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by Seuzz
Rated: GC · Book · Occult · #2193834
A high school student finds a grimoire that shows how to make magical disguises.

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A Motel Room and the Girl of Your Dreams 11.08k
A Spicy Supper for Four 10.93k
A Special Effects Extravaganza 11.17k
Courtship at the Food Court 10.89k
A Cindy in Your Eye 9.91k
Five Cheers for the Cheerleaders! 5.25k
The Jockettes 2.43k
Good Sports 7.40k
The Actors' Studio 11.12k
It's the Pictures That Got Small 10.63k
Good-Bye to All That 11.22k
Who Wants to Be a Star? 10.65k
Before the Rehearsal 11.16k
Calling an Audible 10.71k
Masks Need Moms 9.69k
Thinking Big 6.62k
Favors and Friendships 10.86k
A Kendra in Character 10.86k
The Lieutenant 11.07k
Partners Under the Skin 11.11k
From Blonde to Blonde 10.90k
Cover Girl 10.77k
Which Witch? 11.20k
People Without Souls 10.61k
Breaking Bad 10.91k
Catching Christine 10.48k
Marching to Zion 11.17k
Junior League 6.83k
Breaking Bodies 9.46k
A Test for Teacher 10.90k
Teachers Two 10.59k
The Good Teacher 10.64k
Win, Place ... Cho! 11.33k
The Cho-sen One 10.52k
Teachers and Students 10.83k
The Enlightened Ones 8.46k
The Sudden Crush of Events 10.99k
Schooled 10.99k
A Mix-Up at the McDonalds 10.21k
Do You Mind? 10.34k
Real People 10.16k
The Shopping Spree 10.74k
When Carly Met Joey 10.32k
The Cherry, Hung with Snow 11.04k
The Driver's Seat 10.99k
Ambush at the Donna 10.61k
Surprise Admirer 10.40k
The Cheerleader Proxy 11.12k
The Rapunzel Protocol 10.66k
Personas, Grata or Not 10.85k
The Touch of Magic 11.19k
Turnabout 10.28k
The Bit That Comes After the Credits 4.99k
Return to Self 10.37k
The First Temptation of Kelsey Blankenship 10.38k
The Things You'll Do to Not Be Lonely 10.97k
No Strings 10.69k
A New Leaf 10.36k
The Way Forward 10.47k
Some Opinions, Truly Expressed 10.56k
Dress for Success 11.10k
Attempted Temptations 11.23k
The Planning Committee 10.49k
What a Girl Like You Likes 10.76k
The First Day of the Rest of Her Life? 10.98k
Alone with Her Thoughts 9.19k
Homework for a Body Swap 10.34k
Dress Reversal 10.20k
Cursed! 10.81k
A Bitch Slap 2.87k
Theater of the Absurd 11.47k
Totally No One's Gonna Get Hurt, Right? 10.97k
Thimbleriggery 11.06k
Imposter Syndrome 9.85k
A Rain Delay 10.93k
The Saturday Shopping Market 10.65k
The Anonymous Benefactor 11.01k
Memories from Another Me 10.62k
Two Things Off Your Chest 10.94k
The Girls That Guys Obsess Over 10.64k
Jessica Explains It All 11.22k
A Switch in Time 9.73k
Everyone Wants You to Be Jessica 11.23k
Hangover Sunday 10.83k
Dining In and Dining Out 11.11k
Hitting the Marc 11.25k
Maker's Marc 10.40k
More and Merrier 11.50k
Back Seat Shenanigans 10.83k
The Party Crasher 11.26k
Guys in Dolls 10.78k
Wrestle Mania 10.64k
A Drive-By Ambush 11.00k
Claiming your Prize 9.63k
Excuse My French 10.76k
Errands of an Errant Magician 10.58k
The Mind of Mary 10.54k
French for Beginners 10.66k
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Marius? 10.66k
The JM Witch Trial 10.67k
Making a Splash 10.47k
A Whole New Girl 9.76k
The Green-Eyed Monster 10.68k
Meet the Locals 9.90k
A Little Magic Trick 11.05k
Outsourcing a Mystery 10.46k
Unpacking Your Life 10.06k
Persecutions and Photographs 10.12k
Punks and Persecutions 6.62k
Of Pranks and Punks 7.61k
A Prank Present 6.88k
The Housekeeper at the Center of the World 2.01k
The House at the Center of the World 3.51k
The Sexton's Scarecrow 9.51k
The Grounded Girl 10.98k
Getting to Know All About You 10.38k
The Seduction of Genesis Lee 10.87k
The Way We Are Now 11.39k
Playing the Victim 11.11k
Project Genesis 11.19k
Study Date of Doom 10.51k
Candor and Candidates 11.29k
The Genesis of a Plan 10.94k
Jack of All Trades 10.85k
Through Another's Eyes 11.06k
An Intersection of Interests 11.33k
A Kind of Professional Consultation 11.24k
A Girl's Final Act 10.54k
The Real Danger 10.40k
Arsenic From a New Face 11.32k
The Fire Starter 10.80k
The Problem Solver 11.03k
The Summer of Our Discontent 11.17k
A Rapidly Developing Situation 9.61k
