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American women are dangerous!
I bet Anna Kasparian has a bikini wax.
According to Jimmy Dore, she wears thongs.
So what? Don't ever comment on that at work.
You will be terminated by Cenk Yugur.

Jimmy Dore played stock video of TYT porn.
Cenk Yugur and Anna Kasparian did a segment on ?
Paparazzi up-skirt photos.
And Cenk and Anna laughed about it on their progressive show.

Now, several years later Anna has made a sexual harassment complaint...
against Jimmy Dore.
Anna was bending over in a short skirt and Jimmy saw her thong.
He remarked, "Is that your news skirt?"
Anna was embarrassed, but has waited several years to make her complaint.

I know for a fact there is a one-month statute of limitation on sexual harassment at Walmart.
Jimmy cleverly countered with TYT evidence of her hypocrisy.
I loath the new hire girl, who snuggles up to the boss for special perks.
Typically, she gets promoted quickly and is very sensitive to any comments made about it.
She will try to fire people gossiping about her sexual relationship with the boss..

Princess Anna tried to pull a fast one on Jimmy and failed.

I have interrupted, accidentally, a sexual act between a manager and a female crew member.
I was yelled at by the manager for interrupting his hummer.
I was on my break and they were in the lunchroom.

Anna Kasparian is cute and she does good reporting.
And Jimmy nailed her to the wall.
Cenk Yugur is just trying to make Anna happy.
Anna could have had Jimmy fired when he was employed by TYT.
But, she kept hiring him for segments.

That's my two cents.

Bob County


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