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A compilation of verse and prose
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}The view

The view from my window
a wonderful sight
Morning noon or night

The trees can be seen
Their leaves are
A luscious green
On their branches
The blossoms are bright

Across the garden fence,
A sunflower peeps through]
And it’s taller than me or you

In the distance fields
The farmer's seed he sows
And his crops grow
Row by row.

In the evening
When the sun goes down
And the clouds go drifting by
Darkness falls
Then stars light up the sky


And the sky is turning black

The branches on the tree are Bare

And there is no one to be seen anywhere

There all indoors keeping warm

Log fires and slippers on

Curled in their favourite chair

No sign of darkness any where 


The snow is in the ground
And tree tops sparkle and white
A new day has adorned
Baby Jesus has just been born

Hush my child do not fret
Up in the sky
A star
Will guide mankind to where you are

Children's toys on the floor
It's too cold to play outdoors
Mama is in the kitchen
Preparing the festive spread
All her favourite recipes are in her head

The Christmas tree in the corner
Stands sparkly and looking grand
All of these things we do on Christmas day
To welcome Jesus into our homes to stay.

The Mill
The old mill still stands

Its propellers no longer go
And all around the weeds do grow

Orange sky up above

The mill stands all aglow

Lights up the history

When once it was working long ago

And the propellers round and round would go


Run Run Run Your Work Is Done

A picture of beauty

What a sight

Standing tall

Black as night

A coat that shines

And then he whines

In the field the horse stands

A powerful figure

And looking grand

Enjoy the freedom

Your working days are over

Your retirement just began

Run run with all you might

A powerful sight is the horse

With his coat as black as night 


The waterfall

I walk along the path

That leads to the waterfall

In autumn with winds that gently blow

The gentle breeze in your hair

And branches on the trees will soon be bare

The colours of nature all around

And the beauty is magnified

With the roaring sound

As the water falls over rock on to the ground’s


I remember

I wander by the old oak tree
Me my husband and me and family
I see your initials on the tree
And I remember
When it was just you and me

On the branch we would swing
Over the river
And sometimes fall in
The memories come flashing back
And reality stop me in my tracks

I have a husband
You have a wife
But as I pass the old Oak tree
A little spark returns to me


Click click 123
Wherever you be
you will find my camera and me
click click click
Pictures one two three

Pictures of rivers
or a tree
And even a picture of me
click click click
One two three

at a wedding
I clicked the bride to be
and a car in flames
the picture I claimed
Click click click
Once again

wherever I be you will hear
Click click
one two three


The Dream

I had a dream last night

Not the kind

That gives you a fright

This dream was like a story book

To read the pages

Peep inside and take a look

In a little red house

Far inside the woods

Lived the fairy Queen

She wore a dress

One half red

The other half green

A handsome Prince by her side

Her soldier

He guards his bride

Fairies and elves all reside

Inside a giant mushroom they hide

A turtle dove

To pledge there love

Now go to bed and dream this book

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