box.

Areva: Mama? What are you doing?

Manon take out scissors from the box.

Manon: You’re a boy not a girl so you shouldn’t have long hair!
Areva: No! I’m not cutting my hair! No!

Manon: I’m cutting it for you!
Areva: Please don’t!

Manon: I’ve let this get too far! I thought you’d grow out of this but you haven’t! What happened to you!? You were so normal!

Areva: I’ve never been normal! I’ve wanted to be a girl for so long. I don’t want to be a boy!

Manon slaps Areva.

Manon: You little beast! People like you go to hell! You cause me so much trouble!
Areva: I’m sorry mama!

Manon: Stay still now!

Areva begins crying.

Manon: Boys don’t cry! So stop crying!
Manon cuts Areva’s hair.

Areva: I like my hair!
Manon(As she cuts Areva’s hair): You only like your hair since it makes you look like a girl!

Areva: I am a girl!

Manon: You keep thinking that and we’ll see what the neighbourhood thinks of your stupidity! You think your friends will stay with you? You think your teachers will care if you’re a good student? No! They’ll say you’re a freak! I should have realized you’d end up like this! I should have stopped you playing with girl dolls when you were little! And this Balam hooligan! People have told me that he’s a crafty bastard! Never been arrested but is a criminal!

Areva: I-I love him!
Manon: Nonsense! You’ve hardly talked to him and he’ll just dump you after he’s had his fun!

Areva: H-he saved my life! H-h-he says he loves me!
Manon: How far have you gone with this boy! Is that what you do? Sleep around like a dirty little faggot!?

Areva: I-I’m a virgin mama. I’ve never had sex.
Manon: Humph! Seems that a blowjob is like a handshake these days!

Areva: I’m sorry about that! I always tell you to knock before you enter.
Manon: I come in to see if you have returned and what do I see! I see you doing such a thing to another man! I’ll have this fixed! No more nonsense! We’re getting rid of your shoes and dresses! I’ll sell them all!

Areva cries even louder.
Manon finishes cutting Areva’s hair.

Manon: There we have it! You look much better! You look more like a boy now!

Manon puts the scissors back in the box and places it under the bed.

Manon: Don’t you worry Areva. I’ll have you fixed and you’ll be normal again.

Areva looks miserably at the hair. He holds the cut hair with his hands.

Manon: Go to bed. You have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow.

Manon leaves stage to the right.

Lights down.

Scene 5
Lights up

On stage is Balam and Aban. They are in normal every day clothing. Five men are tied up and on their knees in a row in front of Aban and Balam. The men are blindfolded. Balam is inspecting a gun.

Aban: So you’re saying that the mom walked in on you both as the daughter had your bishop in her mouth?
Balam: Aye. That is what happened. I just hope she’s fine. She’s a very nice lady.

Aban: About time as well you creepy fucker. You followed that broad around for ages before you had the balls to ask her out.
Balam: Shyness is part of my personality it seems. ( To men who are tied up) Alright you friendly fellows! It’s time for you to leave here!

Balam shoots all the men.

Aban: Do you think she’ll call?
Balam: Definitely.

Aban: Wha makes you so sure?
Balam: Because she knows that I love her. Okay, let’s get these chaps in the graves.

Aban: Finally! Fuck it took ages to dig that hole!
Balam: A good exercise that it was.

Balam looks at the second dead man from the left.

Balam: Do you ever wonder what it is like to be in that situation? On your knees and wondering if you really are going to die? Wonder what this chap last thoughts were? Did he think about his wife? His kids? His pet hamster?

Aban: Fuck man. You getting too heavy for me man.
Balam: Heavy? My ramblings are too heavy for you? We just killed five chaps or “dudes” as you’d call them and it is my curiosity that gets too heavy for you?

Aban: You killed them man.
Balam: I gave the finishing blow but you helped capture them so thus you are just as responsible as me. It is all technicalities anyway. I don’t feel a damn thing when I kill.

Aban: No shit.
Balam: In fact I enjoy killing, not in this way of course. A gun is a bit too modern for my taste. My favourite flavour is a knife or baseball bat. Heck maybe some barbed wire! Anyway, let’s get this job done with.

Lights down

Scene 6

Lights up
On stage is Areva. He is dressed in male school uniform. Sitting beside him is Isabella. She is in female school uniform. They sit at seats at a table and are doing school work. Areva sits there with his legs open.

Isabella: So yer saying ye cut yer hair ta have a change like?
Areva: Yes. I wanted a change. Long hair I think doesn’t suit me that well. I look like a damned hippie.

Isabella: Oh you are soo prejudiced!

Enter Peter from right.

