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by Zen
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This is the first draft of a work-in-progress that will be updated chapter-by-chapter.
The year is 2017. Globalism and international cooperation are under constant danger of becoming relics of a more civilized age. Countries live in a constant fear of conflict spurred on by the rise of emboldened terrorism, isolationist nations, and armies with no borders. The dignity and value of human life is slowly eroding as both governments and corporations prioritize power and profit over service to the people that once elected and required them.

In March, an explosion shakes the city of Calgary, claiming the lives of dozens and bringing into question Canada's ability and preparedness to protect against threats to its security on multiple fronts. To respond to this attack and the alarming escalation of other domestic and foreign threats, key high-level government officials devise a plan to combat the rise in terrorism from both foreign nations and private organizations: a tightly guarded secret, an institution specializing in the training and deployment of clandestine operatives whose sole objective is to identify and terminate threats to national security. These individuals are vetted then authorized to use any means necessary to protect the Canadian government and the citizens from those who seek to sow discord and bring the country's way of life in jeopardy, all without the restrictions placed upon standard military forces.


"A Meaning Lost"

In the wake of the Calgary bombing that precipitated this measure, a young man named Ian Alcantara struggles with the aftermath of the event, having survived it but left trying to find himself after his closest friend, Miyaku Williams, perishes in the blast. Driven by the inability to move forward and crushed with loss, Ian casts aside whatever semblance of a normal life he has in pursuit of the ones who stole his raison d'etre.


"A Reason Found"

Erin Kennedy, callsign "REAPER", is frustrated when the Canadian Security Intelligence Service pulls her partly out of active field duty to tutor and train the new generation of covert operatives meant to replace her. As an agent with no ties to anything except her work, she initially struggles with the changes - she is forced to partake in a life outside of fighting and killing. After meeting the young Ian Alcantara, however, she cannot help wondering whether the fledgling operative shoved under her wing is a mere distraction, or her second lease on life.


The two, brought together despite the circumstances of their backgrounds, over time learn from each other in their respective searches for something to hold on to. However, in a rapidly evolving world where trust is more dangerous than ever before, and where governments become increasingly desperate to protect themselves from that of others, how far will Ian go to find his truth? How much must he sacrifice in his pursuit for the one thing that he has left to desire?

Set several years before the events of Incursion, Incursion/Origins: "REAPER" weaves the tale of Ian "Knight" Alcantara, Code Zero-Five-Seven, and his metamorphosis into the Canadian intelligence agency's most notorious eliminator.

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