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by Seuzz
Rated: GC · Book · Occult · #2183561
A high school student finds a grimoire that shows how to make magical disguises.

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Table of Contents (Vol. 3) 11.11k
Of Stephanie and Sabotage 11.02k
Grifting the Marc 10.20k
Two Girls, One Plan 10.76k
Lonely Are the Brave 10.66k
Big Man, Big Mouth 11.63k
Shopping for a New Face 10.94k
Katydid, Then Katydidn't 10.78k
Hacking Hannah Westrick 11.36k
New Friends, Or Something 10.90k
Bad Cop, Worse Cop 11.47k
Twenty Questions (At Least) 11.70k
The Eavesdropper 9.98k
Dee's Domicile 10.61k
The Story with Sydney 9.85k
Done and Doner 4.40k
Yielding the Floor, Before You're Mopped With It 11.06k
Life Inside Lucy 11.18k
The Sister's Surprise 10.94k
The Old College Try 5.09k
Schools of Thought 2.20k
With Friends Like These 10.00k
Young Guns 8.51k
Please, Teacher! 5.34k
The Friend of My Friend 5.49k
Deal Me In 4.79k
The Play's the Thing 5.09k
Orchestrating a New Plan 3.75k
Marching to a Different Beat 4.39k
Gimme Space 5.51k
New Bosses, Practically the Same as the Old Bosses 11.10k
New Bosses 8.23k
Green Meanies 10.37k
Swimming with Andrea 10.60k
Submerged Identities 11.41k
Girl Meets Boy 10.91k
A Trap for Blake O'Brien 3.58k
The Best Defense 10.42k
The First Step of a Random Walk 10.66k
The Loot Box 10.40k
Burglars Three 10.75k
The Long Wait 11.03k
Getting Real with Charles Whitney 10.68k
Coach Class 10.87k
Catching Coach 10.26k
She Who Runs the Show 11.18k
Senior Secrets 11.85k
His Brother's Keeper 11.18k
A Date in Disguise 11.53k
New Boss, Same as the Old Boss 10.42k
Capture the Captain 10.82k
Like a Boss 10.47k
Avalanche Girl 10.36k
New Friends for Old 10.81k
A Meeting of Minds 10.99k
The Girl Who Can Get You In 9.98k
The Caged Mutant 10.85k
A Golem Goes Wild 9.59k
What's the Deal? 10.67k
The Buzzin' Cousin 10.22k
Dealin' with Dylan 6.01k
Dirty Omens 4.91k
Katy Takes Charge 10.87k
Coming Clean with Katy Conlee 10.59k
That Voodoo That You Do Too Well 11.36k
Two-Faced Girlfriend 10.80k
What Happened to Hannah 10.29k
It's a Boyfriend-Girlfriend Thing 10.77k
The Experiments 10.21k
Two Girls, One Mask 10.89k
How Trust Is Repaid 10.56k
Sharing Your Secrets 9.74k
How to Scare a Girl for Fun and Profit 11.07k
It Could Be Magic 10.72k
Semi-Enchanted Evening 11.67k
Surprise Invites 11.20k
Gossip at the DQ 10.79k
Secret Agent Girl 8.63k
Picking a Brain the Old-Fashioned Way 11.00k
In Which Life Grinds On 11.16k
The Warlock's Lair 9.89k
The Graveyard 10.23k
False Faces, False Pretences 10.87k
Being Cathy Schell 10.72k
Clothes Make the Woman 10.23k
Ambushed Again 10.97k
A Matter of the Mind 10.99k
A Magician and His Money Woes 10.29k
In Bed as a Stranger 10.60k
The First Mask 10.69k
Mental Kudzu 11.15k
The Increasingly Complicated Life of Will Prescott 10.40k
The Invisible Boyfriend 11.15k
Group Activities 11.31k
The Man from Lemuria 11.41k
Of Wardrobes and Ley Lines 11.33k
Focus Pocus 10.06k
Killing a Mood 10.84k
While There's Time to Turn Back 10.25k
No One Wants a Creepy Girlfriend 11.01k
The Focus of Your Efforts 11.18k
Deep Sabotage 11.02k
Coffee Date of Doom 10.66k
A Girl Who's Unsure of Herself 11.28k
A Girlfriend Becomes a Best Friend 11.19k
When Troubles Pile In 10.52k
Girls with Plans 11.31k
Some Backstory on Amanda 11.18k
Party and Postlude 10.77k
Prelude to a Party 10.69k
The Old In and Out 11.09k
A Flesh Exchange 10.72k
Bondage Girl 10.15k
Even a Football Player Has Weak Spots 11.02k
How to Break a Date, by Chelsea Cooper 9.88k
The Skin You'll Live In 11.18k
Stalking Chelsea Cooper 10.48k
Cheerleaders Galore 11.27k
Three by Three 1.06k
Manhandling Mendoza, Part 2 10.74k
Manhandling Mendoza, Part 1 10.31k
The Gangland Play 8.53k
A Girl Who Likes Mischief 10.65k
A Triangular Seduction 10.66k
Three Can Be Company Too 10.49k
Flirtation Walk 11.00k
Ambushed by the New You 11.20k
A Switch in Time 11.31k
The Things a Girl Will Do For You 11.08k
The Wingman 11.42k
A Team Play 1.58k
Coveting a Coven 10.29k
Body Swapping as a Solution 10.49k
The End of One Road 10.46k
Will Versus the Competition 11.13k
