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A blog devoted just to my scriptwriting. That’s all I’m going to blogging about here.
Only My Scriptwriting

As my title and description above read, this journal is all about my scriptwriting projects. I’m working on two of them right now. Water Wars is the one I’m working on at work. The Problems with Death is the project that I’m doing at home. But they aren’t the only ones that I’m going to be creating here on WDC. They are just the ones I’m doing right now.

I have at least a million scripts within my head. And I’m not exaggerating about that. All I need to do is write them. Which I plan on doing. At least I will as many as I can. I know that I can’t do them all. Not even a computer could do that. But that isn’t going to stop me from trying to do it.

So far, I’m in the planning stages for both projects. I’m almost finished with the single sentences for my Water Wars Outlines and Treatments. Once I get them done, I’m going to start working on the single paragraphs for them. Which is a lot more time-consuming. Especially, when it comes to the three Treatments.

My The Problems with Death project is a little bit different, though. I’m still on the spreadsheet planning stage with it. Which means I still have a very long way to go on it. Why am I writing all this here? It’s because I wanted to try to explain why you may not see them being created for quite a while.

You will practically know all about them because of these blog entries. But you won’t be able to see the final projects anytime soon. It’s going to be several months before I start creating them. And that’s if I do them when I get them done. Aka the Outlines first, then the Treatments when I get them done, and finally the completed scripts. I haven’t decided if I’m going to do them separately or all at once. But I will probably do them separately.

What do you think?

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