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Rated: E · Book · Children's · #2125426
Patricia is eight years old. Oh and there's a grape tree in her garden.
Meet Patricia, a young girl with a big imagination. She is bubbly, bright and loves her teddybear, Fotso. Follow Patricia's adventures as she navigates the tricky yet intensely rewarding adventure that is childhood. Embrace the varioius challenges and successes that she comes across as she makes her way through life with her family and friends. I hope you enjoy reading this mini-book as much as I loved writing it.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 1: Where's my teddy? 4.26k
Chapter 2 2: Hurry up! 4.32k
Chapter 3 3: Gardening Etiquette 4.37k
Chapter 4 4: How much is that doggy in the window? 4.13k
Chapter 5 5: An unexpected surprise 6.34k
Chapter 6 6: A visit from the tooth fairy 5.50k
Chapter 7 7: What time is it? 3.17k
Chapter 8 8: School's out forever 4.03k
Chapter 9 9: Summer Camp highlights 4.01k
Chapter 10 10: Piano Lessons 4.14k
Chapter 11 11: An Unexpected Visit 4.95k

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