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Rated: 18+ · Book · Satire · #2134276
Christian High School Kids in a Politically Correct Community
Chapter 1

The Homecoming Dance at Chanitok High had ended around 9PM, on the second Saturday night in October. About 4 hours later a car pulled up and stopped at the curb outside a suburban home, in the Long Island community of Chanitok; about 35 miles east of New York City. The right rear door of the vehicle opened, and 16 year old Gwen Sandrell climbed out. She stood on the front walk and waved good-bye, as the car pulled away.

Now Gwen turned around heading up the walk to her house, where the kitchen light shone through the window.

Mom’s waiting up to scold me for being late, she thought.

She walked past a sign on the lawn which said,

Vote for Irene Sandrell
For Town Council

This has been one very busy day and night for me, the girl thought.

Gwen’s mother, Irene Sandrell was the Inclusive Party Candidate for a seat on the Chanitok Town Council. That morning she’d brought Gwen along with her, while attending the opening of the new Chanitok Abortion Clinic. Reverend John Cabell, the Pastor of her own Church, had spoken the benediction.

Gwen’s mother told her. “This is why I want you to always be sexually responsible, and never have sex with any boy, unless he’s using a condom. I don’t want you or your sister to ever be in need of the services provided here.”

“No problem Mom. I never have sex with any boy, until I’m sure he’s got one wrapped on good and tight.”

That afternoon, Gwen had also accompanied her mother to the Church where Pastor Cabell performed a Gay Marriage Ceremony. Irene Sandrell, the Inclusive Party Candidate, wanted to be seen endorsing the event. Gwen had been reluctant to attend.

‘”It’s just too gross Mom.” She’d explained earlier at home. “It’s all so perverted and unnatural.”

Her mother had frowned.

“Who told you that? The woman asked. “Who gave you the idea that gay sex is unnatural?”

“Nobody had to tell me that.” Her daughter said, “It’s just so obvious. Whenever I have sex with a boy, our parts always fit together just right, very snug, comfortable, and natural. Whatever gay people do with their parts, there’s just no place where they’re meant to go.”

“Don’t repeat that.” Her mother warned. “If anyone hears you saying that, you might be accused of making an anti-gay slur, which is in violation of a local town ordinance; for which you might have to pay a twenty-five hundred dollar fine.”

“I’ve heard of that Mom; but it’s unconstitutional. It’s in violation of everyone’s freedom of speech. I didn’t say anything that isn’t true.”

“Just go along with it Gwen, at least until after Election Day.”

After the wedding, Gwen and her mother had come home. After supper, Mrs. Sandrell left to attend another campaign event; so she couldn’t be there to meet Gwen’s date Jimmy, when he’d arrived to escort her daughter to the Homecoming Dance.

Now, four hours after the Dance ended, Gwen walked through the front door, with a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye. She found her mother waiting up for her.

“Hi Mom!”

Mom said, “While It’s true that I am a ‘sexually permissive’ parent Gwen, it’s still almost 1 o’clock in the morning.”

“Sorry Mom.” The girl laughed. “I was very sexually active tonight, and the activity was very vigorous. I just forgot all about the time.”

The woman said. “You didn’t have to tell me that. From that look on your face girl, I get the impression that once the Dance ended, you didn’t stay in that dress for very long?”

“I sure didn’t Mom.” She grinned. “Jimmy and I were doing the good old horizontal dance, vigorously.”

Her mother told her. “I loved doing that dance myself, when I was a High School girl.”

“There was no music, but we had great rhythm and a good beat.” Gwen laughed, “We spent the last few hours horizontal, laughing and talking dirty. ‘Using dirty words as words of love’.”

“I loved all of that too.”

“He also said he wants to be my steady boyfriend. I told him I’d think it over, and let him know on Monday.”

“Now,” her mother told her, “I suppose that’s what you’d call a ‘really good date’. I’m glad you had a good time; and I’m glad to know you always practice safe sex.”

“You don’t have to worry about that Mom.

“’What every girl should be doing
While engaging in screwing;
So the slutty, skanky, bimbo ho,
Won’t bring on herself, any woe.”

