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Just thought book form will fit more
Plot Premise: Oct 1

(1) Setting?
Nottingham Castle, Gisborne, Sherwood....

Drinly Drudgesin

Will Scarlett(Drinly's lover)----Robin Hood(Support character)------Alan(side character)--------Guy Coltin(antagonist)-----Prince John(side antagonist)

(3) Protagonist faults?
Drinly Drudgesin......Loves the antagonist(Guy Coltin), ambitious, keeps back important information(not trusting), can’t fake the part of a boy well.

(4) Protagonist wants?
Wants to marry Guy Coltin. Falls in love with the woods. But loves the dresses. But loves hunting and trapping.

(5) Conflict?
Guy doesn't want her only her knowledge of how to find Robin Hood. Robin Hood is keeping her from Nottingham castle to keep her from telling Guy where to find them.

(6) Antagonist?
Guy Coltin and Robin Hood

Because Guy is trying to use Drinly to find Robin and because Robin is keeping her away from the man she wants to marry

(7) Setting?
Nottingham Castle, Gisborne, Sherwood....

(*) Just for fun?
A girl is caught between life in the woods as an outlaw with Robin Hood's brother; Will Scarlett, and life as a lady with the man who saved her; Guy Coltin.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Outline #3: Oct. 21 4.72k
Chapter 2 Literary Devices: Oct. 20 7.12k
Chapter 3 Complications: Oct. 19 2.77k
Chapter 4 Setting: Oct. 18 2.64k
Chapter 5 Antagonist Background Story: Oct 16 8.71k
Chapter 6 Antagonist Profile: Oct, 15 2.75k
Chapter 7 General Theme: Oct 12 4.89k
Chapter 8 Outline #2: Oct 14 9.61k
Chapter 9 Definitions List: Oct 11 1.23k
Chapter 10 Contest Round: Oct 9 8.18k
Chapter 11 Character: Oct 8 3.04k
Chapter 12 Outline #1: Oct 7 3.03k
Chapter 13 Rising Action: Oct 6 2.00k
Chapter 14 Climax: Oct 5 3.08k
Chapter 15 Beginning: Oct 4 1.27k
Chapter 16 Character Profile: Oct 3 3.23k
Chapter 17 What If?: Oct 2 6.17k

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