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KISS maybe my favorite Rock group. But The Eagles are probably a very close second.

Musicology Anthology

The Eagles –
The Very Best of(2003)

I’m kind of a late bloomer when it comes to Rock and Roll. I didn’t start listening to it until I was sixteen. One of the first songs that listened to was “Rock and Roll All Night” by KISS. At least I think that was what it was. It may have been another one of their songs.

Soon after that, I heard my first song by The Eagles. I’m pretty sure it was “Witchy Woman.” But I could be wrong about that too. After all, that was almost thirty-five years ago. I don’t think that it was “Hotel California.” But it may have been one of the other ones by them.

Why did I choose this album for this challenge? I decide to do “The Very Best of(2003)” because it has all the songs that I love by The Eagles. True, there are some that I don’t know too much about or I don’t know anything about. But that’s part of this challenge too.

I have decided that these stories will be about a father with two young daughters. He moves back to a small town where he grew up because his wife is in very bad health. After all, he wants her to be near her family and old friends during the last few months of her life.

The two main genres for these stories will be Drama and Family. But the third one may change depending on the story I have written. Most of the stories will center around the father, Mitch. Some of them may be about Stella, thirteen, or Grace, ten. Maybe even some with the wife, Carol, too.

Below is the list of the stories I will be writing. I don’t know why there aren’t any song durations with this album. Also, I don’t know why there is no tenth song. It starts at nine. Then it jumps to eleven. That’s why I will be trying to write thirty-two stories instead of thirty-three.

Disc #          Song                              Duration

1           1 Take It Easy

1           2 Witchy Woman

1           3 Peaceful Easy Feeling

1           4 Desperado

1           5 Tequila Sunrise

1           6 Doolin-Dalton

1           7 Already Gone

1           8 The Best of My Love

1           9 James Dean

1          11 Midnight Flyer

1          12 On the Border

1          13 Lyin' Eyes

1          14 One of These Nights

1          15 Take It to the Limit

1          16 After the Thrill Is Gone

1          17 Hotel California

2          18 Life in the Fast Lane

2          19 Wasted Time

2          20 Victim of Love

2          21 The Last Resort

2          22 New Kid in Town

2          23 Please Come Home for Christmas

2          24 Heartache Tonight

2          25 The Sad Café

2          26 I Can't Tell You Why

2          27 The Long Run

2          28 In the City

2          29 Those Shoes

2          30 Seven Bridges Road [Live]

2          31 Love Will Keep Us Alive

2          32 Get Over It

2          33 Hole in the World

#2. Witchy Woman
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#1. Take It Easy
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