“It’s a relief to know that my daughter‘s a responsible young woman; but it is getting late, and I want you to get a good night sleep. I want us all to be ready in the morning, so we can get to Church on time.”

‘I’m sorry Mom.” Her daughter laughed, “But after all that, there’s no way I’m gonna get any sleep tonight at all.”

“I thought you might feel that way, but you are a member of the Youth Choir. You attended practice on Thursday night.”

“But I’m just not gonna be in any shape for it Mom.”

The woman sighed, “All right, but I don’t know what I’m gonna tell people about why you’re not there.”

Gwen asked her, “Would it be okay if I stay home and just turn on the TV and watch one of those Fundamentalist Preachers?”

Her mother sighed again. “Okay. I understand; but whatever you do, don’t tell anybody that you watched a Fundamentalist Preacher instead, for God sake. It’d be just too embarrassing.”

At 8 o’clock the following morning, Gwen stepped into the kitchen, where her mother and 13 year old sister Sarah were already seated at the breakfast table. When she sat down, Sarah smirked at her, and chanted with a laughing tone.

“Gwen and Jimmy,
Under a tree.

Her older sister told her, “We were not under a tree. We were on a bed in a Motel room; a safe and private place; unlike the backseat of a car in a parking lot.”

The girl still smirked. “Let’s see.

“Gwen and Jim
In a motel room…hmmm?

“I’m not sure. What rhymes with ‘room’?” She though it over. “How about ‘f-you-know-what-i-n-BOOM!’

Their mother said, “It’s nice to know I have such a clever daughter.

“Listen Sarah.” She now spoke seriously to the younger girl. “Next year you’ll be entering 9th Grade. That’s probably when you’ll start having sex with boys yourself. When you do, I want you to always be careful like Gwen is. Never, and I repeat, never engage in unprotected sex. Always use something to protect yourself from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.”

“You don’t have to worry about that Mom. I have no intention of ever being careless about that.”

“Good. Just one more thing. Make sure you know how to use it properly.”

“I already do Mom.” The girl told her, “About two weeks ago in biology class, they showed an ‘educational’ porno flick. It actually showed how to put a condom on a guy properly, and how to use it properly, once it’s on. Then they handed out condoms to all the boys, and IUDs, birth control pills, and morning after pills, to all the girls in the class.”

Her mother said, “I am among the members of the School Board, who voted to have the Schools in this District, teaching an Inclusive Curriculum. Part of that curriculum, includes the running of that film; along with the free distribution of condoms and all those other devices.

“I thoroughly approve of that. I think sexual intercourse is an activity that every upper grade Middle School and High School student should know how to engage in, safely and responsibly.”

Gwen asked, “How did you feel about seeing that flick Sarah?”

The girl pouted, “I wish we didn’t need to use condoms.”

“That’s what we all wish girl,” Gwen sighed. “But be sure you always use them anyway.”

“Oh I am.”

“You are? Her mother asked, “Not you ‘will be’?’”

The girl nodded. “Like I said, they handed out condoms and all the other stuff to us. Then that day after school, I responsibly practiced putting a condom on a boy from my class, in the back seat of a car, in the School’s parking lot. I made sure he had it wrapped on properly first. Then, it was only after I was sure about that, that we used it, in the way that it was meant to be used.”

Gwen asked, “Does that have your ‘thorough approval’ Mom?”

“Not entirely. While I ‘thoroughly approve’ of both my daughters being sexually responsible, I don’t approve of anyone having sex in a back seat. In the Middle School’s parking lot?”

Sarah informed her, “A lot of kids do Mom; safely and responsibly.”

Gwen smiled. “That’s right Mom. My little sister here’s had her very first f-you-know-what-i-n-g.”

Sarah corrected her, “That’s ‘very first f-you-know-what-i-n-g- s ’.” She said proudly, “Plural.”

Now Gwen teased her sister back.

“Sarah got, you know what
In a back seat,
By her first boyfriend;
Who was studly and sweet.”

Sarah sat up fully erect and spoke proudly. “I am now a complete woman.”
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