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by Jeff
Rated: 13+ · Book · Music · #2293482
A collection of short stories inspired by Taylor Swift's album 1989 (Deluxe Edition).
         My original intention was to do Taylor Swift's subsequent album reputation, but I ultimately changed my mind and went with 1989 (Deluxe Edition) because it has more songs that I felt inspired by at this particular moment. Swift received a lot of criticism for her previous album (Red) for diverging from her country roots and taking on more pop influences, and this was the album where she fully divested herself of her country influences and leaned hard into a 1980s-inspired synth-pop sound. She supposedly titled the album after her birth year to signify her symbolic rebirth as an artist, and in a similar way, I'm hoping that this short story collection to be a bit of rebirth for myself as a writer.

         I haven't really written anything enduring since my mother passed away in November 2020. Some short stories and poems here and there, for sure, but that experience really changed me as a person and in the way I see and think about the world, and I've been trying to find the right opportunity to apply that new perspective to a larger body of work. I had initially planned that to be a novel or a screenplay, but I think a short story collection might be a fun challenge and a way to get started.

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