Peter( To Areva): Yo! How are ya ma homie!
Areva( To Peter): Yo ma dawg!

Areva and Peter make a complicated hand shake.

Isabella( Rolling eyes to herself): Boys!
Peter( To Isabella): Ah! But Areva and I ain’t boys were men!

Isabella chortles.

Peter(To Areva): Heard you cut your hair dude!
Areva: Yeah. I’m thinking I’ll attract more pussy this way!

Isabella( To Areva): eew! You horny beast!
Areva( To Isabella): us men need women!

Peter: Correctomundo that you are! I got ta get going and do that work on history in! It’s a right bitch!

Peter leaves to the left.

Isabella: That dog!
Areva: Poor son of a bitch can’t find a girl to take him to the dance.

Isabella: Oh god like! I haven’t found anyone ta take me either like! Wha about you?
Areva: I’m not going.

Isabella: Wha! You nuts!? Why not! You should really, really go like! Its only one in school we ever get tha dance night!
Areva: Sounds boring.

Isabella: But it’s not! Ma sister went ta it and she said it was all colourful and everybody had soo much fun! Do go please! I’ll ask Sarah ta take ya!

Areva: Sarah? I’ll think about it.
Isabella: Oh yeah! Tha will be great-

Lights concentrate on Areva. He closes his legs and takes a feminine posture. Isabella stays still.

Areva( To audience): This is soo not fair! I hate having to act like this! Oh I’m so jealous of Isabella! She can act like she wishes to! Oh how I want to wear her dress! I hate putting this act on in front of everybody! I hate girls asking me out! I want men! No! Not men! I want Balam! He knows and so does mama. She hates me! B-but Balam doesn’t! H-he says he likes me. Oh that thing I did for him! Oh how embarrassing! He must think I’m a slut! Oh what does he think of me? Oh my Balam! Oh I’m getting excited now so better calm down!

Lights concentrate on stage. Isabella moves again.

Isabella: Like!

Enter Nat and Tanya from the right.

Nat( To Areva): How’s it going Arevmeister!
Areva( To Nat): Good my man!

Tanya( To Areva): Why you sitting like that Ar?
Areva(Going into male posture to Tanya): Got a bit excited when I saw you!

Isabella and Tanya(To Areva): ewww!
Nat: You sex maniac! Get in there dawg!

Areva places his work into his bag.
Areva(To everyone): I’ve got to get going. I got to be very busy tonight with the church events. See you later dude and dudettes!

Tanya: Bye.
Isabella: Ta ta babes.

Nat: See ya homie.

Areva leaves to the right.

Isabella (To Tanya and Nat): I asked him ta go out with Sarah to tha dance.
Tanya (To Isabella): Cool idea sistah! Sarah and he is a good match yo!

Nat ( To Isabella): I don’t know, Areva’s a great dude but just sticking to one lass ain’t something I can see him doing. I heard that the horny bastard slept with three women all at once last week!

Tanya ( To Nat): I heard that! What do you think of that woman people have seen that looks like Areva?
Isabella( To Nat and Tanya): Those are just bullcrap from people like!

Lights down.

Scene 7
Lights up.

On stage is Areva. He looks gloomy and sits at a bench beside his schoolbag, he is still in male uniform.
Enter Balam from the right. He sits beside Areva. Areva looks at Balam and gives a sad smile. He has a male posture.

Balam: It is a bit strange seeing you dressed like that. Why are you sitting like that? You look ridiculous. I see that you had a haircut. You look quite tasty with short hair.

Areva: Mama forced me to have my hair cut. I miss my hair. I grew it long so I could be comfortable but I had to pretend to be a bit of a character to convince people that my hair was to look like a “surfer dude” so I could get some pussy.

Balam laughs.

Balam: That is amusing!

Areva( Areva looking annoyed and pouting and taking a female posture and closing his legs): Humph! It’s not funny!
Balam: You are sitting like you should now. Guess you cannot always keep the act up?

Areva: I try my best! No one in school, know what I’m truly like.
Balam: Difficult doing that every day.

Areva: y-yes it is. I’m being forced to go to church from now on. Mama told the church about me. Oh Balam m-maybe she’s right? It’s not normal for me to act like this! My body is a boy and I can’t be a girl. M-maybe it’s better that we don’t see each other anymore?

Balam: You smell like a girl, act like a girl and you even look as pretty as a girl. Sorry to say but what you just said was a load of shit. Tell them to piss off! If the church folk want to make you into something you are not they should fuck off!

Balam moves closer to Areva and holds him. Areva struggles.