The Stepford Stepfather 10.74k
The Inner Animal 10.98k
The Mess 11.16k
The Muscle 11.40k
The Basics on Baphomet 11.45k
How to Replace a Stepfather 11.05k
Corpses and Killers 9.53k
Stuff Gets Real 11.27k
The Door Prize 5.88k
Mystery Date, the Sequel 11.02k
Mystery Date 10.71k
Losing Lisa 11.13k
The Lying Game 11.27k
Who's the Mansfield? 11.13k
The Special Mask 11.28k
The Lost Weekend 10.66k
New Jobs for New Members 9.33k
A Night of No Passion 10.88k
A Date with Destiny 10.83k
Caleb's Adventures as Keith 9.24k
Playing Dress Up 11.26k
Lifting Lisa 11.19k
Catching Keith 10.78k
The Lady or the Alley Cat 11.18k
The Game 10.79k
Purchasing Peace of Mind 10.94k
A Pair of Jokers 10.76k
A Surprise Visitor 8.13k
The Alteration of Jeremy Richards 10.69k
Frank Tells His Story 10.81k
New Spells, and a New Complication 10.70k
A Confrontation, Finally 10.05k
Your Reward for a Misspent Adventure 0.38k
Backwards From Where You Came 9.72k
The Hole 10.30k
A Coffin Gets Another Nail 10.59k
Joe Returns 10.13k
Hiding Blackwell 9.79k
Blackwell's Story 10.93k
Joe's Surprising Offer 10.41k
In Which Frank Beats the Crap Out of a Golem 9.64k
Frank the Show-Off 8.93k
Repairing Cindy 10.07k
A Fearful Fate for Two Siblings 9.06k
The Stellae Errantes 10.88k
Of Horoscopes 11.09k
The Metaphysics of Magic, Part 2 10.92k
Larceny and Other Larks 10.24k
Dealing with the Durrases 9.30k
A Double Cross 11.00k
A Game of Questions 11.08k
Secret Agents and Hidden Agendas 11.38k
Inside Information 10.18k
The Man in the Cindy Mask 9.26k
The Hero and His Reward 10.57k
The Paper Chase 8.64k
Waxing Roth 11.41k
Your Life as a Dog 11.11k
A Movie Steps Off the Screen 10.83k
Is You Is or Is You Ain't My BF? 10.81k
Who One Is and Who One Might Be 11.15k
The One Who Might Be Your Girlfriend 10.92k
Love Scene in a Cemetery 10.67k
Confessions of Two Magic-Users 10.45k
A Mask Is Dropped 10.71k
Date with an Angel 11.28k
The Bold and the Oblivious 11.33k
The Straight and Tarot 10.86k
The Substitute Student 10.72k
A Confidence Artist 10.58k
Ambush from an Unexpected Quarter 11.48k
By Mystery Possessed 11.18k
Masks and Veils 11.34k
Matryoshka Syndrome 10.80k
Secondary Thoughts of a Secondary Character 10.64k
Sleeper, Awake! 10.57k
Surprises for Kristy Suffolk 11.23k
A Meeting with the Mitchells 11.46k
The Boy Who Victimized Himself 10.83k
Things That Look Like People 11.01k
Sufferin' Suffolk! 11.13k
Arguments with Yourself 10.95k
How to Make a Switch 10.40k
A Beta Class of Girlfriend 11.57k
Feminine Charm 10.65k
Newbie Orientation 11.47k
A Conspiracy Unmasked 11.43k
The Very Busy Monday 9.96k
A Consultation with an Expert 11.03k
Braydon's Big Distraction 11.37k
Becoming Braydon Delp 10.86k
My Cousin the Witch 11.21k
Fun Is Where You Find It 7.70k
The Student Warlock 11.45k
One Well-Armed Research Project 11.35k
A Dead End and a Detour 10.92k
The New Spell 11.17k
A Family Project 10.08k
A Science Nerd Reports 10.64k
The Crisis in Chelsea's Trousers 11.50k
When Cheerleaders Try Calculus 11.56k
The Go-Between 11.68k
Disguise and Those Guys 11.40k
Garners and Gossip 11.35k
Who Wants to Be a Video Star? 11.44k
Learning Like Danielle 11.18k
Roles and Role-Players 11.34k
Black Narcissus 11.24k
The Someone Else 6.10k
A Heel Turns 11.10k
A Raid on Blackwell's 11.07k
A Visit to Professor Blackwell 10.53k
Reflections on a Plot Thus Far 9.88k
Caleb vs. Carson 10.79k
A Tree House Conference 11.34k
Live at the Lamont 10.77k
James Lamont Joins a Team 11.32k
The Crises of Cameron Huber 10.91k
Gym Rats 10.77k
A New Life 11.06k
A New You 11.06k
Taming a Terror 10.58k
Chelsea's Special Touch 11.25k
Confusions, Confessions, Temptations 11.30k
Lessons on the Sly 10.71k
The Return of Gordon Black 10.17k
Into the Book 10.94k
Send in the Clone 7.16k
Clone Show 11.07k
The Drama Hits the Fan 5.64k
The First Day of the Rest of the Project 4.68k
Banking on Your New Disguise 5.65k
A Game and a Garner 6.51k
More Mask Fun 6.55k
New Friends 10.97k
A Cry for Help 11.30k
An Ambush in the Dark 10.74k
A Plot Twist for Caleb Johansson 10.82k
The Vessel 9.44k

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