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by Bmao
Rated: 13+ · Book · Fantasy · #2146824
Adopted from an interactive story, this epic tale is told from the eye of a dragon
This story is a novelized adaptation of an interactive story: "Dragon: An Interactive Adventure, and credit goes to Shalion for the original idea. He has given me permission to post the main storyline into novelized form. Interactive stories unfortunately have a poor reputation on writing.com, but I hope to be able to share a story of dragons, magic and fantasy with you all.



In the land of Nod, dragon kind has risen to pre-eminence over the various humanoid races, who have brought a time of peace, growth and prosperity to a once fractious land. For nearly 3,000 years, the Holy Knights of Nod have held the peace, more or less, to the best of their ability. A fearsome union between two castes, once bitter enemies, the Holy Knights are a combination between humans, elves, dwarves, orcs and the other 'humanoid' races and the nearly as varied breeds of majestic dragon. Together, they found power greater than each other alone. While the formation of the Holy Knights ended a bloody conflict that had lasted the span of time itself, their reign has not been without strife. There have been many who have come to envy and fear the prosperity of Nod. The Armani Troll invasion of 300 years ago is still in potent living memory of many dragons and a few long lived elves and dwarves. The brutal trolls have been pushed back to the unmapped jungles of Southern Nod, but differences remained between dragon kind, who while they were more dominant than ever, they continued to squabble over petty differences. More recently, a civil conflict between chromatic and metallic skinned dragons broke some 80 years now past, resulting in the deaths of many dragons and many orphaned eggs and dragonets, and altered the very fabric of society.

Through all of dragonkind's ups and downs, the great city of New Alveri has come to symbolize the civilization that they had built over thousands of years, where dragons and men, elves, dwarves and others live together in peace. The New Alveri Chronicles is a story about a young dragon named Darzhja, living in this enormous city where she deals with the struggles of her life. Born an orphan, she nonetheless has big dreams to become a great warrior, a Holy Knight of Nod, and a legend. Unbeknownst to her, she will ultimately have a destiny which will shape the lives of the great and powerful and the fate of Nod and the great city of New Alveri.
#3. Dreams of an Orphan
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#2. The Watchdragons
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#1. The Queen of Lowtown
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