Areva: L-let me go! We-we’re in public! Someone might see!
Balam: Sorry Areva, but to put it in simple terms I don’t give a damn what others think of us.

Balam kisses Areva. Areva struggles for a bit and weakly pushes Balam. Areva kisses Balam back for a bit but then bites Balam on the lips.
Balam lets Areva go. Areva runs off stage to the left.

Balam( Amused and looking at the blood on his finger after touching his lips with finger): You even run like a girl you silly woman.

Lights down.

Lights up
On stage is Areva. He is in his bedroom sitting on the bed. He looks breathless.

Areva licks his lips.

Areva: His blood. I-I can taste it. Oh Balam I had to! I-I didn’t want to but I’d get in trouble with mama if anyone saw us together and told her! Oh Balam I want to kiss you again b-but I shouldn’t! Mama will be angry if she finds out!

Areva wipes the blood away.

Enter Manon. She has a bag with women clothing and shoes.

Manon: Well, get dressed and we’ll go to church then.
Areva: Okay mama.

Manon holds Areva.

Manon: Ah my son, we’ll have you fixed in no time! I’m so proud of you! You are doing the right thing!
Areva: It is painful though.

Manon: I know it is but it must be done. We’ll cleanse you of your cross-dressing habits.
Areva: Okay Mama I’ll do my best.

Lights down.

Scene 8
Lights up.

On stage is Church members. They sit at seats. They all wear nice clothing. Balam is dressed the same.
The Church members moan and chant in ecstasy.

Balam: Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Receive the blessings of the lord brother and sisters! Cleanse us of our sins! Yee ha!

Church members continue shouting hallelujah and moaning in ecstasy.
Balam moans with them in the act.

Enter Manon and Areva from the left. They are holding hands.

Manon: Praise the lord! Praise the lord our creator!

Areva then drops to the floor on his knees and moves his head about.

Areva: oh! Oh! Ah! Oh! Hallelujah!
Balam: Hail the creator! May he bless us all!
Manon: Yes! Yes! Yes! Hallelujah!

Congregation: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Cleanse us of our sins!
Balam: Like a shepherd guide us to you oh Master!
Areva: Oh yes! Yes! YES!
Manon: Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Congregation leader Ezekiel stands up.

Ezekiel( To congregation): Our meeting shall now begin! Let us first greet brother Balam into our midst!

Manon sees Balam and gasps in shock.

Areva looks surprised.

Balam( To congregation): Nice to meet you fellow Christians!

Balam looks at Manon and smiles.
Manon looks at Balam and looks as if she is attempting to control her rage.

Areva( To Manon): Mama you are holding me too tightly.
Manon(To Areva): Sorry lad.

Manon stops holding Areva’s hand.
Areva smiles at Balam.

Areva( To Balam): Nice to meet you Mr Balam.
Balam(To Areva): Balam is fine Mr Areva.

Areva: oh no Areva is just fine!

Ezekiel( To Balam): Beware Areva here! He may seem like a normal lad but he has been cursed!
Balam( To Ezekiel): Oh the tragedy! What has this poor soul been cursed with!

Ezekiel( To Balam): The curse of sodomy!

The congregation gasps.

Balam( To everyone): The horror! The horror!
Areva( To everyone): I-I’m not a sodomite!

Ezekiel( To Areva): You claim not to have participated in the foul delights of sodomy yet your dear mother discovered you with a man’s member in your mouth!

Congregation gasps in shock and horror.

Congregation woman( To Areva): Oh Areva! The temptation of the flesh has led you astray brother!
Balam( To Areva): Oh Areva! Who is this dastardly tempter that placed his organ upon your mouth!

Areva( To Balam): It was my fault not his! I placed it in my mouth! I-I wished to please him!

Congregation gasps in horror.

Balam: Your beautiful joyous mouth pleased this chap in such a tremendously sinful way! Oh the blasphemous joy he must have felt as your mouth pleasured his dastardly crotch!

Ezekiel( To Balam): Indeed brother! ( To Areva) What blasphemous and sinful joy you and this demon participated in!

Areva( To Ezekiel): I-I’m sorry!
Ezekiel( To Areva): Do not apologise to me astray brother! Apologise to your Creator!

Areva: I repent! Oh I repent for my sins oh Creator! Cleanse me of my sins!
Ezekiel: oh cleanse this sinner oh lord.

Congregation: Cleanse Areva Tolzonka of his sins. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Ezekiel holds Areva’s head in his hands.

Ezekiel( To Areva): With the touching of the hands I say be gone oh temptation and sin! Be gone!

Lights down.

Scene 9
Lights up
On stage is Balam. He is standing near a young woman.

