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Memories of an Old Barn
Old barn, what would you say if you could speak?
Weathered boards bleached by sun's rays
Rusty nails bleeding through blistered paint
To many barn animals of yesterday, you were a saint!

Old barn, how time has shown your age.
Broken slats, knot holes and caved-in roof
Current 'home range' of a young barn owl
And an old sanctuary for grandma Baker's cow.

Old barn, remember when I came to play?
Years ago, as a child, I stayed up in the loft.
Me with my pet rabbit, sleeping in the hay
Oh my goodness, those were fabulous days.

Old barn, how I hear you creak at night.
When the wind blows and moon is high
It brings back many memories of long ago
Hide-and-seek I played until myself I could show.

Old barn, it is way past time for you to go.
A part of my life, you have been from the start.
I can't bear to see when they tear you down
So I plan not to be here as they take you apart
I am certain it will break my reminiscing heart!

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