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Andrew Champion is given a special project, partnered with the geekiest girl in school
Andrew Champion is tasked with a special "free-will" project for school, and has been dealt a bad hand with the four-eyed, eccentric Tarah Reichardt as a partner. With disapproving friends in the wings, can he buckle down to the task and get this project finished?

A shot of Andy/Tarah, from "Different and Cool."

"It's going to pupate in about two days, you see. Then it'll be able to fly around the flowers, with bright blue wings. But I think it's great now, too."

"Just from watching it go up the wall, huh?"

"Oh, it's really neat! It's always trying to get ready for the next stage of development. Even if you can't fly, you can always run!"

-Tarah and Andy, on metamorphosis
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Monday 25.93k
Chapter 2 Tuesday 21.83k
Chapter 3 Wednesday 42.27k
Chapter 4 Thursday 49.83k
Chapter 5 Friday 6.86k
Chapter 6 EXTRA - Over Coffee and Cake 11.34k

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