Woman: Oh Mr Balam do come to Bible study group!
Balam: Sorry, I can’t since I’ve got work on that day miss.

Woman: Oh such a shame but do turn up to church every Sunday please!
Balam: Aye. I’ll do that.

Woman: I’m going back to the church now. See you later Mr Balam.
Balam: See you later also Miss.

Woman leaves stage to the right.
Enter Manon from the right looking angry.

Manon: You devil!

Balam turns around and pretends to look for a devil.

Balam: Where is this devil! We must stop it possessing someone!
Manon: Bastard!

Balam turns around to face Manon again.

Balam: That is foul language coming from a Christian lady like you.
Manon: You bloody sodomite! You dare corrupt my Areva and you have the arrogance to turn up to church like this and deceive them! How did you find out we go to this church!?

Balam: I’ve known for a while Areva goes to this church. Nice communion bread by the way.
Manon: You are a psychopath! I know what you are really like! I know you are very good at deceiving people that you are a decent man but I know you are a devil in plain sight!

Balam: Now that hurts me! Calling your daughter’s boyfriend a devil? Madame, are you not being a little bit harsh?

Manon: I have a son not a daughter you worthless monkey! Do not approach my son again!

Manon walks off stage to the right.
Balam looks at the way Manon went.

Enter Areva from the right.

Areva: Balam why are you here?! I saw mama enter just now. She looked angry!
Balam: I knew what church you went to and decided to see what it was like.

Areva: That’s just the first session.
Balam: Then I shall hopefully be at more sessions for your “cleansing”.
Areva: I-it’s strange but it was sort of nice having you there. It was good to see you again. Shame about my clothes though, all are getting sold at the church sale.

Balam: I have an idea.
Areva: What is it?
Balam: It is a surprise.

Areva: Oh I don’t like surprises! Do tell me Balam what your idea is!
Balam: I’ll take you out on Saturday. I’ll take you to some places.
Areva: Oh I don’t know. Mama would say no.

Balam: Tell her you are going to the cinema.
Areva: She’ll ask who I’m going with.
Balam: Then tell her you are going with a female friend.

Areva: I-I don’t want to lie to her.
Balam: No lie, I’ll just bring my sister along and we’ll go to the cinema.
Areva: Y-you have a sister?

Balam: Aye.
Areva: I’ve never seen here before.
Balam: She lives with my mother. My parents divorced when we were young and I lived with my uncle but he died last year so I’m on my own at the moment.

Areva: Oh, what about your papa?
Balam: Ah he’s busy with work most of the time. Anyway my sister is coming over this week. You’ll like her, she is a bit bratty but a good kid. She’s seventeen now.
Areva: Humph! I’m only a year older so am I bratty?

Balam: No, I find you womanly. If we were somewhere else I’d kiss you.
Areva (Embarrassed): Oh! Someone might hear you!

Balam: I’ll call you when it is time for us to go out on Saturday. My sister’s name is Lily.
Areva: Okay, I’ll see you then.

Lights down

Scene 10
Lights down

On stage is, Balam and Cuco. Cuco is an old man and is bearded. Cuco is in a business suit whilst Balam is in normal clothing. They have guns and are shooting to the left.

Cuco( Off-stage to left): Come on you fucking bastards I’ll have you for supper!
Balam( To Cuco): Sir, I would advise you to get out of here while I slow them down!
Cuco( To Balam): No heroics you fool! If you want to be a martyr then get yourself killed somewhere else! ( To Left): Aha you cunt! Got you!

Cuco is shot in the belly. He drops the gun and falls to the floor.
Balam grabs Cuco and drags him off stage to the right.

Enter two criminals from the left shooting to the right.

Lights down.
Lights up.

On stage is Areva in male clothing. He is with Nat. There are other people.
Two people are in middle of a rap song.

Person 1: Yo! Yo! Yo! I ain’t got no hands so I am a nigga with no digga yo!
Person 2: If yo not have digga then don be a sasquatch for I ain’t got no Squash yo!

Enter Balam and Cuco from the right.

Balam( waving gun around to people): Get the hell out of here you hip hop loving maggots!

People run off-stage to the left. Areva is the only one that stays.

Areva( To Balam): Balam?
Cuco( To Balam): I fucking hate hip hop.
Balam( To Areva): Areva? What the hell are you doing here woman!?

Cuco: Damn! You’ve finally lost your mind young man!
Areva( To Balam): Forget why I’m here! What has happened to this old man!?
Cuco( To Areva): I’m not that old, lad!

Balam( To Areva): Look after him!

Balam leaves stage to the left.

Cuco(To Balam): Fool!
Areva: What is going on old man?

