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by Dr. D
Rated: 13+ · Book · Action/Adventure · #2091655
When your godlike family betrays you, how to you seek revenge?
This idea originated from a conversation Georgianna Klippert started on March 2nd where Georgie shared a story with me. She made a comment on after that she was asked to write a backstory to a game a friend of hers was writing. So she sent me the draft of her back story for the game of a city and a Goddess called Morvana. After I read it on Friday 3/4/16 I was thinking about it and was looking at Spotify, Women of Indie series looking for inspiration. I found Sarah Hartmans “Monster Lead Me Home”. Well I came up with a back story to her backstory to possibly flesh it out a bit more but the song haunted me. I was thinking that that would be an amazing game character that had a spirit monster associated with him/her that would appear as needed to assist the “hero”. Well my backstory led to a character: the wife of one of the “god like” Overlords . She may even have been one of the most powerful, yet she sided with the enemy and was trapped and sentenced to die in a zone of unreality that would eventually collapse on itself and kill her. I had that she became somehow rescued by the “enemy”. But my mind keep coming back to the Song and I envisioned that for the hero the monster would become attached to her and would progress with the games and become more material over time as the character gets leveled up and gains more items. I then connected the two and a new story was born.

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