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I'll be writing random things each day for 365 days; Creative Writing Prompts :)
Date; 1/21/2020 Writing prompt; Eye Contact

"Hello- What can I get you today?"
"I would like a glass of water for right now, thanks!"

He walked away, and I went back to studying for my final. I looked back up, and he was coming with my water. He set it down and walked away again. I heard the door of the coffee shop. A girl walked in and sat across from me. A man across the restaurant looked at her. She turned around. They made eye contact from what I saw. Sadness ran across his face. A tear rolled down his face, and he broke eye contact. She turned back around and seemed to be texting someone. She burst out in tears. She got up quickly and ran out. The man followed her with tears still rolling down his face. Eye contact is one million words without even having to open your mouth. It tells someone's story, the good in their heart. I never knew what happened, but that was something special. Something I've never seen happen before. One look from a stranger makes it feel like you know them for a split second.
#1. Human Touch.
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