Cuco: My name is Cuco not old man. Areva was it? Listen boy, there are serious scoundrels here, they’re after Balam and I ,and they want to send us to hell. Since Balam is most likely dead you must help me get a phone.

Areva: Balam dead!? No! I-I can’t let that happen!

Areva gives Cuco his mobile phone.

Areva leaves stage to the right.

Cuco: Where are you going now lad!?You idiot! What can you do!?

Lights down

Scene 11
Lights up

On stage is a dead body. A gun is on the ground near the dead body. One man is fighting with Balam. Balam and the criminal struggle. Balam bites his opponent’s ears and attempts to knee the criminal in the groin. The criminal manages to gain an advantage and frees himself from Balam. The criminal rushes to the gun.

Criminal( Picking up the gun): Listen ya shithead! If ya tell me where the Cuco went I won’t cap yo ass man!
Balam: Don’t kill me man! Oh please don’t man! Oh no!

Criminal: Tell me then fool before I cap you!
Balam: He went left, right, left, around the corner and down avenue lane, then past a tavern and entered the toilets. After I got him through the toilets I put him on the toilets.

Criminal: So he hiding in the toilets?
Balam: Oh aye.

Enter Areva from left. He is carrying a metal bar. The criminal does not notice.

Balam( To Criminal): So what do you say man? How about we be chums?

Areva smacks the criminal over the back of the head.

The criminal falls to the floor unconscious. Areva keeps smacking the criminal. He keeps smashing the bar into the criminal’s head. Bone crunching is heard.

Areva( To Criminal): Die! Die! Die! Die demon!

Areva screams madly, blood splatters over the place.

Balam stands up. Lights concentrate on Balam. Areva stops moving.

Balam( To Audience): Fucking hell! I saw Areva approach from behind but I never thought she’d be able to actually hit the fellow! I never knew Areva had such fury in her! How wonderful! How gorgeous! The way she is smacking his head in with such passion! Oh this woman is a beauty! A goddess of violence! Damn! Not just a fine personality and a fine ass but a damn good ultra-violence as well! (Leering at Areva in lust) I could grab that ass right now and give it some loving! What a lucky chap I am to have such a passionate woman!

Lights concentrate on stage again. Areva moves again.

Areva: Die! Die! Die! Fucking demon!

Areva screams insanely at the dead body and drops to his knees. He is covered in blood.

Areva: You dare try and kill Balam you satan! How dare you!

Areva breathes heavily and tiredly. He places the metal bar on the floor besides him.

Areva( To Balam): I-I-I love you! I-I-I don’t care what anyone says! I love you! Oh God I love you so much!

Lights down

Scene 12
Lights up

On stage is, Balam and Areva. They sit on seats. They have cleaned themselves up. Areva sits at the seat in a feminine posture.

Areva: W-what is this place Balam? Shouldn’t we take Mr Cuco to the hospital?
Balam: No. That is an obvious place so they might target the place.
Areva: Oh ok.

They both sit there quietly for half a minute. Areva then begins to cry.

Balam: What is wrong?
Areva( Sobbing): I-I-I’ve killed someone! Oh Balam! P-please hold me!

Balam holds Areva close to him. Areva cries in Balam’s arms.

Balam(Placing his hand on Areva’s head): You had to do it. If you hadn’t I’d be dead. You saved my life.
Areva: I know but I feel so bad for doing what I did.
Balam: It was shocking aye but things will get better for you. Don’t you worry, I’ll be there for you.

Areva: I-I can’t believe I could do such a thing.
Balam: We all have a capacity to kill darling.
Areva( Sniffling) : Darling? You want to call me darling?

Balam: Why not I say. You are my darling.
Areva: That’s very nice. So nice and warm for me since, you’re the one calling me darling. I don’t know how to say this but I really do love you. I know it is a bit quick and you must think I’m a slut for what I did on that night but I do love you. I don’t feel so scared with you.
Balam: You are not a slut. Do not say such things about yourself. You are my woman.

Areva: I like that, being your woman. I have to warn you though I have a jealous streak.
Balam: Shame. No mistresses for me then.
Areva( Smiling): No, no mistresses at all. I’d be really bitchy about that sort of thing.

Balam: No need to worry then since your enough for me woman.

Areva moves over to Balam’s seat and sits on Balam’s lap.

Areva: Just hold me. I don’t want to be alone tonight at all. I keep seeing what I did. Please, just be close to me.
Balam: Yes, I’ll look after you.

Balam holds Areva and they both sit at the seat silently. Areva looks comforted by Balam’s touch. Areva closes his eyes and seems to be falling asleep.

Lights down

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