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Making weight loss fun one day at a time
I am creating this item to challenge myself and others every day until the goal is met. This is where weight loss and developing healthy lifestyles become fun and a challenge. We can't accomplish it all in one day, but we can accomplish something every day.

I hope to come up with a fun game and reward system to encourage myself and others to meet our goals. I am thinking outside of the box. Maybe I can make daily and/or weekly challenges. If I can make it fun and something different each time, maybe it will be easier to keep our interests. Sometimes it may be a physical challenge. Sometimes, it could be a writing challenge. Maybe we can even have healthy recipe challenges or anything else I can think up. I like challenges and variety. I can throw out some daily journaling prompts to help address some of our personal challenges.

I know what else I can include. I can include a daily verse, prayer, and quick devotion too. I can include reflection questions to go with it. When I am done, maybe I can publish it to continue to help establish healthy habits and weight loss. After the reflection questions, a daily/weekly challenge.

I hope to establish a reward system as I go. I truly hope to help others while I am helping myself. I welcome all feedback.

There are so many fads out there. This is genuine and from the heart as I walk through my own personal journey. This could be a huge opportunity to make a big difference in so many people’s lives. It gives me an even bigger purpose to accomplish this. I can see a vision for an even bigger picture/accomplishment.

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