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As a war between Vampires and Humans begins, a dhampir finds herself caught in the middle.
For centuries, humans and vampires have enjoyed a fragile peace. In exchange for protection from demons and other supernatural threats, humans offered tribute to vampires.

This peace lasted until the Great Demon War. Sealed away in another realm by the Gods, the demons managed to break the seal and their vast armies invaded the human world. Many humans were slaughtered in the invasion, and the outnumbered Vampires struggled to hold back the demon army.

Ascelin, the king of Vampires led the vast army of vampires and men into one final battle against the Demon Army. There, he faced the Demon King Zagan in battle.

The two kings clashed in a mighty battle that lasted days. In the end, both powerful kings struck a mortal blow upon each other.

With the death of the Demon King, his armies were driven back to the realm. Ascelin died of his wounds shortly afterward, leaving humans and vampires at odds with each other.

Bitter at their losses, humans blamed vampires for failing to prevent the invasion that killed so many innocent people. They stopped paying tribute to the Vampire Lords who once protected their lands.

The Vampire Lords in turn became angered at the actions of humanity, believing them to be disrespectful after so many of their kin died to protect humans.

In all of this, Ascelin left behind a child. Born from the union of himself and a human, this girl would be named Cateria.

For decades, Cateria has tried to hide from the pull of both humans and vampires as she had a daughter of her own. But as tensions threaten to start a war between humans and vampires, can Cateria hide from the destiny of her bloodline?
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Hunter 7.50k
Chapter 2 The Half Demon's Lament 8.24k
Chapter 3 The Dhampir’s Stand 9.14k
Chapter 4 The Unbroken Spirit 14.35k

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