A Carpenter Tries Mending Things 11.27k
A Dana's-Eye View 10.95k
Who Comes Here? 10.71k
Of Two Minds About Almost Everything 10.89k
Schools of Fishiness 11.19k
Like You Know What You're Doing 10.38k
Dramas, Private and Public 10.64k
Vanishing Tricks 10.80k
Another Hairpin Curve 11.12k
A Hairpin Change in Plans 11.13k
Half-Truths and Fake Friends 11.39k
A Chance to Change Partners 10.77k
A Conversation with Caleb 10.79k
A Costume Party 11.37k
The Next Spell 11.51k
Lily at Play 11.05k
The Party Hearty Girl 11.23k
The Runaway GF 10.98k
A Girlfriend With Two Faces 11.15k
An Exercise in Substitution 10.65k
A New Kind of Carjacking 10.38k
Two Virgins Walk Into the Warehouse 10.28k
Bridges to a Brotherhood 10.61k
An Occult Tutorial 11.46k
A Conundrum Called Kelly 11.42k
The Kid Sister 10.72k
Party Crash 11.11k
The Old Special Friend Ploy 10.58k
Other Kinds of Replacement 10.95k
Michael Duncan's Day 10.34k
Swapping Out Players 11.26k
Girls, In and Out of Character 11.32k
The Nuclear Option 10.38k
Unexpected Objects of Desire 10.37k
Reality Bites 10.89k
The Kiss-Off 11.64k
The Businessman 11.29k
Doing It at the Donna 9.51k
Bullying the Bullies 10.40k
Protecting Your Interests 11.15k
It's Like Marking Your Territory 11.10k
Some Things That Yumi Can Do With Her Mouth 10.97k
When Yumi Met Gary, Part 2 11.35k
When Yumi Met Gary, Part 1 10.68k
A Man of Two Minds and Half Out of Both of Them 11.15k
Bagging a Thug 10.86k
Joey and You and You 11.16k
A Date with Joey 11.41k
Paranormality and Paramedics 9.93k
Projects, Both Yours and Others' 10.42k
Returning a Prank with Interest 11.01k
Any Friend of Jenny's ... 10.20k
Four Girls and One Red-Faced Guy 11.27k
The Trouble with Karl 10.57k
A Triangle with Two Identical Corners 11.10k
Secret Boyfriend 11.39k
School Days with Sienna Goldman 11.03k
An Evening with Your New Best Friend 10.73k
Fatima's Fate 11.27k
The Girls From Different Worlds 11.19k
The World Smashers 9.20k
The Wrong Guy for the Wrong Girl 11.58k
Is This a Gag? 11.37k
The Misplaced Girlfriend 11.34k
Gemini Falls 10.89k
Strategery 11.12k
Lords of Discipline 11.33k
Developmental Psychology 11.44k
Wand Work 10.59k
Sunday Dress Up 11.36k
The Straight Attitude 11.25k
The Becoming of Heather Brown 10.84k
At Home with the Browns 10.97k
Rhapsody in Brown 10.86k
Any Club That Would Have You as a Member 12.49k
Anne and the Air Head 11.04k
Monday Bombshells 11.17k
Gag Gifts and Otherwise 10.77k
Birthday Surprises 11.51k
Trading Confidences 11.48k
Breaking Bread with the New Girl 10.50k
Double Dealing and Double Dates 10.45k
Party Favors 11.31k
Bait for the Bastard 10.94k
Salvation Comes with Donuts 10.16k
Little Tea Shop of Horrors 11.38k
Steam-Powered Action 10.88k
Clothes Off, Insecurities Out 10.99k
Betting on the Beta 11.09k
Frenemies in High Places 11.09k
A Side Quest Before the Main Quest 11.32k
The Dish Best Served Cold 11.54k
What Goes Up Should Come Down 10.54k
Happy Birthday to the New You 11.14k
The Biggest Secret in the School 11.64k
A Sense of Cindy 11.24k
Paranoia and Paranormality 11.45k
Kooky Kapers 10.92k
People Who Aren't There 11.91k
A Game of Doubles 11.27k
The Replacements 11.51k
Attempted Recoveries 11.07k
An Unusual Burglary 10.58k
The Precessionary Times-Picayune 10.79k
A Need for Red Herrings 11.06k
A Third Masketeer 11.10k
Making a Magical Second Impression 10.01k
How to Create a Convincing Backstory 10.64k
Teases for Two 10.31k
Masks and Attachments 11.17k
Operation Freaky Friday 10.87k
First Day Nerves 12.11k
The Tomboy 10.21k
The Connected 9.90k
Unhappy Sequels 11.04k
The Party Scene 10.61k
The Bedroom Play 10.95k
Bodies in Motion 10.82k
Alone in the Dark with You and Andrea 10.55k
Replacements Three 10.67k
The Popular 10.25k
A Consultation with Maria Vasquez 11.41k
A Consultation with Eva Garner 10.29k
A Consultation with Jessica Garner 10.71k
A Consultation with Cindy Vredenburg 10.98k
Demons by Night, Demons by Daylight 11.28k
A Call Across the Dimensions 11.40k
Table of Contents (Vol. 4) 9.39k

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